Picking Cotton And How The Plantation Runs You Down.

Picking Cotton and how the Plantation runs you down.  It’s 7:30am in the morning and you’re stuck in the morning rush. Creeping slowly every few feet or so as you stare at the clock in your car. You begin to get nervous as you do not want to show up late again and probably get reprimanded for it. As those minutes continue their countdown you become even more nervous. You try to look for an opening in the road to get ahead but to no avail.

Finally you arrive and quickly park in the plantation’s parking lot. You get out of your car and notice that all the slaves are already in their positions picking cotton! While walking through the door you begin to hope that the overseer is not around. You quickly walk in through the front quietly while the receptionist does not notice you as she is too busy picking cotton for her master.

You start stealthily moving around the cubicles hoping that the overseer does not see you. As you quickly head for your spot to quickly begin picking cotton.  You get to your cubicle and breathe a sigh of relief that you made it safe without the overseer seeing you.

You slave away for hours picking cotton then by lunch time you get your thirty minutes and quickly eat your mayonnaise sandwich and try to rest up for the remainder of the day. You see the Master walking around in his fine clothes and with a tan even though it’s the middle of winter. You look up and watch him as he walks by you begin to mumble profanities under your breath while he walks past you as if you are not even there.

All of the overseers come out of their cubicles to praise the slave master. The overseers push and shove for position next to the slave master. The overseers begin to speak about how great it is to work in the plantation and how great the Slave Master is. They begin to show how their groups of slaves go about picking cotton. The Slave Master smiles at the way his slaves are producing so much product for him. His eyes slowly turn to cash symbols and he begins to think about the windfall of money coming to him.

While picking cotton your brain begins to talk to you. It’s telling you that you are no different than the Slave Master. You too can have what he has the problem is that you are scared! You have gotten used to picking cotton for so long it’s all you know, brainwashed by many years of indoctrination being pounded into your brain.

You tell yourself I can do what he does probably even better. But here you are slaving away picking cotton. Hands tired, back hurting from being slumped over all day picking cotton for the slave master.

The horn blows and it is time to go home! You slowly straighten up your back grab your stuff and follow those other happy slaves back to their cars. You get in your jalopy and you sit there angry and depressed another wasted day! You look out of your windshield and into the world where you see all the other slaves saying good bye to each other as if all is well. You get angrier and angrier to the point that you let out the loudest scream you ever screamed in your life. You have a verifiable meltdown as your emotions envelope you. You tell yourself that it is time to make your decision to be your own man!

Do you want to work under a Slave Master who controls your life or do you want to be your own man! Picking cotton is not going to make you rich even if you are in the slave master’s good graces. No! You need to runaway and be your own man! Do not listen to other slaves whose lives are controlled by the “Massa” and his overseers. They will try to convince you that living like a slave is a good thing look at the car I was able to buy with the “Massa” raise he gave me. The other slaves have become comfortable with their current standing. They hate picking cotton but the money and benefits are good!

They sold their soul! You do not have to follow that path! God did not make you to be on your knees slumped over praising a man who is a lot like you the difference is the man you are praising decided to stand up and be his own man rather than to be on his knees. All he did was make a decision!

In the end would you spend your life on your knees slumped over picking cotton? Or would you rather stand up straight and be your own man. That decision is up to you my friend. I have started my journey and I want you to do the same.

So that we can sit back drink a few beers smoke a few cigars and enjoy the Decline!

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