Why Do You Want To Get A College Education?

Why do you want to get a college education? These days it is the cool thing to do to get a college education. While growing up you are told to go to school get good grades so that you can get into a great college and then the world will be your oyster!

That may have been true several years ago when there wasn’t many college educated people around in the job force. Back then a person with a college degree was able to secure a good job and no matter where he/she went they were able to find work.

Fast forward to the present and this rule does not fit the mold of today’s college student. People still believe that going to college will help you get a job and get paid. To be honest that is not necessary true and slowly but surely the youth are starting to notice. Some notice it early while the majority notice when they are out there in the corporate world. They tell you that going to college for four years is supposed to make you a better person. That my be true before and not know because of the thousands of graduates graduating from college with the same experience and qualifications.

When there are too many people doing the same thing the market will tend to get saturated when this happens the weight that the college degree will be quickly devalued. To a point that it will at most have the same worth as a high school diploma.

Do not count on the college faculty to help you in getting a job! Believe me the only jobs if they have any will most likely not pay very well. You ask yourself but i paid all this money i’m entitled to receive help from them. You can try and harass them and they will most likely will either not answer your call or they will give you the run around.

When i went to college they did not even teach me how to write up a resume. I remember being in class and listening to the professor now how to properly write a resume. I was surprised that most did not know how to write or even what a resume looked liked. They split us into a group and told us to come up with a resume. I literally had to step up and use a resume format i saw in one of those books that teaches you how to write resumes.

I grabbed a large piece of paper and marker and began setting up the resume. Introduction, Work Experience, etc. we continued to set up the work experience as i got everyone’s input we wrote it out and within 2 minutes we were done. We were one of the first ones to finish and handed it to the professor to hang up on the board and go over with the class.

At this time a career counselor walked in our class to listen in to what we were doing. By this time every groups resume was hanging in the front. The career counselor curious interrupted the class and asked what group wrote that resume and she pointed to the one we did. I being the leader of the group I raised my hand and acknowledge it was us.

She asked me how we were able to come up with a template like that? I told her that we took each other ideas and reworded and added them to the resume. The template and introduction was something i borrowed from a “How To” book on resumes. She continued that she liked the way the resume was setup and how everything was separated into sections and such.

That was the first and last class i had for resumes which i do not think was long enough because of the way i saw the other groups resumes they still needed to comprehend the concept.

They like to tell you that college prepares you for life but after that little event it really does not prepare you. If you want to be prepared you will need to do that on your own like i did. As soon as i graduated i hit the ground running looking for a job and got picked up within a month or so.

Check out the 35 shocking facts about getting a college education. Or check out this short video on how “For The Record: College is a Scam”

Also check out “The College Conspiracy”.There is also a great book which you can get from Amazon. The books name is called “Worthless” written by Aaron Clarey. In his book he breaks it down so that anyone who is thinking about whether or not you want to go to college.

Take a look at those links to help you make a decision on whether or not you want to waste your time in getting a college education.

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