The Esoteric Symbolism of I Pet Goat II

The esoteric symbolism of I Pet Goat II. I came across this video from one of the blogs i like to read called Vigilant Citizen. This blog usually deals with how symbolism is being used on us everyday. I can tell you since i have begun reading the Vigilant Citizen blog my eyes are ever more open to my surroundings.

Symbols rule everything in our lives whether we know about it or not. Even a person who is able to read or not can be able to decipher what a symbol is saying or meaning.

With that in mind while i was on the Vigilant Citizen’s blog i came across a quite interesting video called “I Pet Goat II”. This video is a short animation created by a Canadian company called Heliofant.

In this video there is no talking but there is a lot of symbolism in it. Some of the symbols are immediately recognized while others may make you think a little more about its meaning.

Go ahead and watch the video:

Most people will not understand what the video is trying to say. What i think its trying to say is that right now we live in a time of constant change in that those things that were important might not be so important anymore. Things like Religion, Politics, Money may not have the power it had before. The person is beginning to slowly move in the direction of spiritual enlightenment and realizing that God is not some invisible being in the sky but that we all carry God inside of us.

I know its a weird thing to comprehend since we have been so indoctrinated to think that in order to see or pray to God you need to go to some big ornamented building on a Sunday and here some person who is just as imperfect as you give you a sermon on how imperfect you are. Or how we need to stop believing in these politicians thinking that they are looking out for our best efforts when they are one of the same evil that makes living in these times extremely difficult.

I won’t go into further detail but if you are curious i will link to the article which explains in more detail about “I, Pet Goat II”. Like that i think you will understand it more as the author goes into detail about it.

Remember in the end symbols have been around since before we could put words together as this was a way for us to get the message across. Fast forward to today and symbolism is still used and we still could decipher their meaning today as we did way back then.

2 thoughts on “The Esoteric Symbolism of I Pet Goat II

    1. Yes it is! It is also full of symbolism it shows much of what has happened up to this point. Will we be able to be enlightened one day i do hope so! Great Site by the way keep up the good work and keep in touch! :)

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