To Be Well Versed In Sex You Must Get Your Wings First

To be well versed in sex you must get your wings. As you read this you are probably wondering what the hell i’m talking about. I’m going to explain to you what the wings are and what they mean. There are too many men who are not versed in the art of sex. To be well versed a you must achieve the wings.

I came across this list while i was in the military. You know sailors we have a lot of time on our hands so we talk about women most of the time. So while we were in port at some bar in the south of Spain one of the fellas with us began talking about the wings.

You earn these wings while you are engaging in certain acts while having sex with a young woman. Some of you may have heard of these terms and may even have achieved some wings and did not know about it

I’m going to explain them below so lets begin!

There are three main types of wings that at least each of us had done. If so congratulations! if not then you have some work to do.

Red Wings Designation:

In order to achieve this designation you will need to engage in this act with a woman. That act is having sex with her while she is on the rag. I know its disgusting but women tend to want to fuck while they are on the rag. The reason being is that their hormones are running rampart and they desire sex. One of the few times they actually want to fuck. Just bang her and since she is on the rag you could make a deposit and not worry about the call about a baby coming.

know you may have an idea what the rest of the wings are about. If you don’t then keep reading as i continue to explain.

Brown Wings Designation:

This designation should give you an idea about what i’m going to say. To achieve this designation is when you perform anal sex with your woman. Now only do this if she is into that thing do not force her. Most single women have done this at least once in their lives and if you are lucky to get yourself a freak then you will receive your designation.

Gold Wings Designation:

Yes this designation is a lot harder to do to a woman because the majority of women will not allow you to do this to her. Unless under extremely weird circumstances that you find a woman who would let you do that then get your designation. In order to receive this designation you will need to urinate on her. That is where i drew the line and only achieve the two above. Now i was thinking why not change to make it more tasteful.

Instead of peeing why not have you make her climax? I think that’s a better way of seeing it instead of the other way.

and that’s it these are three wings that a man should have already under your belt. If you do not have any of these wings then i suggest that you get cracking on achieving these. You could do this all at the same time with your woman if shes into that.

LOL its a great conversation starter!

So get your dam wings bro and join the pack!

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