Meggings The New Phenomena

Meggings are the new phenomena! That’s right it has already started, a new fashion trend apparel no man should be without! The ladies will be at awe when they see how ridiculous you look in one of these.

I read this on the yahoo news site when i came across this article called “Meggings (male leggings) are here” apparently it is not enough that leggings are worn by women it is now worn by men as well. I have not seen it out here in NYC as of yet but give it time and some fucking fool will be rocking a pair of those shits and us fellas making fun of them.

In the article they asked popular magazine fashion editors who are male about this so called “Meggins” almost all of them gave the Meggings a thumbs down. I was really surprised about this because these people most of the time never really say what they

think about a certain trend. But i guess the fashion trend “Megging” might have pushed them over the side.

Even this chick is criticizing this fashion as it makes men look for feminized. Article here

Why would a man would wear something like this? Or what type of man would? I mean this is so attacking the masculinity of men that even Gay guys would probably beat up the guy wearing a pair of these.

I never would have believed in the past that in the future society will make men feminized and not be comfortable with their masculinity. Little by little society is pounding down on our heads to let go of our masculine.

First it was the Metro Sexual, Rappers wearing lipstick and kissing each other in the mouth and now Meggings? What’s next high heels for men?? What about a male brassiere while we are at it!

I don’t know if its me or that the older i get the more i see the bullshit for what it is. Or has stupidity become so blatant that its to big to hide anymore?

My fellow brothers and i mean all of you! Please! do not buy these ridiculous “Meggings” do not follow this trend as it will make you and the rest of us a mockery to the feminists. This goes to both Alphas and Betas even though i think there will be more betas wearing the “Megging”

Buy a “megging” and be a bitch might as well buy yourself some makeup. Men do not wear “Meggings” unless you’re Justin Bieber then there is no hope for you!


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