And The Sheeple Said BAAA!

And The Sheeple Said Baaa!
A Typical Sheeple Day!

And the Sheeple said baaa! My friend and blogger Bill Powell wrote a eye popping post today. In it he talks about how the government is setting itself up to take the Sheeple and impose more power over them to the point of slavery.

Every Sheeple needs to read this post as he has actual gov links pointing to gov documents ( many thanks to Digger Nick) that explains how the gov will handle those Sheeple who get out of line. You can read this great post here.

I have known about these documents for a long time. These documents have been out in the open for sometime now. The reason the gov does not hide it is because they know that the majority of the Sheeple will not read those long documents of legal jargon. The thing is is that you should!

I remember when they past the Patriot Act I was surprised about the things I found in their which basically took a large chunk of the Sheeples liberty and revised them to suit what they wanted. In other words we are becoming the targets. And you thought Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden were the reasons for this. Nope the reason is that the Shepard wants to round up his sheep for the slaughter as you go around  and “baaaa” each other.

It’s not hard to understand that all gov have the power to do whatever they want. Don’t believe me you think we still have some say in what they do? Then let me ask you this when was the last time a politician ever look out for  its people? Unless you are some wealthy tycoon probably never.

Why do we the Sheeple keep trusting these people? These are the same people who can prevent you from getting a passport to travel if you by chance owe money to the IRS or even a collection agency. If you do not believe me let the Nomad Capitalist tell you in his own words.

Baaaaaaaa! Goes the Sheeple while our leaders sharpen their knives. They are in the mood to eat Sheeple so get ready to be dinner baaaaaaa!

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    • jromero says

      Not a problem sir! I enjoy your blog very much and your posts are always on point. Keep up the great work!

    • jromero says

      I know and it continues to envelope every single person in this country as they keep adding more and more laws which only are there to hinder our freedoms and not theirs. By the way i enjoy reading your blog its pretty good!

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