Hustle 101: Part-Time Airport Transportation Service

It has been a several months since I wrote anything in the “Hustle 101” series but now I’m back after a long hiatus and I’m ready to give you a new idea to help you make some side money!
Like I said before people are out there looking for ways to make some money on the side because their regular gig is just not hacking it anymore. So of course if you are like me you begin to work some angles and look around to see what opportunities are available to exploit.
A few days ago I was on my way home from my regular gig and while I was driving I came up behind an airport shuttle. Being bored in the car I began to think about “How does one get into a business like that?” I mean from what it looks like it seems very simple you pick up and drop off people from their house to the airport and vice versa.
So I began to brainstorm while driving home and came up with some ideas which might help you get started and on your way!
Once I got home I pulled out the note pad and began jotting down what I think I would need to start an Airport Transportation Service.
You will need a vehicle Airport Transportation Service:
Yes folks this is a given! You will need to have either a 4door sedan or a van of some type in order to provide and airport transportation service. A van would be a much better choice since you will be transporting people and their luggage to and from the airport.

Where can you find such a vehicle? I would suggest looking through Craigslist for a decently priced van. It does not have to be to fancy but enough to get the people from point A to point B in comfort. Make sure the van is not too old but just old enough that it still looks new and well cared for. After all this is how you will be getting paid!
Promote your Part Time Air Transport Service:
Next in order to begin making that side cash you will need to get the word out about your service to people around your neighborhood or town. Pass out flyers or business cards to people in around the area that you live as well as posting flyers in areas with high people traffic. Make sure you put your phone number preferably your cellular phone number so that when someone calls for a pickup you will be able to answer it right away

Now that we have those flyers and business cards set up and ready for printing there is still something we need to add. The thing is pricing! How much are you going to charge for your Airport Transportation Service? May I suggest looking at what are the prices the big competitors are charging for a ride to the airport? You could call them and find out usually they should be able to tell you over the phone.

Once you have the pricing from your competitors you will need to price your service just below theirs. Make sure that you do not low ball yourself in price since you will need to cover your expenditures.

Remember to always service your client. Also dress for success! If you are going to pick up a client you should at least show up in an ironed white shirt and black tie. Look like a driver is supposed to look and not like a slob!

And that should be it! Remember that you are doing this on your own! Be safe when driving clients to the airport and provide great service to them. If you do all of this I think people will come looking for you to drive them to the airport and call you to drive them home. Remember that when advertising do not say that you are providing an Airport Transportation Service in your flyers or business cards due to state licensing and such. I would advertise on the flyer something like this “Need a Ride to the Airport? Then call us for pricing and specials.”

To be a Hustler sometimes you have to bend the rules a little to make some money.

It’s a win, win situation!

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    Man, I love this. Every morning I force myself to write down 10 business ideas. They’re not always business ideas, but usually. This strengthens my “idea muscle” for money making. It sounds like you do a similar thing. I can’t recommend it enough. My friends have started becoming amazed at how quickly I can come up with ideas to improve their product/service businesses, dealing with imports, distribution, deals, etc. It definitely works.

    Stay up brother!

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