Hustle 101: How To Make Money Shoveling Snow

Well folks its back to that time of year when the weather begins to change and those hot summer days are coming to an end. Now you are most likely sending off the kids to school for another year of running them to games and other things that keep them busy. All of this requires money! And when money is tight especially in these days we need to find other ways to create some cash. How about making some money shoveling snow?

When winter is around and you can no longer do the lawn mowing or the water bottle hustle because of the cold weather you will need to find another way you can make some cash on the side.

Why not start a snow shoveling service? Yep you can profit from shoveling snow! Although you will need to wait for some snow fall you could prepare so that once the snow does come you will be one of the first ones out shoveling snow and making some paper.

What you need for shoveling snow:

Of course the most obvious thing you will need to shovel snow is a snow shovel. There are many different types of shovels to choose from. The one which I thinks works well is the shovel with a slight bend in it. You know which one I mean it looks like this.

Also you will need to have some salt! I think using this can differentiate you from the others who only just shovel and not add the salt after they finished. You could find rock salt usually in your local hardware stores or in the big retail stores like Home Depot.

If you do both shoveling and salt laying the property owners will be very happy that you took care of that and you will be able to charge more for this service.

How to Shovel Snow:

Now comes the difficult part of the job and it is a very physical part. This is the reason why the majority of the people hate shoveling snow.  In reality it does wear you down but there is a reason for that. The reason is that they are shoveling snow wrong.

The right way of shoveling snow is shoveling from the top to the bottom.  This will prevent you from over exerting yourself and prevent from your back going out. Believe me I used to shovel snow the wrong way for a long time until I began to think of a better way of shoveling hence the shoveling top to bottom theory I explained above is what I can up with.

The wrong way of shoveling snow is starting from the bottom and up this will definitely get you tired quicker and may cause you some back injury. I have seen many people get hurt and even hearing of people dropping dead from shoveling snow. So PLEASE be careful and if you cannot do any snow shoveling wait until you find a person who can and pay him to it for you.

And now the question is this!

Shovel or Snow Blower:

Which is better the shovel or the snow blower? I say if you have a snow blower by all means use it! You will be able to do more work faster and you will not need a bunch of other people to help you. The problem is that snow blowers will need to be refilled with gasoline in order for it to continue and you will need to have some type of vehicle to carry it in

But in the end a shovel is the tried and true tool to use. You see it is cheap, portable and can last for a long time, unlike a Snow Blower where you will need to maintain the blower during the warmer months. With a shovel all you will need to do is place it in your garage and forget it until next winter. No maintenance and no headaches.

Still use whatever is at your disposal and make some money!

What to charge for shoveling snow:

Now comes to meat and potatoes! What to charge a client for shoveling their snow. Usually what I would do is charge by how big the section of snow they want shoveled.  Usually I charge ten bucks for the front of the house. If it is a corner lot I will charge fifteen dollars for the front and the side of the property. Or charge twenty for front, driveway and side of the property.

One thing though never ever price out of the game.  Remember there will always be another person willing to do it for less. So always negotiate with the owner and come up with a fair price the two of you agree with.

Now let me remind you that this is not a get rich quick thing. You will make some money to keep in your pocket for a rainy day. Nobody said that making money is easy but the opportunity to make some is there! Be your own man! Learn to make money out of situations like these and you will be on your way and not depend on others to give you money.

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    1. Its good for the back especially when you are out there hustling for those dollars! Thank you for commenting Jacob! Hope to see more of you here!

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