I Went To A Voodoo Party

I went to a voodoo party
Picture of Saint Michael

I went to a voodoo party! A few years ago while i was recently married to my present wife she had a friend who dabbled in voodoo from time to time. She had the ability to tell your future by reading cards and shit. I always was kind of curious about that since i had relatives who practiced Santeria( a form of voodoo)

So one day my wife who tends to dabble in the voodoo thingy from time to time just like most Latin women from the islands decided that we should go to one of those voodoo parties since Saint Michael’s birthday was coming up. St. Michael is considered in voodoo as a protector and is very powerful. At first i was like hell no! I heard stories while i was little about those parties from relatives of mine who used voodoo from time to time.

After a while of her convincing me i decided to go the voodoo party and see if these stories were true. The day came and my wife handed me a red shirt and i asked what its for? She told me that red and yellow are St. Michael’s colors and that it was proper to show respect on his day. At this time i began to wonder if my wife dug my underwear in the back yard(a old myth that in order for a woman to keep a man they will need to dig a hole and put his underwear in it).

I went to a voodoo party
I think my underwear is in that hole!

She was saying that the voodoo party was going to be fun and that there was all the free food and drink you can handle. Hearing those two words of food and drink in the same sentence made me dress up faster.

It was me, my wife and her voodoo friend we drove some where to the South Bronx which was where the voodoo party was. After a few minutes looking for parking i found a spot and we walked towards a house where the voodoo party was going on. My wife looked at me and i guess she saw the nervousness in me as we approached the house.

There i noticed some people inside the modest and you could hear the Palo music which is what they use to summon the spirits. The rhythm of the drums got into me as i felt it bring up a weird feeling of happiness. It must have gotten in touch with my black side i guess.  We’re inside the house and my wife and her friend proceeded towards a door. You can listen to it on the video below. This is from the Dominican Republic where my wife is from.

As i looked from the top of the steps i saw a ton of people down there in what looked like a basement. Now in the basement the drums were loud and it was hot as shit down there due to the packed audience this voodoo priest had. My wife’s friend was going to be initiated into the voodoo religion so one of the priest’s assistants saw her and took her away to a room to prepare her for her initiation.

Me and my wife went to sit down and watch the proceedings. As i looked around i saw that there were a lot of people from different walks of life looking to pan some favors from the voodoo priest. I saw drug dealers, cops, house wives, rich people etc. I did not know there were so many people who believed in this. There were even Haitians who brought food and liquor as a sign of respect to Saint Michael.

I went to a voodoo party
A group of people practicing Santeria

The bongos were going and all of a sudden the Santeros made a circle and the music began as they chanted. By this time i had a few drinks in me and i was feeling really nice. I stood up to watch and i swear it looked like something you see in a movie. They chanted in Spanish since that was the type of crowd there. They began to dance and twirl around to the rhythm.

They got into a trance the spirit of one of the many voodoo spirits come out and possess the persons body and they become a human at that point for some time. The possessed person begins to act like the saint. They drink the brand of alcohol they like and smoke the cigars as well.

It was all so overwhelming to some people that they too fell into a trance and once that happens they are led away quickly so that they can come off the trance. You see in order to allow those spirits to possess you you have to learn what to do to let them in as well as to let them out.

While all of that was going on in the voodoo party. I went to the

I went to a voodoo party
Not a exactly a black goat but close enough

bathroom to pee and inside that fucking bathroom i saw a fucking black goat staring at me bleating because it was tied to the pipe. Told the fucker to shut up because i could not concentrate on peeing. I thought i was imagining things and told myself dam! This liquor really got me fucked up.

So i went to where my wife was while the dance was going on and told her that i saw a goat in the bathroom. She did not believe me at first and i insisted on there was one. She went to the bathroom to pee so while i was waiting for her to come back i began to watch the people going into trances and such it was pretty interesting. Then the priest came into the circle and he too fell into a trance.

I don’t know what happened whether it was the liquor and shit but that man turned to me and i saw his eyes were as red as blood. He looked at me for a brief moment and smiled and then went back to dancing. I turned white i was so scared! The buzz i had was gone pretty quickly after that i had to sit down. By that time my wife came back and she noticed i looked a bit concerned.

I told her what happened and of course she did not believe me back then and she still does not believe me now. All in All the Voodoo party was interesting and for all you PUA’s there were a ton of pretty women there just waiting to be picked up lol. If you ever get a chance to go to a voodoo party then you should go with a open mind and you will enjoy it like i did.


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