The Toothless Stripper and the Wine Bottle

While I was younger I was a service member to the armed forces. I served four years in the Navy and during that time I have seen and witnessed many things while there. It’s true what they say that travel can make a person look at the world differently and because of this it tends to make a person build character and fortitude.

I have always been fascinated in one day going to foreign lands and see as well as experience the culture. The travel bug became apparent at an early age when I would hear my dad talk about his Merchant Marine days and the shit he got into and stuff. Hearing these stories and the way he spoke about it got me interested in maybe one day having my own travel stories of far-away places.

I got my chance once I graduated High School. While most of the other people that went my school went to college I decided to hold off on that for the time being. I did the whole boot camp thing and was placed on a ship and sent out to the Atlantic and then the Mediterranean.

Within a month we finally hit the port of Haifa in Israel. This was back in the early 90’s so it was not as hot as it is now. Once we got to port we began to get ready to go ashore for a few hours.  We decided to go to the beach and check out the scene. Lots of pretty Israeli women with tanned brown bodies sun bathing topless was a beautiful sight to see.

After hitting up on some of those nice looking Israeli women for a few hours at the beach we decided to leave. By this time the sun was setting and it was time to look for the night life. Let me tell you Israel was rocking! Every bar we went to was so packed that the party spilled outside into the street. With people drinking, smoking and laughing it was crazy to be in the middle of this mix.

We continued to hop around from bar to bar until we came to this spot. It was a really seedy place dark and dingy it had a smell of dirty pussy. We went in any way and the place was dark we hit the bar for drinks. Sitting there I noticed this lady sitting there smoking a cigarette and she looked old. Not old like in age but old like in this chick has got some mileage on her.

Upon closer inspection the chick had no teeth! She was all gums! Yes an actual toothless stripper. And dudes were all over her talking to her and shit. I thought to myself “Dam! These dudes are really desperate to hook up with this chick.”

Then all of the sudden the music stopped and the announcer came out from behind the curtain. He was thanking the people for coming into the bar and coming to see the show and that he promised that this show is going to be hands down fantastic!

Then all of the sudden the “Maniac” song from the movie Flash Dance came on. A spot light was pointed to where she was and she began her act. I remember her doing the whole Flash Dance skit on stage including the splashing water and everything. She was not too bad as she twirled around the pole.

There was a chair there and someone put an empty wine bottle on it. I was wondering what the bottle was for because as soon as I said it the toothless stripper hovered over the bottle and slowly the top of the wine bottle went up her crotch.

At this time all of us began to cheer her as she slowly came back up and was holding the bottle with her crotch! She walked around with it. People were applauding hell even I was impressed by such a feat! The dudes up front were going crazy. She squatted down while holding the wine bottle spread fucking eagle and slowly the bottle began to come down until it reached the tip and she held it there. She got up and began walking around with the bottle all the while holding the tip of the bottle with her crotch.

She sat back down on the chair while still holding the bottle with her crotch and then began popping the bottle up and down with her crotch! I was like “GOD DAM! That old lady sure got some pussy control!”

Finally towards the end of the show the announcer lit up a cigarette and held it low enough for the toothless stripper to grab it with her pussy lips and dude I don’t know but I swear that lady was making her pussy smoke the cigarette. No lie! Maybe I was seeing things from all the alcohol we were having but yeah her pussy was smoking it. Then the announcer took the cigarette from her pussy and began to finish smoking it for her! Just some nasty shit!

Once the toothless stripper she finished her act she got a standing ovation from everyone there. By this time it was late and we were totally hammered. We began to head outside of the bar and round up everyone as we set off we walked past this alleyway and we saw that toothless stripper blowing a black guy. He saw us and waved us off as we left back to the ship.

That was some crazy night in Israel!

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