Enjoying The Decline Four More Worthless Degrees in 2013

Enjoy The Decline Four More Worthless Degrees in 201
100,000 in debt and no way out!

Enjoying the decline more worthless degrees in 2013? Yes there are a few more worthless degrees according to a Yahoo article I found on their website. Their article is called “Four Foolish Majors to Avoid.”  In this article it begins to explain that there are four worthless degrees which should be avoided at all costs.

In this article it even shows the rate of unemployment for people who studied in that field. It is really interesting that a website like Yahoo.com is picking up on a trend that Aaron Clarey at Captain Capitalism blog has been talking about for some time now. Hell he even wrote a book about it so that those who are thinking about going to college make the right decisions and not be weighed by student loan debt for the rest of their lives.

Colleges and Universities love to make people believe that you need a degree in order to become successful in life. Unless you are becoming a Doctor or a Lawyer then that might be a good reason to have a degree or not.  But if you have an idea in getting some type of Art or Philosophy degree then get ready to be unemployed and carrying a heavy debt.

Degrees do not actually guarantee a path to wealth, even though you see those commercials constantly on TV and hear it on the radio. In reality you do not need a degree to become wealthy, all you will need is an idea and the stamina to make it work. Just like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both made their bones hustling computers and software and look where that took them.

A college degree does not or will not prepare you for leadership instead it will train you in becoming a good cubicle dweller with a low status position probably printing manuals or some shit. There are other places you can go where you can learn those skills the minute you hit the ground running.

With the huge amounts of loans you will need to take out you will begin to think why bother? Though there are other ways of learning you will end up still going because you were told that’s what everyone does. Which is why college degrees as well as university degrees do not have the power they once have. The reason being is that there are so many people with college degrees that the market has become saturated.

Oh! Before I forget here are the four worthless degrees the Yahoo article was talking about.

  1. Liberal arts
  2. Philosophy and Religious Studies
  3. Information Systems
  4. Architecture

Does not surprise me at all that these degrees are still worthless degrees! I do not understand why people even bother with these. If you are thinking in going to college PLEASE! BUY “WORTHLESS” BY AARON CLAREY NOW! Trust me his book will not let you down.

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