Why Looking Rich Will Not Make You Rich

Why looking rich will not make you rich. Ah yes you see it every day out on the street people looking rich but are broke as fuck. I could never understand why people follow that mantra? Why waste your time looking rich when you with some hard work and an idea could actually help you become rich.

Back then I would wonder how those people always had nice clothes and nice cars. I wanted that so bad I tried to figure out what these people who were looking rich did to become rich. As time progressed though I noticed that the majority of those people who dressed to latest nines and pushed the stylish cars were up to their eyeballs in debt. Most did not have any money to even put gas in their car and if they did they lived in mommy’s house.

This looking rich trend has been infecting Americans for a long time due to the fact of having access to easy credit. They spend, spend, and spend to keep up appearances so that people can think that they are rich.

Looking rich can be an expensive investment since those fine luxury products that rich or wealthy folks can buy cost a lot of money. These same people are the ones that think their fancy one family home are investments when in reality they are a liability since it does not make you any real money.

They go on about life looking rich and living check by check and wonder why they have no money. They rotate their debt from one credit card to another, hoping that no one notices that they are broke and only are looking rich.

Folks this is not the way to live! Fuck credit! I take cash any day of the week. Credit is just a form of bondage that bankers like to wrap you with. And believe me they have a lot of people in this country wrapped up in debt.

Stop looking rich and be yourself! Stop being a Baller flashing the bling, bling when there is no paper in your pocket.

I always had cash in pocket! Why because I learned that living within your means will always keep money in your pocket. If you can’t afford it then you either do not buy it or you start saving for it. Unfortunately we have been accustomed to instant gratification. No one wants to wait everyone wants their desires fulfilled now. Why do you think you see these idiots spending hundreds of dollars on lottery tickets?

I you want to be rich you have to work for it! By that I do not mean working for someone else because you will definitely continue to look rich and not be rich! Learn to use your money wisely. Stop buying into the system because whether you heard or not many people are enjoying the decline just ask Aaron Clarey from Captain Capitalism.

Stop watching those bullshit MTV shows and the even more crappy reality shows. These shows are just a brain drain and emulating them will make you even more broke than you were before. You have to stop following trends that do not make you money. Money is a tool to be used to invest into things that will pay you back quickly so that you can have some money.

Looking rich is just a concept for broke asses to show off when in reality they do not have shit! This goes for both men and women.


7 thoughts on “Why Looking Rich Will Not Make You Rich

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  2. It’s a harsh lesson to learn when you’ve got a credit card in your pocket and when loans are so easily available to anyone at anytime. Thank God, I never went down that route. It’s a brilliant feeling to walk to the shops, go out to dinner, buy a new gadget and pay with my OWN money and not someone else’s.

    I mean, I’m not afraid to open my door when it knocks. Some people have to look out the window first to check that it’s not loan sharks coming to take their goods. Some people hope that their car is still parked in the same place because they owe money. Not a nice way to live mate. All my dosh belongs to me, fair and square.
    Rum Punch Drunk recently posted..The Smiling AssassinMy Profile

    1. I agree Rum too many people do not think about the coming storm until its on top of them. I have seen many people lose everything because they feel they were being rich on the outside but are in debt up to their eyeballs. I’m glad i never went down that path! Just like you everything i have i own straight out! Have a pint of guinness for me brother!!

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