Military Experience vs College Degree?

Military experience vs college degree? I have debated this question lately after I read Aaron Clarey’s “Worthless” e-book on my kindle. In my debate that was going on in my head I tried to see the pros and cons about both military experience as well as college experience. In the end I decided that it is better to have military experience rather than a college experience and I will tell you why?

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The benefits of the military:

The military can provide many benefits and opportunities to its new members. While you are in the military you will learn responsibility, self confidence and team work. Not only that but you will also learn your vocation by going to an “A” school and learning your job at the same time once you are done with school you will quickly be put to work in your chosen field where you will gain valuable experience which when you decided to get out you could be able to use in the civilian world.

All this is done without taking out loans which you will be paying for the rest of your life. Getting on the job experience is more preferred than a college degree. All a college degree does is to get you through the door and that’s it while experience can get you through the door and into your vocation right away.

Colleges and universities do not prepare you for the real world. No matter how much they try they cannot simulate reality. SO you go through your college years and get your degree only to find out that no one wants to hire you or pay you a wage high enough to live off because you have no real life experience. This is something colleges and universities fail to see.

Experience is what employers are looking for! Sure education is nice to have but in the end experience always wins out. Which is why I would much rather choose to go and get the military experience and then maybe if you want go get that college degree. It makes sense!

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People will say that the military is the wrong path to choose because you will be risking your life in return for getting the experience. That’s true but most of our lives are empty shells and as a person who was young once I could tell you that my life was not boring anymore and not to mention you get respect from your peers, even the older people will sit down and chat with you and respect you. A college degree does not give you respect experience does.

You do not get what I said above with a college degree. Unlike men and women who served people with college degrees come a dime a dozen. The reason why I say that is because thousands of people come out of college the same way. Once they graduate they still do not have the skills to get a good paying job instead you are going from one interview to the next going against other people who are at the same level as you. They have a degree but no experience.

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Academics will tell you that having a degree will open doors and bring you success. Sure that was true many years ago when there were not many college degree holders. Unfortunately now the college degree field is saturated with thousands of newly graduates. There are so many that salaries begin to come down because there are too many people competing for the same slot.

Even if you have a college degree they will still not give you the opportunity to handle your own. Instead they will give you jobs like gophering, filing etc, while the veteran will quickly jump in and work because he or she knows how to handle responsibility because of the years of on the job training.

My personal recommendation is that you get the experience first then go and get a degree that worthwhile preferably something in the STEM fields. Don’t know what STEM is then why not invest on yourself and get Aaron’s book “Worthless” trust me it will be the best thing you will do for you future.

Military experience vs college degree! i can tell you that the military experience will outweigh a college degree every time.

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  1. Matt says

    If you decide to go the military route, plan to take every single DSST test that you can. They are free for active military. Then take all the CLEP tests that you can get access to. There’s no reason for someone moderately bright to not finish up with 80+ hours of college credit without ever setting foot in a college classroom.

    • jromero says

      You are so right! It shows that there is a lot of opportunities in the military for people who want to succeed. Keep in touch bro!

  2. says

    Speaking as someone with both a Bachelors and four years of Military experience, I can tell you that I value what I learned in the military more than I did college. Just off of the top of my head, some lessons I learned in the Army that I didn’t learn in college:

    1. Own your actions: “You Never Apologize for Anything! Ever!” I hear in my head over and over again. These words were stated, we stated would be a bit too gentile of a term but you get the point, of countless Drill Sergeants throughout BCT and AIT. The one lesson from the military that stays with me to this day is that I never apologize for anything, ever.

    2. Be Flexible and Multitask: People often say that in College you have to study many things at once as part of whatever curriculum you pursue, and by and large that is true. But the military takes it to a whole new level. There is so much more going on and is expected of you. You have to be in the right place, right time, right uniform ect ect all while being competent in your chosen job (MOS) and staying in relatively good shape.

    3. Never make excuses! You are who you are because that is who you chose to be. You are where you are because that is where you chose to be. Are you fat? Why? Because you chose to be fat. Please stop blaming society, flesh eating viruses and other nonsensical factors on your gluttonous lifestyle. Likewise, why are you lean and strong? Because you chose to be lean and strong. Lock in your diet and exercise regimen, then staying lean and strong becomes effortless.

    Do you and accept who you are for better or worse is what I learned in the military. College, these days, seems to be teaching kids how to be fat whiney little punks.

    • jromero says

      Fellow brother at arms! First i would like to say “Thank you!” for service to your country as well as for taking the time to write your comment. I agree with you 100% percent and i’m glad to know that i’m not the only person who thinks that way. I wrote this article because too many people like to give the military a bad rap. They figure going to college and get a bullshit degree is going to get them through life. These young men and women are totally being misguided by society who tells them to get a degree and all will be fine. unfortunately when they get out it is a different story, society has lied to them. Once they find out they start to point fingers at some one else rather than blaming themselves for not preparing and looking at what is going on on the world. Instead they are busy watching fucking reality shows all day.

      For me the military opened my eyes to the world and have experienced meeting people and learning their cultures. The military made me mentally strong, ambitious as well as responsible to myself and my family. I look back to those days often and when i do i stand a little taller than the rest of the people who go about their lives with their faces stuck on the phone. Colleges do not teach real life there is no book that teaches that. The military teaches you about real life because while you are there you are out in the open rather than being fenced in like cattle which is what college is.

      just like you the military made me into the man I’am today and i’m very proud of that.

      Again my brother i wish you a belated “Happy Veterans Day!'” and please keep in touch! Its people like yourself who makes me proud to be a veteran.

      until then my friend take care and god bless.

  3. hatter and extra proud says

    dont do it .

    colleges and state boards for and licensing and certifications refuse to honor any military time and schoolings.

    understand big business , state, industry refuse to accept any military experiance for tests , contractors licenses , nursing certifications .

    you will feel the stigma of hypocrisy ..
    after your done you will realize you have been had and big time ,,

    • jromero says

      I wonder why colleges and state boards do that? Could it be that those with military experience may have an advantage over their civilian counterparts? Maybe they are trying to create an equal playing field or professors may have issues with their lessons if some of their students who has worked in the field may begin to ask questions about their lessons they cannot answer.

      thanks for the comment it was greatly appreciated and i hope to see some more comments from you in the future.


  4. William says

    I contemplated military service out of high school and I got that very same “you’ll waste your life kid” response from a lot of people. After spending some time in the real world all I can really say is “what is so great about life the corporate world again?” I really wish I had gone in at that time, Seriously I’ve come to the conclusion that the average person basically lives for the television that they go home to every night.

    • jromero says

      There were a lot of people who said the same thing to me when I was in your shoes. I had my Guidance Counselor practically have a Heart Attack when I told her what i was going to do. I guess she was surprised that I went ahead and made up my mind on my own and that I had the audacity to make my own road and not travel the one paved for me.

      Sometimes William a man has to make his own decisions on what he wants to do. For me I was lucky in that I had several Veterans who are in my family and told me what to expect as well as doing my own research on the matter. This is what led me to decide to join the service and not college only because I felt that College does not teach about real life, they only teach you a skill if that! I felt that I needed to learn discipline and to see the world. I felt that a man needs to see thee world for himself like that his views of the world will be different from that of a person who has never traveled.

      College was still something I wanted to pursue but not at that time. Besides I personally feel that I learned more in those 4 years about responsibility, sacrifice, duty, etc. in the service that I would have ever learned in College.

      The good thing though William is that you can still learn these things yourself! By taking the time and looking to yourself and finding a need to change. There is so much information out there that will help you become a better more confident man! You want to become worldly then either travel or read about cultures and their views and ideas. Most people these days never pick up a book unless its about some consumerist crap that has no value.

      The military changed me from a weak man to a strong man! You can also do that as well you just will need to make your path to enlightenment and you will achieve!

      Believe me I know Corporate life sucks because I too have a White Collar job! But you have to make the most of it! You have to find a way to make this a lot more entertaining for you. You have to learn to adapt and watch what others are doing and do the opposite and people will tend to notice.

      Life is more than being invisible! Life is more about people seeing you!

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