Secession Just another Stupid Idea That Is Not Going To Work!

Secession another stupid idea that is not going to work! This is a follow up from an article I read in  “From Men to Kings” blog. Special shout out to the owner of that blog King J for letting us know that as men we can be the kings we need to be so that we can build our own empires.

His article “Secession is for Suckas” he goes on to explain how a few states are thinking about seceding from the Union because the former President of the United States has won a second term in office. Everyone is up at arms because of that since they blame him for all that is going on now, even though this bullshit has been going on since way before Obama came into the picture. So instead of accepting that they lost NOW they want to secede from the Union and form their own countries.

I agree with King J that this is a ridiculous idea and to even bring this up in this day and age is not only desperate but ignorant. Having a list of signatures do not mean anything unless you plan out how you are going to run that newly formed country.

Once you secede that means no more assistance from the US government since that is the reason why you decided to secede. When this happens you will have a whole new lot of problems pop up that you did not have to worry about since the Fed took care of that.

I will give you a list of things you will need to have when you become your own country.

  1. You will need Government. No matter how you look at it you will need to set up a form of gov that will represent the people of the newly formed country
  2. You will need to set up a form of taxes to pay or things like road maintenance, Public Schooling etc
  3. You will need to make up your own form of currency (money) after all what is the sense of having your own country when you are still tied to your master.
  4. Have a standing Army just in case of some shit pops off.
  5. The people in your state may lose their American citizenship so you may have to start your own in your newly formed country
  6. What type of economy is your newly formed country is going to produce? Remember countries have their own economies. Are you going to have Manufacturing, Agriculture, technological economies? So that when you go off on your own you will have some money coming in?
  7. What about Oil? You will have to buy the barrels that the Feds were buying while your country was a state. Just think that you have to buy millions worth of barrels at $80 to $90 dollars a barrel it will dent your pockets. Oh and you will have to buy it in dollars!
  8. What about gov programs to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves like the elderly or the physically handicapped.
  9. And while all of this is going on your comfortable way of living will most likely decrease while all of the above is happening. Are you prepared for that?

These are just a few of many issues that can affect a newly formed country who was formerly a state. There are many more issues to solve in order to build a country you must start from scratch.

Do not compare what our founding fathers did because for one there was not any type of infrastructure and everyone in those times were self reliant. Many of you are not self reliant and it is not your fault that you were brought up by the Public Schooling system to expect to be helped by the government instead of taking matters into their hands.

By having people sign a sheet of paper to agree to secede and not having a plan of action before you do this is stupid. Without a plan of action how are you going to survive or better yet how is your newly formed country going to survive? If you do secede you cannot go back to the US and ask for help when you find yourself with a fiscal issue. If that’s the case then seceding will be again a stupid idea!

Stop jumping on band wagons because you think those people asking for secession know what they are talking about. They don’t! They are just not thinking straight because they are angry at the current state of affairs which has been hidden from you for a long time.

So my fellow Americans before you open your mouths please know what you are talking about and have a plan of action. If you don’t do not waste the time of other Americans who trying to live their lives with less interruption.

So remember citizen Secession another stupid idea that is not going to work!

Again I want to thank King J and his blog “From Men to Kings” for inspiring me to write about this further. Keep up the good work your highness!


2 thoughts on “Secession Just another Stupid Idea That Is Not Going To Work!

  1. Texas already has all of that (State gov’t, armed forces etc.).
    It has a larger economy than Australia, and a greater land area than France.
    It makes a massive NET contribution to the Federal USA.
    It would be economically better off outside the US.

    By the way, how do you imagine all those other countries outside the US exist?
    On Unicorn burgers and Rainbow bread?

    1. First of all I would like to say “Thank You!” for posting your point of view on this site. I read your comment and although you have stated a few truths about the matter. There are more negatives about this issue which i will add to this post.

      Comparing Texas to other countries is not a good reference and i will tell you why. For one thing these countries outside the US have been independent for a long time. They took the time to build their infrastructure, government and economies from the bottom up!

      Unfortunately for Texas to become its own country it will need to work on its foundation before it can even think of becoming its own.

      Foundations are important as they help keep the house straight and level.

      The one good thing i could think of that Texas would benefit from seceding will be that you will no longer have to pay US federal taxes. Or at least until the country of Texas finds out they will need to have their own taxes in order to pay for services that the US gov was providing and no longer provide due to secession.

      Now Lets talk about the things Texas will have to do without
      1. Fewer Government services since the Fed will no longer be around to foot the bill

      2. Your economy will quickly go into a recession. This will happen since Texas will need to make its own gov as well as other important things like building a currency which will take time. Many countries go through this as a normal way of getting itself adjusted to being on its own.

      3. Anything the Fed invested money in like Highways, Airports, Shipping Ports will be taken away or not be funded by them anymore. Which will mean massive layoffs for your country.

      4. The Feds will close down or reposes all federal courthouses, Prisons, National Parks and their military bases that pump billions of dollars into the local economies. This mean the loss of jobs and small businesses.

      5. Texas will have to pay for its own military, border patrol, government, disaster relief, Postal Service, Welfare, Social Security, FDA, CIA, FBI, Public Schooling, Commerce etc.

      This is just the tip of the iceberg and the country does not even have its own currency yet? How do you propose to become a country with out having some of the above already functioning. You said that Texas has state govt. That may be true now but if you decided to secede those workers will have to move out of federal property and those that work for the Fed will most likely be without a job. You may have an economy larger than Australia because Texas does not have to deal with the problems that i wrote above.

      Once Texas becomes its own country it will have to take those costs into consideration and by doing this your vigorous economy will begin to slow down and go into a recession.

      You do not have to take my word for it you could read up on how countries who were former colonies flourished until they got their independence and then everything fell apart because they no longer have the backing of a super power. Eventually some got back on their feet but it took years of building and sacrificing to where they are today and with some countries its a work in progress.

      All i was trying to say is before Texas decides that it wants to secede they will need to sit down and come up with a plan so that the transition will not be so rough.

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