Innocence Interrupted Blood and Bullets

Innocence Interrupted Blood and Bullets. A few days ago a horrible event had taken place at an elementary school in Connecticut. Many innocent people and especially children were murdered by a very disturbed man.

My heart goes out to all of those families that have lost an innocent loved one on that day. Right now we must mourn but once the mourning is over we will need to start finding the answers to questions that are still floating around.

Now there is a supposed link to the father of the murderer and the LIBOR scandal. Some people think its a legitimate link others say that its not. You can read the story and find out for yourself.

Right now i cannot tell you if this supposed link to the LIBOR scandal is true so i will wait and see what comes out from it. Whether the story is true or not. But it does merit a look see and see if the story holds water. And if it does get ready for the people to begin to realize that they have been pawns for a more sinister plan.

Unfortunately, we are not angels as we do have the blood of the innocent in our own hands as well. Our country is waging wars and killing innocent men, women and especially children. Most of us do not give it a second thought because we live with a false sense of security thinking that could never happen here.

How many families in those worn torn areas are grieving for the loss of an innocent child or loved one?

Politicians will have you believe that by having more gun control laws will prevent people from committing another mass murder. Knowing them they are going to bullshit their way through. By creating more gun control laws it will make guns harder for a person to get. If you grew up in the inner city you would know that gun control does not work. Guns will continue to proliferate through society without any sense of stopping.  I have seen many people get shot and die in the street and they do not even get a mention on the MSM. But commit a heinous crime like that in an upscale suburban area and its first page news. Remember those same politicians that are screaming bloody murder are the same ones profiting from the very death of children in other parts of the world.

We must dig deeper to find out what caused this young man to become a killer and not blame the weapon which was a tool he chose to use. This man may have been crying out for a long time and was ignored. No job, No social life,no love life and even being isolated by his own mother and his brother and father was enough to push himself over the edge.

Unfortunately, the investigators will most likely not dig deep into this killer’s motive and instead they will blame the gun. Then the people will scream more gun control! The truth is gun control could not keep this man from deciding to commit this crime already. He made a decision and decided to carry it out. It could have been worse if there were no guns around he would have decided to become a suicide bomber.

No matter how you look at it this man made a decision and whether he had a gun or not he was going to do it. This is the reason why i say that as a society we need to find out what makes people like this tick. What were the problems which led this person to decide that he needed to kill? These should be the questions that we should be asking and not about what type of weapon he used.

In the end my heart goes out to the children of that elementary school. May God keep them close and protect them. It is our time to wake up and look at the 800 pound gorilla in the room. We as a people will need to change our views about everything and really look and listen to reality.

Also many thanks to Bill over at Apocalypse Cometh which helped me to write this post. When you have the time click on the blue link above and check out his site.


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