The Blog Hustle

The Blog Hustle
The Blog Hustle
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Learning the Blog Hustle! I came across a great post for Matt Forney’s site called “Confessions of an Online Hustler”. In this article he talks about how having a Hustler mentality can help build your blog as well as your online blog hustle. I suggest anyone who wants to be a Hustler in this Blog Hustle read the article above and learn!

As for me hustling started from way back while I was a kid growing up in NYC. Watching the Hustler’s out in the street do their thing. I was always fascinated on how they were able to make money on whatever they got their hands on. This was a normal thing to see in my neighborhood growing up in the Bronx. True there were a few Hustlers out there doing no good but most were trying to make a living.

In the neighborhood we would have the local gypsy cabs, people selling clothes from their apartments, baking and selling cakes even selling illegal cable boxes etc. This went on and on everyday people networked with each other to sell their wares. It was like the neighborhood had its own micro economy separate from everyone else

Growing up in the atmosphere you could not help but get into it as well. I remember hustling candy at school and earning some dimes. Wasn’t much but it was better than nothing at the time. Once I started earning I began learning as I got older I got into hustling more angles.

By the time I was a teenager I was hustling BMX bicycle parts. Most of the parts came from other hustlers or even the local crack head who needed a fix would sell me parts. Though I knew it may have been hot still for the price he was asking for I could not turn it down.

It went on and on working angles some paid off others crashed in flames but that’s life you can’t always win!

Fast forward several years and now it is all about the online hustler. I came across the blog hustle seemingly by mistake as I came across blogs popping out of everywhere. I got hooked I began learning more about it even setting up some blogs and doing it like Matt Forney. I started and failed a lot mainly because I had to learn how to use keywords as well as write interesting posts.

All of the false starts and failures led me to where I’m now at. Slowly everything is coming together and I’m beginning to understand the blog hustle. Much of what I have learned I either read about it on other blogs or seen what other bloggers are doing.

Even networking with other blogs like Apocalypse Cometh, Captain Capitalism, Matt Forney and a bunch of other blogs I read on a daily basis has helped me learn about how to network with other blogs about similar ideas.

At first it was so much information to get down about setting up, traffic, writing excellent posts etc. but with time as you get your hands dirty all of those things you have been reading about the blog hustle will become clearer to you as time continues. Now I got to learn how to monetize this blog! That’s the next step! So keep hustling!! And checkout these Hustlers at Captain Capitalism, Apocalypse Cometh and Matt Forney and learn how they do it!

Get “Enjoy The Decline” !


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    1. I’m in the process of getting my blog hustle off the ground! Its a little hard as i’m still learning about it but as time progresses hopefully i could as well be up there with you guys. SO save me a cold one! lol

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