Hustle 101: Is Selling Bottled Water A Good Idea?

Is selling bottled water a good idea? Selling bottled water is definitely not just a good idea but a great idea! You see you are selling a product everyone wants. Bottled water can practically sell itself especially on very hot and humid days. The benefits of selling bottled water is its cost, you could go and buy a case of bottled water for like 5 bucks in the supermarket. The product is really cheap which is why you will want to sell bottled water because at least unlike most other products you will make a profit out of every bottle you sell.

Where to sell bottled water?

Hustle 101: Is selling water a good idea
Person selling water to driver

With its small size you could fit a few in a cooler and take it anywhere you think there are people around. You could be in the street, the park, the beach, at a social function or anywhere else you can think of! Bottled water is small and compact and also a very healthy drink! In our society where health is a big concern you will definitely make some sales selling water bottled water to the masses.

Huslte 101: Is selling bottled water a good idea
Is selling water a good idea?

Why sell bottled water?

Selling bottled water is a great opportunity to make some money. Bottled water comes in small container as I explained above. Besides water is the healthiest thing to drink in the world. In water there are no added chemicals or flavors like sodas and juices. People will flock to your product and buy just because they feel it’s the healthy thing to do? Very few and healthy products in the market today are as low cost as bottled water.

For example if you buy a case of water bottles you do the math and for one bottle it cost you 25 cents. You could turn around and sell the same bottle for a dollar and people will pay it and you make a profit. Do that a few times and your money will add up.

Bottled Water is good for you!

Duh! Of course bottled water is good for you. And if you are selling it you will be promoting a healthy lifestyle to everyone that comes to you and buys bottled water from you. Look around you today and you will see people everywhere drinking bottled water. Why not capture a little bit of the billions of dollars flowing through the water bottle industry every year.

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How many people drink bottled water?

Hustle 101: Is selling bottled water a good idea
Drinking some cold and refreshing water

According to the National Resources Defense Council says that more than half of Americans drink bottled water and only one third of the public drinks bottled water regularly.  Sales have tripled in the bottled water industry for the past ten years, to about 4 billion a year!

Now if that number does not make you believe that there is a demand for the product then you need to get your head checked.

You can check the NRDC website for further information

Is selling bottled water a good idea?

YES IT IS! I have explained it to you in lay men terms. Selling bottled water is easy and again I cannot stress this enough! The product sells itself. Why wait! Get to a corner and start selling water to everyone and watch how quickly you will make sales and get some money in your pocket.




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