Wise Men Are a Danger To Society

Wise men are a danger to society! Its a saying that ringed true back then and still rings now.

Wise men always could see through the bullshit other people throw at them. Wise men tend to be the ones that can bring up a civilization to the highest plateaus. Wise men can also collapse civilization right into its foundation.

Through out history you learn that those people who have some intelligence are the first ones to see the barrel of the gun. Dictators cannot have people who can think for themselves because too many of these people can bring down their power.

Wise men do not need a gun to push their ideas unlike the rest of us. Their weapons are words and the occasional pen and paper.

There was a time in my life when i thought wise men no longer existed since we are beaten down by the system to follow and not lead or better yet think for yourself!

There are many wise men here in the Manosphere! Wise men who are taking the sword of knowledge and cutting a hole through the veil of ignorance.

Wise men like Bill Powell from Apocalypse Cometh, Aaron Clarey from Captain Capitalism, Victor Pride from Bold and Determined, Matt Forney from Matt Forney and Doctor Illusion from Illusion sanity.

These are only but a few of the hundreds of wise men who are standing up and moving forward! We need more wise men like these to teach these young men how to live and be men.

These wise men are letting all of us see the truth! The truth which has been hidden from us until now.

Wise men have the power of intellect! And this is why wise man is a danger to society.

Are you a wise man? Then speak your mind and prepare to be enlightened!


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