Kymatica! Still Enjoying the Decline!

Kymatica! Still Enjoying the Decline. Until we realize that everything we do affects everything around us civilization will continue to decline. As will the world we live in.

We cannot continue to fool ourselves to think that the world has infinite resources to exploit. To think that we are special and not part of the planet we live in. But yet the world shows us otherwise by striking back at us with freak storms, earthquakes and the like.

If we keep living arrogantly consuming everything sooner or later our safe lives will begin to get chaotic. You are seeing some of the cracks now with hurricane Sandy, people snapping under the weight of stress and shooting up people in malls and schools. We are supposed to be living in a technological age. Murder and disease was to be something that only happened in the past.

But yet with all of this technology around us we are still very simple minded. Instead of being enlightened we are slowly becoming de-enlightened. Instead of living the way we are supposed to live we spend our days shackled to our cubicles locked up away in high rises.

I realize all of this many years back but could never place a finger on it. Now as i got older and became more wiser the cracks are becoming clearer. Its scary to think that one day we will be going back to zero and starting over.

Until then my friends do me the favor and get “Enjoy The Decline!”


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