Getting A Second Passport Is A Must!

Getting a second passport is a must! Yes folks in these times of government intrusions to our lives a second passport is just the key we need to use when the shit hits the fan. In order to get a second passport you will need to become a citizen of another country.

Is it illegal to have a second passport?

Many people have this idea that it is illegal to have a second passport or be a citizen of another country while living in a separate country. I’m here to tell you that it is not illegal to have a second passport! You do not have to give up your citizenship to the US in order to have a second passport. The government will tell you that it is illegal to have dual citizenship but in reality there are people in this country who come from other foreign countries that have dual citizenship. So it is not illegal at all to have a second passport. The reason why governments do not want its citizens to know this is because with a second passport you could move about anywhere in the world. It will be extremely hard for them to track or access your assets.

Benefits of having a second passport

There are many benefits in having a second passport like:

  1. Being able to travel to more places freely and privately
  2. You are or do not become a target for Terrorists
  3. Prevents governments from tracking you
  4. It is good to have if your primary passport gets stolen or withdrawn
  5. It lets you reside in other countries
  6. And the reason most Americans get a second passport has to do with Tax Planning

You can continue to read more in depth about the benefits of getting a second passport here

How to get a second passport

There are many ways in getting a second passport and on the internet you will have many websites giving you the wrong information on getting one. The only two ways most used in getting a second passport is by Naturalization which means becoming a resident of a country for a few years until you fulfill that countries requirement in becoming a citizen.

The second way in which most people use to get a second passport is by Economic Citizenship which will allow you to buy a citizenship through investments like buying property etc in the country you plan to become a citizen in. This is used most often by the wealthy since they have the means to buy that kind of citizenship and at the same time prevent the government from collecting its taxes or knowing what assets they have.

This has been in the Main Stream Media quite a bit about those wealthy people or families actually giving up their citizenship in order to not pay the high taxes required of them. The US has been trying to crack down on these culprits but can you blame the wealthy for trying to hide their assets? I know if I were in their shoes I would most likely “Buy” a second passport and have dual citizenship in a country that does not try to take my wealth.

Why you should be thinking in getting a second passport now!

If you are like me you’ll notice how the Feds are continually probing more and more into our private lives. Each day there is violence in the streets, mentally deranged people shooting up malls and schools and the constant rise of prices of food and necessities that we use every day is little by little becoming a powder keg ready to explode!

New Addition to this Post: “The Best Countries For Dual Citizenship”

If you want to make investments abroad guess what most financial institutions abroad will not deal with you if you show them that you are an American. Why? Because they are required by the US to inform them of such things and the large amount of paperwork involved is enough to make you not worth their time.

Walking around with an American passport will make it extremely difficult for a regular person to do business anywhere in the world. The US gov wants to know what you are doing at all times especially if you are making financial investments. You should not have to pay anything to anyone if you do business in a foreign country. But the US requires all of its citizens to add all monies and investments here and abroad to be filed in your taxes. If you fail to do those expect the IRS agents knocking on your door and arresting you!

Why do you think one of the founders of Face Book up and left with his assets to a country that charges low to no taxes for? He knew that the US was going to take him to the bank!

Get a second passport think of it as an investment a “Get out Of Jail” card when the shit hits the fan or if you refuse to have someone take your shit to give to a parasite who does not appreciate it!

I got mine! I suggest you get yours!!!


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