Having a College Degree Does Not Guarantee a Path to Wealth

Having a college degree does not guarantee a path to wealth. How many times have you heard people even those in your own family saying that a college degree will make you wealthy? Unfortunately for us this may have ringed true back in the days when there were not that many people with college degrees in this country now it is a different story.

The reason is because there are too many people with college degrees out there. There are so many and that number continues to grow each day that the market for people with college degrees has become saturated. The college degree no longer holds its weight like it used to.

Sure earning some degrees can help you make a six figure salary but you will still be working for someone else and that person will be dangling the ax just ready to cut you lose. What happens once the company you work you decided to down side? You will be the first to be led out of the door and into the unemployment line. And that’s not even the end of it! All of those loans will need to be paid back and how are you going to do that if you have no job?

A college degree does not give you freedom from slaving away at the plantation or to do your own thing. It only helps you raise a step higher up the corporate ladder, that’s like getting a management title and still making the same salary as before. You just go from one corporate caste to another. How many people with useless majors are working in their field of study? Not much. I’m sure everyone knows a few people like that. How many people do you know or have heard that have college degrees and are working in Starbucks!

Start having experiences rather than things:

Let me tell you a little secret. In order to put yourself on that path to wealth a little piece of paper is not going to get you there. The real secret in becoming wealthy I think is about doing your own thing and working hard for it.

I have known many people who have become wealthy most do not have a college degree let alone very few years of elementary school education. How do you think they got there? By working hard and pursuing their obsession and by taking risks! Risk takers are those who were able to make the U.S. a powerhouse it was before. Unfortunately something happened and now those people are few and far between. People are afraid of pushing out and doing something on their own.

I thought that by having a College Degree you would have been exposed or at least shown how to make wealth. Unfortunately this is not the case. Since the majority of the professors that taught you those classes never had real world experience. College did not prepare you for the real world and the majority of us with degrees end up in a Plantation (corporation) working for the slave master. Never being able to move up or make money. Is this what you got your college degree for?

If you want to be wealthy then you have to think like a wealthy person. You must look for ways to make money, ways in looking at angles that make money. Fuck that 9 to 5 bullshit and make your own way! Yeah sure it is scary to think going out there alone with no one willing to help. It takes a big pair of balls to accomplish that feat but when you do you will wonder why you waited so long to achieve it.

In the end the road to wealth takes hard work, persistence and an obsession to change your life for the better. No college degree can guarantee success no matter what commercial you might see. It all boils down to the individual to hustle for what he or she wants and getting it in the end. No college degree is going to provide that



7 thoughts on “Having a College Degree Does Not Guarantee a Path to Wealth

  1. College teaches a lot of important things. Of course, subjects like Woman’s Studies are useless, but not Economics, or even English. Just look at how college-educated people are usually better-off than those with just a high school diploma? Logistically, how is one going to get rich without a degree?
    You state that even with a degree, one could get laid off and in debt. Later, you state we have to take risks. You are basically saying that since we can still get laid off with a degree, we should instead not go to college and take risks. Well, those risks will probably land us in the same position as the person who got laid off. Just that with a degree, that is much less likely to happen.
    80% of millionaires are college graduates.

    1. Marcos! Thank you for your comment. Although your opinion is also true. but if you still look around there are many other people who have college degrees and still are barely making anything to survive on. Its true it depends on the degree you have that will define whether or not a person will be wealthy. Degrees like Finance, Medicine, Law, etc have the capacity for the person to gain wealth. The other degrees like womens studies or liberal arts do tend to place those students on the road to welfare.

      My thing is if this is a known fact then why do colleges and universities continue to push liberal arts degrees and such. I figure if you spent thousands of dollars you would want a return of investment on that degree.

      Again Thank You! for taking time from your busy schedule to comment on my blog! I do hope you could come back and give us your opinion.

      Thank you Marcos


  2. It’s better to be dumb and rich rather than poor and smart.

    It’s obvious that college does not guarantee success.


    I know plenty of hardworking people that will never make above minimum wage. Why is that? Mainly because the United States is no longer a meritocracy (system where the best and brightest should be at the top) and it probably never was.

    The reality is that hookups with just the right amount of brains can get you to the top. Proof of that is a C student that became president of the U.S… Mr. Bush. As long as your family name is good or you have the right references, your bad qualities will be overlooked long enough to correct or hide them.

    Watch the documentary titled “Born Rich”, created by the son of the Johnson and Johnson company. There are interviews of people admitting that because of their status and who they know that they were able to put out ZERO effort and still graduate from an Ivy League university.

    In our stupid ass country, you can be a bumbling idiot. As long as you know the right people, you can… be president.

    1. Mark First thank you for taking the time to read my blog post and for commenting your opinion. I agree with you as there are hardworking people who are still not making any money or are at dead end jobs. Although the reason for that could be like what you said having a hook up is important especially these days. Most of the jobs i had were because of hook ups.

      Again Thank You for commenting and i do hope that you come visit frequently and read my posts.

      Thank You again Mark!


  3. The problem is that not everyone wants to be rich and not everyone can be rich, if everyone could be rich and if there was one clear cut formula, everyone would already be rich. To be rich from nothing, you have to make huge sacrifices, and most likely step on people, that’s the whole game. Many people just want a decent job and a paycheck, that’s all.

    Flipping burgers, or cleaning restrooms, give me an accountant job any day. The problem is that as you say a college degree no longer guarantees even a stable life.

    I don’t think the problem is that there are a lot of people with college degrees, I think the problem is that the economy is not moving, all the old people are still sitting there, new jobs are shipped overseas and companies shrunk. There is no new job creation. That’s the main problem.

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