Do You Really Own Your Property Or Home?

Do You Really Own Your Own Home Or Property?

Do You Really Own Your Property Or Home?

Do you really own your own property or home? Many years ago I used to think that if you bought a property or home you owned it out right. I never took the time to understand that question fully until my parents bought their home back in the 80’s. To me since they put down their own money you would think that the property you own is yours. In reality though that property or home you think belongs to you, really does not belong to you.

I wondered why at the time did my parents continue to pay for their property if they paid it outright and why did they have to fill out applications and licenses in order for them to do any types of renovations they wanted to do. I asked my dad being that I was 12 years old and slowly learning the ways of the world. Why do you have to fill out any forms to update your own property? He looked at me and told me that the house does not belong to me it belongs to the bank and the state.

My jaw dropped and I also felt some ignorance on my part for not knowing this. I did not conceive that minor detail since no one has really pointed that out to me at the time. I thought that the idea of owning property was what America was all about. My realization of the American Dream was destroyed when I learned that you do not own your own property.

That’s right folks you are just a renter like the rest of us don’t believe me you can go online and Google “Do You Really Own Your Own Property?” and see how many websites pop up on the search explaining this.

Try to renovate without having the proper paperwork and watch you get a nice sizable ticket or better yet made to knock down whatever it is you are renovating. Stop paying the bank and watch them come and take your shit and throw you out into the street.

Don’t pay your property taxes and the government will sell your house without you even knowing it. And if they try to hit you with a “Imminent Domain” then they can pay you what they think your house is worth and not what you think its worth or they will come and take it and build that mall right on top of it.

This is the reality of living in America! When push comes to shove nothing you have belongs to you and can be taken away with or without your consent. I remember asking my High School Economics teacher about this and she just beat around the bush and never really answered the question outright. I guess the truth of some punk kid from the South Bronx learning the truth was too scary for her to realize. Maybe she thought i was like the rest of her students never taking the time to do research and reading. Too bad for her not all of us are brainwashed.

Now that I have grown and have learned much more about the many propaganda’s that are currently being preached by MSM I look around and I’m definitely not happy with what I see. The way this country is going into the abyss at full speed and no one gives a shit!

Oh well! The sheeple keep ignoring the obvious that although we like to preach on the high mountain that we are the freest country in the world! In reality though the truth is saying something totally different

America is coming to a close and all I will do is sit back shoot back some beers and like Cappy Cap like to say in the end of his posts! “Enjoy The Decline!”

5 thoughts on “Do You Really Own Your Property Or Home?


    Do you not know what imminent means?

    imminent |ˈimənənt|
    1 about to happen : they were in imminent danger of being swept away.
    2 archaic overhanging.

    It’s Eminent ….. You must have a public school education.

    1. Wow i guess everyone is a critic? If you noticed that word was a link to the meaning of Eminent Domain. In the end though you understood what i was trying to say.

      1. Pay no attention to that moron. He could have corrected you in a polite way but chose to be an ass about it. Avoid these types of people like the plague! People like him think their shit don’t stink because they know how to spell a word. Kind of pathetic if you ask me.

        1. HEY!!! MY MAN BOB LONG TIME NOW SEE BROTHER!! Yeah i know people like to be critics its no big thing as i tend to brush it off and continue on my way. Every one is entitled to their opinions and i like to see where their head is at. But if you really think about it if you really owned your home or property out right then why do you have to pay someone else the right to live there? If its your own home then what will happen when you stop paying those property taxes? That is what i was trying to explain in my post but of course like the majority of the people only a few really listen.

          Like i said i keep it moving as i do not entertain rude people like that!

          Great Comment Bob and thank you for reading my post!

  2. we live in an archo-tyrany. a huge chunck of the population collects SSiI or some sort of gov benes , works under the table, rents, drivo old cars without liesens, insurance , plates, and generaly don’t get messed with by law enforcement for anything thats not an immediate danger to others. paying a feww hundred in NO insurance/no registration traffic tickets every few years is a freat tradeoff for the thousands in avoided cost.
    The rest of us though, are controlled by laws that regulate even the most private aspect opf our lives. we cannot get even a few days in jail or we will lopse our job, so we have to follow orders.
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