You Cannot Change the Laws Of Nature!

You cannot change the laws of nature! No matter what you do nature will always prevail! If that is true then why do we bother trying to change them? Why go and waste productive time which could be used up in pursuing more lofty goals.

You cannot change thousands of years of evolution by writing laws that try to change certain aspects of nature. By this I’m talking about Feminism! Feminists or shall i say the majority of modern women today think that they can reverse the roles that nature has given them.

The reason I ask this question is because last night i was going through my favorite blogs and i came across this post from Illusion of Sanity.

In his post he explains how one of his female co-workers was bitching about how there are no good men to have a meaningful relationship with and she could not understand why?

Illusion explained to her that the reason is that she was too independent. The female of course flipped out because Illusion went and presented her with the real reason. Of course she did not want to have believe it and instead began the “male bashing” event which was directed at Illusion.

If you want to read the article you can read it here. Also take the time to read his blog! He has a lot good insights and ideas on how to be a man. Its a great blog and suggest you check it out.

This woman has been lead to believe all her life that she “Doesn’t need a man!” but yet she is complaining to the men in the office on how there are no real men anymore. That saying is so worn out that when women say it no one pays attention to it anymore. Especially men!

In her mind she thinks that being independent is what will help them to be equals to men. To have them work next to men to be treated as one of the guys! Unfortunately a woman can never be a mans equal. The laws of Nature itself has made that true.

You see in order for a woman to be a mans equal she would need to be stronger, analytical be ready at the drop of a hat to protect those he loves without breaking down emotionally like a woman would. And work in physically demanding jobs which they do not want. So if they want equality then you will need to prove you can hang!

The laws of Nature has made us opposites so that we can learn to work together as a union to gather food, protect, raise children etc. If Nature wanted to make one sex rather than two wouldn’t you think that Nature would have done that already?

The Laws of Nature of men and women has been around since man’s arrival! Evolution has made us and turned us to fit a certain role. Everything in nature has a role to fill why do we think that we are different that we are not part of this world. It has been like this up until several years ago when the feminist movement began pestering about women’s liberation. And the only reason they are who they are today was because we allowed it. Because we wanted to give them a taste of a mans world and they liked the power.

Fast forward into the present and here we are lost! Society has become so feminized that they are the ones calling the shots. Say something stupid by mistake at one of them at work or any where. Your ass will be shown the door and yet we try to protect them because it is what we were taught by society. All these white knights jockeying to save the damsel in distress! And the reason why these beta dogs are doing this is to get brownie points and maybe get laid.

But we are coming back little by little step by step we are realizing that we have been hoodwinked for a very long time and are very angry about it. Angry at how other men would sell out their brothers because society deemed it for the woman to be protected. Women have to realize that in order to get a man to accept you you will have to work with him and not against him. The sooner women realize that the better it will be for both sexes.

Stop trying to be selfish and live in harmony with nature.

So fellas we need to start getting it right and go back to the way nature intended for us to live. To live in peace with a woman who not only has your back but that instead works with her man and builds a common union. In the end you cannot change the laws of nature!

Check out Illusion’s site you will like what this young man has to say!


12 thoughts on “You Cannot Change the Laws Of Nature!

  1. I really, truly and deeply feel sorry for the pitiful, conscious, afraid little being you seem to be.

    I can only hope that one day you stumble upon a woman that you really like, and that she kicks the shit out of your tiny useless balls (which could actually make you “howl like a wolf” for a reason) for saying this disgusting stuff out loud and not at once be ashamed of yourself.

    1. So I’m a pitiful, conscious, afraid little being with tiny useless balls? The person who needs to be ashamed of themselves is you for thinking you have the right to degrade me on this comment. First of all this is my blog and i will write what i want and if it offends you then that’s too bad.

      I’m not going to apologize for what i said in the article if that’s what you want me to do. I have only stated the obvious that you or me or anyone for that matter cannot change nature’s laws. We all have roles to play in nature and changing it will create a world that is unstable much like today.

      You said that i should be ashamed of myself for saying these disgusting things out loud? Never once have i said anything disgusting in this article about anyone or any group. I just stated my views on the matter and that is it no more no less.

      Well Olympia as you can see i have not resorted to the tactics you yourself have and i really enjoyed your comment as it shows that people are reading and responding to my postings.

      I look forward in reading your comments again! Thank you for your response and have a good night! Howling like the wolf right now!!! :)

  2. As a woman who is analytical, strong and has gone all out to protect the ones she loves (and is willing to do so again) with nary a tear, I am pleased to know many strong, smart and protective men willing go through life as my equal. We even get laid fairly regularly. And we know how to use proper grammar, punctuation and spelling.

    1. I was only writing about what i have seen out there in the real world and nothing more. But the reality is that no woman can be a mans equal its not possible. Sure there are laws out there that gives women certain rights so that women can at least feel that they are equal to men. But in reality these laws cannot change the way nature has made us. I’m not saying that you should bow down to men and be a slave all I’m saying is stop trying to be like men.

      I’m glad you getting your groove on but is that really something you should be saying? It’s not really lady like is it?

      Then you go and attack my grammar but that’s okay because at least my message has gotten across!

      Well red i do hope you comment again i will look forward in reading your comment! Have a good night! :)

      1. Jose, it never ceases to amaze me how so many people put so much emphasis on grammar and spelling yet fail to realize that the most important thing is to understand what someone is saying. I personally think you write quite well.
        And I couldn’t agree with Illusion more when he said that the reason she could not find a meaningful relationship with a man because she was too INDEPENDENT.
        I don’t even need to read the article and I bet I could write it virtually verbatim.
        I could cite many examples, but I’ll choose just one. I know of this lady (who I avoid like the plague) that constantly complains about how horrible men are and how they are the root of all evil. I mean she incessantly nags about guys and I tried to tell her that we are not all assholes and that she was the one making herself miserable by judging us all by one bad guy she had a relationship with. After awhile I stopped trying to put some common sense in her head because I came to realize that she didn’t want to know the truth because, let’s face it, the truth fucking hurts! Sigh…I think she would be better off if someone put her out of her misery.
        And another point I would like to make. My grandparents (both sides of the family) got married and STAYED married to the bitter end. Both my grandmothers allowed my grandfathers to dominate them and they loved it. They had a very healthy relationship in which the man of the house brought home the bacon while the woman of the house cooked and cleaned. When their children stepped out of line they got the crap beat out of them. They didn’t step out of line anymore! Hell, even when I was growing up if I misbehaved I got the switch or belt to my ass and guess what? I didn’t repeat my stupidity! Try showing your children tough love nowadays and they will lock your ass up! Fucked up, huh?
        Children lack discipline nowadays and people try to blame it on everything under the sun but never mention the real source of the problem: the shitty parents they have. How can one expect a child to behave in a civilized manner if their parents are not doing their job???

        1. Bob i agree with your comment! There are a lot of women who for a lack of better word “Hate” men. They want to dominate us for some reason which i could never figure out why. Which is why i wrote that post! Yeah i got some hate but that is expected when a person tells the truth! I grew up with parents where Dad worked and Mom stayed home and took care of us. And yes whenever we got out of line we got our asses beat and we never did that again. They have been married for about 40 years and still going! That is something that unfortunately will not happen as much when we get older.

          Women just need to stop acting crazy and start thinking how these other Feminists tend to spread their poison around to other women and messing up their minds! This generation there are going to be a lot of lonely women because they are so confused! Patriarchy although not perfect will remain because “WE” not “They” built this society and without “We” society will die because Women will not be able to handle the stress!

          Great Comment Bob!!!

  3. I totally agree. Finally, some common sense from the men of the world! I would totally love to go back to the days where I would be in charge of most decisions of the tribe, hold on to the most sacred knowledge, be feared and respected for my power and wisdom, and get to have as many sexual partners as I want!

    Because I’m a woman, and for the last 2 million years (minus a little blip of 8-10 000 years) that’s how humans lived.

    Most scholars now believe that human society was matriarchal for about the last 2 million years. Patriarchy DID NOT EXIST until 10 000 years ago at the very earliest.

    Are you saying that the ‘natural roles’ of humans would be the ones were only used in parts of Europe and Asia, and only for a fraction of our history? You know, the whole Man So Strong and Woman So Emotional.

    What about cultures that still live in the (actually) natural, matriarchal way, like Native North Americans or the Aboriginals of Australia? Are they just kidding themselves, or do you figure that space aliens brainwashed them into ‘forgetting’ the ‘natural laws’ of male dominance?

    Maybe it was those gosh darn liberals. I hear they’re the worst.

    Side-note: Person A wants to have a loving relationship with another human. Person B wants to dominate another human, objectify them, degrade them, belittle them, and call it fair.

    Who is being selfish, exactly?

    1. Dear woman, all “great” civilizations have been patriarchal in nature…What has proven, is that men create civilizations, by directing other men & controlling weak men & controlling the females(it’s most vital resource)..
      Nothing was brought upon man; man is following his natural inclinations and doing what man does, exploit, dominate, control. If not for this, civilization as we know it would have never been possible.

      “What about cultures that still live in the (actually) natural, matriarchal way, like Native North Americans or the Aboriginals of Australia? Are they just kidding themselves, or do you figure that space aliens brainwashed them into ‘forgetting’ the ‘natural laws’ of male dominance?”

      All those matriarchal societies were dirty stagnant shitholes. All revolutionary thought, be it science/art/philosophy occurred in patriarchal societies. Male dominance is a direct product of primordial forces and environmental conditioning. Male dominance,competition/aggression is what resulted in the conditions which enabled females to be integrated within the system as “productive” members in the first place.

      Kindly get a clue ,Woman

      1. Amen brother! I almost fell out of the chair laughing when I read:

        All those matriarchal societies were dirty stagnant shitholes.

        Pure gold!

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