Study Reveals College Students Suffering From “Ambition Inflation”!

Study reveals college students suffering from “Ambition Inflation”! I came across this article from one of the blogs i tend to visit and read everyday. In this article it talks about how College students are suffering from a form of entitlement called “Ambition Inflation”.

You can read the article here.

Anyway it goes on to show how young people today think extremely highly of themselves to a point that they believe that they are successful or “Special”.

In reality though the article continues to explain how since the 1960’s college students are not spending their time studying or actually taking the time to learn more in depth about a certain subject.

The article talks about how high self esteem that many of these college aged students have do not guarantee success in the future. I guess living in the sheltered world of Academia can make a person think that they are living in reality when really they are not.

I remember going to my daughters graduation and seeing all her friends and school colleagues be so enthusiastic about finally going to experience life. Unfortunately as they began to take their dose of reality that glimmer in their eyes and the enthusiasm begins to fade.

Why because then they begin to realize all of what their parents were saying about life becomes more and more true. Their “Ambition Inflation” pushes many of these youth into joining the many other depressed souls into the Prozac nation.

The article also talks about how these youth of today are more narcissistic then of youth from previous generations. They go through their youth thinking they have a grasp of what the world is about only to find out when they are in their 30’s that they cannot form any type of relationship with anyone including with family.

You cannot blame this kids for being the way they are and in the way they view the world around them. The promotion of the “Me Society” is what has these youth of this generation confused. One day these youth will graduate and many will find out that the only jobs they could get are those that pay extremely low.

All through their lives they have been told that they are “Special” and that they will be successful. It reminds me of an old saying “Tell a lie long enough and people will begin to believe it.” it holds true back then when a certain German dictator said it and it holds true now. All those popular clicks you wished you were a part of or that popular guy or gal you wanted to date take a look at where they are now! Are they still popular or famous?

People who you thought were going to be successful in the future you bump into them and notice they are not what you thought they were.

So keep on the lookout for a new drug being pushed by Big Pharma in the future that will help with and control “Ambition Inflation”. Are you feeling depressed? Is life not what you expected? Are your dreams of being famous or rich gone to the way side? Then my friend you are suffering from “Ambition Inflation”. I can see the commercial now!


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