The Obsolete Man Is That What Waits For Us In The Future?

The obsolete man is that what waits for us in the future? I found this old episode form the Twilight Zone and it really spooked me quite a bit. Even back then they felt the state will eventually control everything in our lives just like it did to Mr. Wordsworth. The state has the power to make you obsolete! If they feel that you are no longer providing a service to the state.

I believe that this is the future we are heading to. Letting the state dictate how to live and what you should do for them and not vice versa. Even now just look at all those people who have either lost their jobs or their jobs were sent overseas they are to considered obsolete because they can no longer work.

Instead they begin to depend on the state for a handout until they can get on their feet again. Little do they know that they will probably not find a job. The state now has considered them obsolete!

We already are being scrutinized while we travel as well as when we go about our business. Heavily armed men watch our every move and view us with suspicion. We think those armed men are for terrorists but in reality they are there for us!

They are there to provide a scare tactic to keep you in line and to make those who speak against them or the state obsolete!

i would much rather be Mr. Wordsworth than the state.

Obsolete Man

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2 thoughts on “The Obsolete Man Is That What Waits For Us In The Future?

  1. Man will never be obsolete. They can try to marginalize us, they can try to contain us. In the end we are still stronger, faster and more intelligent.

    When the time comes, when they have pushed us too far, all hell will break loose. Even if women outnumbered us 4 to 1…it would be a sad day for them when we reach our breaking point.

    Enough is enough. We have to stand up, we have to draw a line in the sand. No more backing down, no more givinv in. Lead by example.
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