Automate Your Social Media Submissions with Onlywire.

Automate Your Social Media Submissions With Onlywire
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Automate your social media submissions with Onlywire. That’s right if you want to get traffic to your new blog or site quickly then Onlywire is the only service that can deliver this type of traffic. Don’t waste your time looking for a better solution! Believe me i have looked long and hard in the end though Onlywire is the only one that delivers.

Forget about Social Monkee or other type of social media submission services. I tried those sites and got no where fast. Most of their so-called blogs do not have a high PR or have anyone watching whether or not if there are any duplicate content. Having duplicate content can knock down your position from Google from first page to back page get my drift!

Use Onlywire for promoting your articles:

Onlywire should be the only social media submission service you should use. When i first used this service my blog had no type of traffic coming to it. I was desperate so i started reading about social media and how it would help you to get your articles read by adding them to social sites.

I came across Onlywire from an article that i once read. I finished reading it i decided to sign up. Once i signed up on their free version i began sending off my articles and no lie within an hour or so my new blog began to get traffic. I got soooo much traffic that by the end of the week i had over 1000 page views.

Automate Your Social Media Submissions with Onlywire.
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Use the Free version of Onlywire:

Unlike Social Monkee the good thing about Only Wire is that they submit your articles to 40 or more popular social media sites. Yes popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Blogger etc. You can see the list here. And Only Wire offers a free trial for you to use unlike Social Monkee who does not offer a free trial.

And plus Onlywire will give you 300 free submission credit. This means that you could promote a lot of articles through them for free or until you run out of submissions. I don’t remember ever seeing any other submission service do or offer that.

Paid Versions Of Onlywire:

If you want greater exposure right away then you will need to sign up for the paid versions of Onlywire. They have three types of paid versions to choose from. Which one you choose should depend on how much you want to write and promote your articles or products.

Automate Your Social Media Submissions with Onlywire.
Check What Social Media Only Wire submits to!

The three types of paid services Onlywire offers are as follows:

1. Onlywire Pro version: (Great For Single Users to Use)

This version is the lowest priced version from the three which i think is great for any beginner blogger to use. This version charges $9.99 a month. Which is not bad comparing to the other social submission sites around who charge more and don’t give you access to the popular social media sites.

This is what they include in this version.

1. Publish to 45 Networks

2.Reporting & Analytics

3.Advanced Submission Tools

4.Live Support & Training

Onlywire Enterprise Version: ( For Multi Users) The benefits are the same as above with more added benefit. $99.00 a month

1.Unlimited Users

2.Branded Submissions

Automate Your Social Media Submissions with Onlywire
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Onlywire White Label Version (For Online Marketplaces) $249.00 a month. They have all of the benefits listed above plus one more. Which is earning a commission. That you will need to read more about it on their site to find out more.

I use the Onlywire Pro Version because I’m the only person managing my blog and i don’t need to send huge amounts of submissions to get traffic. I recommend the Pro Version if you are starting out. Or if you are a big fish then feel free to use the Only Wire Enterprise and White Label versions.

I know i may be sounding like a bit of a sales man but i believe in this product. I don’t blame you if you are not sure whether or not you want to sign up for a paid version. That is okay i don’t want to seem that I’m twisting your arm.

Still if you want to hold off then sign up for the free account and try it out! And if you like the benefits you are getting from Onlywire then after those 300 submission credits run out then you can decide whether or not you want to join.

Trust me on this and try it out!

Automate Your Social Media Submissions with Onlywire.
Now that you finished reading about it now experience it


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