Top 5 Gun Myths The Government Uses To Scare People

Top 5 gun myths the government uses to scare people. I came across this post while surfing through the blogs i like to read. This post spoke about how the government uses these gun myths to scare people.

The government loves to promote scare tactics on the sheeple every chance they get! They want us to give away all of our power so that they can do what they wish and not have to worry about the repercussions.

Here are the top 5 gun myths the government uses to scare people according to Mike Adams:

  • Gun Myth#1: You can buy automatic weapons at any gun shop. You cannot buy an automatic weapon at any gun shop. according to Mike Adams it is a very highly regulated and extremely expensive as well as difficult to acquire these days. I’m not a gun owner but i have been to gun shops with people who owned guns and i have not seen no type of military style type automatic weapons for sale. To even get one you will need the approval of government watchdogs like the A.T.F and if you ever dealt with them you will also know that it will take you a seriously long time to even get approved to own a automatic weapon
  • Gun Myth#2: You can buy guns online: I have been to these gun auctions online and they look some what like E-Bay in that people can either buy or auction off their weapons online. The thing is is that the gun does not go to the customer first but will be mailed to the nearest FFL license carrier. And still you will need to go through a background check as well as to fill out some documents mandated by law. All of these online gun auctions work this way so i could not understand why these anti-gun and the government itself is saying this blatant lie to the people.
  • Gun Myth#3: You don’t need a background check to buy guns: Bullshit!! I even know that you cannot get a gun legally without a through background check! The only way you can skirt around it is buying it in the street “HOT” as hell. No real Firearm Dealer is going to risk going to jail as well as losing his license on someone he does not know. Besides the law will throw the book at you and the FFL license holder. Another myth these so called anti gun activists and governments like to point out
  • Gun Myth#4: You can easily buy “Assault” rifles in America: Another blatant lie! You cannot easily buy an Assault rifle anywhere without the person going through all types of interviews by gov officials, fill out lots of paperwork and the shelling out of a lot of money for both the weapon and the application fees you will need to pay. I think what they are talking about are the semi-automatic rifles that look like their military counterparts. To a person not familiar a semi-automatic rifle might look the same as a automatic rifle. In their minds they cannot tell the difference between the two. They are counting on the ignorance of the people to push this agenda. Another lie the MSM likes to push
  • Gun Myth#5: The Second Amendment is about hunting: These people have no bounds for the hypocrisy! They will make you want to believe that the second amendment is about hunting. When in reality the second amendment is about the right to bear arms as well as the right to form a militia to overthrow the gov when they become tyrannical. There is nothing there that says that it only has to do with hunting. Are people really this naive to believe that the second amendment has to do with hunting? Boy they are playing this shit to the hilt.

Yes folks this is the shit they are pandering to their constituents so that they can take away even more of our rights. Once they take the guns away from you they are going to turn around and use the same guns on you.

Be careful what you hear on the television and never take a politician at his or her word because in the end they are the ones who will profit from the loss of your rights.

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