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Today I will write a review of one of my favorite blogs called Bold and Determined. I visit every day when I need a dose of reality. The blogs name is Bold and Determined personally the name itself says it all on what type of blog this is going to be. I came across this blog through another blog the now defunct blog called “Mala Fide” and since then I have been visiting the Bold and Determined blog ever since.

Who Is The Bold And Determined Blog For?

The Bold and Determined blog is not for weak minded people! The blog is for men who want to be men and want to read about issues pertaining to men. Victor’s post are brash and to the point. Like a Drill Instructor he explains his thoughts across to you so that you understand his ideas and how to reach the never ending road to “Manhood” Like him I believe men today are lost floating around in a sea of distractions which keeps them ignorant. Blogs like Victor’s offer a friendly shore for men to dock their ships and recharge. Like I said my man Victor will give you the ole one two to the chin! Are you man enough to take it? His blog delivers that every day to men around the world.

I was lost like that at one time but little by little I began to see the 800 pound gorilla in the room and decided to get the hell out and do my own thing. I started to look for websites that pertained to men’s issues and that’s how I found Victor Pride’s blog the Bold and Determined and others that are just as good as Victor’s blog

Bold And Determined Has Useful Posts Everyday!

His blog’s post is full of great information that we men can use every day in our lives. He talks about how to eat right, workout hard, disciplining yourself, starting a business and overall how to be a man. This blog is just one of a few in the internet that delivers men to freedom every day. Free of the ignorance and how society wants you to act.

Bold And Determined Helps Men Be Men

Bold And Determined supports men who want to be men and who want to be the backbone of society. We can build as well as destroy as men we need to know that and Victor tells us every day in his blog

Other Blogs Don’t Deliver Like Bold And Determined!

The majority of blogs today only talk about the same thing day in and day out. Most do not really come up with any original content that you can use to better one self.

Trust me I’m always on the internet surfing for stuff to read mostly about anything which can help me progress further as a man and I cannot find anything worth the time to read. Which I think personally is a waste of time! Until I came across Victor’s blog.

Bold And Determined E-Books For Today’s Man

If you noticed the Bold and Determined blog has some e-books out which you can buy and use to better yourself.

His e-books consist of 30 Days of Discipline, Body of a Spartan and of course The Spartan Entrepreneur which has helped me to decide that I too can have a blog and write interesting posts. Yes I bought the 7 on 7 Spartan Entrepreneur Guide right before it came out. Let me tell you this little guide has helped me quite a bit on answering my questions on how to make money online. It is not as hard as I thought. I have not gotten the other e-books but if the Spartan Entrepreneur Guide was excellent  then I’m sure that 30 Days of Discipline and Body of a Spartan must be even better.

In the end though you should go and check out the Bold and Determined blog and check it out for yourself. If you are a man in need of information about how to act, conduct and be a man then this blog is for you to read. When you get there take a look and I promise you will like what you read.

Believe me you will be howling like a wolf by the time you finish reading Victor’s blog.

Don’t believe me then you can read it for yourself!

Any comments will be greatly appreciated!

6 thoughts on “The Bold and Determined Blog Review

    1. Fist i want to say thank you for commenting on this post. Now to answer your question! The answer is yes! I have the e-book myself and have used some of his ideas on this book to help build this blog. So i highly recommend it to you to try out. And if you are thinking about starting your own blog or just to understand a way you can make money online then this e-book can do that. Now remember Victor’s book is not a get rich quick crap you see out here in the web. It will take some work on your part to make it happen and the sooner you start the closer you will get to your goal of making money online. Good Luck and Thank your commentCurious.

      1. I noticed that it says sold out on his site. What should I do then? I really want to read it and put in some hard work to start earning.

        1. Well your best bet is to go to his blog and contact him in the comments section. If i know Victor he will let you know where you can get it.

  1. I would like to order your books but i don’t order anything on line, con i order with a money order. If so i need your address to send the money order. Thanks.

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