Why Would I Care About Lance Armstrong?

Why Would I Care About Lance Amrstrong?
The start of the Tour De France

Why would I care about lance armstrong?  As most of you know or have heard that Lance Armstrong got busted for using performance enhancement drugs in order to win the Tour De France 7 years in a row. Everyone acts like they are so shocked about how he could do such a thing and why.

Why Would I Care About Lance Amrstrong?
Map of Tour

Come on people you have got to be serious! Are you really that fucking stupid? The Tour De France is a grueling bicycle race which consists of riding up and down long stretches of countryside as well as mountains. This race can make even those in their best shapes of their lives still come out exhausted. Even those that won the Tour De France before Lance Armstrong came on the scene did not win seven years in a row. I think those officials may have known about his doping, but never said anything about it since Lance Armstrong bought TV ratings to the race.

Why Would I Care About Lance Amrstrong?
Doping can make you a winner!

I knew that there was something fishy going on when I kept hearing how he continued to win that race. I remember telling myself that he is probably using some drug to make him perform better and sure enough my man was.

If he was smart he could have continued cycling if he planned right. He did not have to win 7 years in a row he could have won one year here two years there to throw people off. But no he did not do that because his pride had gotten the best of him. Probably in his mind he may have thought that no one would have found him out and may have actually believed that he was winning on his own merits. Sometimes pride and fame can destroy a man beyond repair.

Why Would I Care About Lance Amrstrong?
Endorsing doping it can make you win the Tour De France seven times in a row!

Now this event is all over the news like it is really important. Please what Lance did is not news! There are many athletes who use these performance enhancing drugs to up their game. In the sports field you are expected to win every time no matter what. After all this is what the sports industry is about. You want to get paid those big bucks and be famous then you better keep winning. Do whatever it takes to win!

Why Would I Care About Lance Amrstrong?
Dam I thought the officials would give me a pass

Now he was in Oprah looking defeated and depressed answering questions about why he did what he did. Now his upward rise to stardom ended with a thud as he hit the ground. The man has been stripped of everything and even the money that has been given to him from his sponsors he has to pay back. They are going to take him to the bank once they are finished with him.

It’s a shame that people would have to go to that length of using drugs to make their bodies perform better and think that they would not get caught. Don’t be surprised if there are more people coming out of the woodwork when it’s all said and done. Or finding Lance dead in a hotel let’s hope not



2 thoughts on “Why Would I Care About Lance Armstrong?

  1. I don’t really care about these professional athletes doping up. Hell, let them all do it so it will level the playing field.

    1. Yeah i could not agree with you more! Society makes such a big deal about Athletes i mean come on this guy won the Tour De France back to back and no one noticed why? Its stupid!

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