Enjoy The Decline in 2013!

Enjoy the decline in 2013! No, I’m not talking about the new book written by Captain Capitalism himself Arron Clarey. I’m talking about the decline that according to John Williams of Shadowstats.com .

In this video which by the way is an interview given by the author of the blog USAwatchdog.com Greg Hunter. Both sites are pretty interesting to read if you are interested in learning more about government and economics.

Anyway John Williams is predicting that sometime this year there may be a Dollar collapse which will affect everything we do everyday. He goes on explaining how and why this issue has been hovering around the economy preventing it from picking itself up.

Check out the video and listen:

So just sit back light a cigar and a nice glass of whatever spirit you feel like drinking and enjoy the decline! Do not deny yourself or even lie its coming whether you are ready or not! If you go through the the internet you will find many people economics and bloggers stating this fact.

The party is over and now who’s got the bill?

Don’t forget to buy Aaron Clarey’s new book “Enjoy The Decline” in it he will touch on this as well as other issues pertaining to this alleged collapse that is coming.


2 thoughts on “Enjoy The Decline in 2013!

  1. It’s a little bit awkward for me to read this because I just linked to an angry diatribe that basically said that people have to stop repeating this slogan of “enjoy the decline.”

    The argument against the slogan is that it leads to passivity and a slave mentality, whereas people should be taking some kind of active measures.

    The slogan “brace for impact” might communicate a somewhat more active attitude.

    So, yeah, unfortunately Aaron Clarey chose a light-hearted title for his book, and a lot of gloomier folks are going to take issue with that. This is not exactly a huge and significant tragedy.

    As for dealing with the decline, I can’t say that I’m “enjoying” it. I’m trying to live responsibly in the time I’ve got left in this mortal world. If I were younger, I might try to be more optimistic.

    1. Great Comment! I have never thought of it that way. I agree that it does have some passivity to it and yes we should not be sitting back and enjoying the decline. I do the the term “Brace for Impact!” i think this has more of an impact than “Enjoy the Decline”. You should use the “Brace for Impact!” term more. But you are right enjoying the decline does have a negative aspect to it.

      In either case “Thank You!” for commenting your insights into issues are very interesting.

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