The Life And Death Of A Drug Dealer Documentary

The life and death of a drug dealer is a documentary about the life of a drug dealer. The life an death of a drug dealer shows how living the fast life is not all about making money and driving fancy cars.

It shows the life of a drug dealer who is trying to get out and stay clean and while doing this he faced with making harsh decisions. Should he go back to living the life of a drug dealer or should he try to live a normal life.

Growing up in the Bronx i have seen many of these people selling dope around the hood. The allure of the life and the money it brings grabs a hold of people especially when they have nothing. Many young people are facing dim prospects as far as jobs are concerned that at times drug dealing becomes the only thing they can do to earn.

I had friends who looked up to people like these since most of them did not have or grow up with a older male figure to guide them through the dangers of the street.

The future for a drug dealer is bleak at best. They will either go two ways. The first is being arrested and doing some serious time and getting killed. And the money they make is not even worth risking your life for it.

So if you are thinking about being a drug dealer do yourself a favor and get that bullshit out of your head. You want to make money? Then start a business of your own a LEGAL business. Stay away from the drug business!

A documentary of The Life And Death Of A Drug Dealer:

The Life And Death Of A Drug Dealer

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