Having A Concealed Carry Permit Helped My Brother From Getting Car Jacked

Having a concealed carry permit helped my brother from getting car jacked.

My younger brother moved with my parents down South. Being Northerners they would have to learn how things are done down there. They quickly adjusted to the community they live in now. A fairly quiet community with small ranch houses with a lot of property around them.

Anyway my brother began to work security and was able to get himself a Concealed Carry Permit in the state where they live. Most of the time he carried his weapon because as a armed security he needed to. And at times he would carry it him around town concealed of course.

One day my brother and cousin who also lives near by had to go to the airport to pick up my parents who were vacationing in Europe and needed to get picked up at the airport. My brother and cousin went to the airport picked them up in my brothers car and began the trek back home.

After a few miles his gasoline light went on and he decided to stop at a gas station for gas. Now here is where it gets interesting. My brother pulled up to the pump and got out of his car. He went inside to pay for the gas first. Here is where he told me he noticed a car with black tints. He did not think much of it and went inside.

He came back out and while he was walking back to where his car was the Jacker’s  car began to slowly creep up. He told me that he became nervous and got on the driver side and began pumping gas. He continued watching them from the corner of his eye and they crept closer just stopping a few feet away.

Mind you my parents were in the car and my cousin noticed the other car as well. My brother saw that there were a few guys in the car and decided to reach for his pistol. He went to the glove compartment and got his pistol he made sure they see him reaching for something. At the same time my cousin already had his pistol out as well cocked and ready on his lap.

He told me Mom was freaking out and my Dad told her to calm down. As soon as my brother got out of the car they must have saw him reaching for something inside his car and got spooked. They probably figured that both my brother and cousin were armed and it would have not have been an easy jack. So slowly the Jacker’s reversed their car and slowly made their way out of the gasoline station and into the road where they disappeared.

My brother told me that he was scared shit! Scared because he did not want this problem to turn serious being that my parents were in the car as well. Once the Jackers decided it was not worth it and left my brother told me it was like a weight was lifted.

He told me that if he did not have his pistol he may have gotten car jacked at the gas station. As you see this is but one of the reasons why having a Concealed Carry Permit can help you prevent being a victim of a crime.

I found an article about how a man with a concealed carry permit may have caused the killer in the Oregon Mall shooting to kill himself. I guess the killer thought that it was going to be easy peasy but little did he know that he was going to come across someone that is packing some heat and killed himself.

I believe that more gun control is not going to solve the problem of people committing these types of mass killings. The problem is not the gun the problem is the person who pulled the trigger. We need to find out what pushed that man over the edge that he decided to hurt these little kids robbing them of their lives and futures.

I also believe that if someone there had a Concealed Carry Permit maybe this deranged madman would had been killed and those little kids would have been left to live their lives.

In the end we all need to look at the whole picture and not look at this event with blinders. More gun control is not going to stop a determined mad man to want to hurt others. He or she may reach for a knife, bat, stick or bomb to inflict pain on others if a gun is not available.

If we all had the right to carry and be responsible with handling and using a pistol these crimes could be prevented. It will make the perpetrator think twice about committing a crime. We as a society need to come to terms and realize that its the person and not the gun committed the crime.


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