Why Its Important that Men Stop Complaining And Start Doing!

You hear it all the time in the Manosphere the constant complaints of men on how their lives are ruined because of how the world is only made for the women.

At first I have to admit that I agree with a lot of what the men were saying in the Manosphere. But as time continued and I to this day float around the Manosphere and still continue to hear the anger of men.

I understand that you feel that you are help up against the wall. I know you see a dark future ahead of you and you feel that you are being left behind.

If that is the case then why not push back? Why not come together as one group?

The world today is the way it is because we have allowed ourselves to give up! To give control to others who do not have our best interests in mind.

They have used you, berated you etc. and yet all you can do is hold your hands up and scream

“Why Me!”

I was talking to my friend Mitch Sturges about this several months back. He was telling me how what we are doing in this part of the internet is not gaining any traction! Yes the movement is small still and its underground for now.

But as time passes I believe that little by little men of all ages, races and cultures will come across the Manosphere and read articles from great blogs and be inspired!

Even if you do not ever hear about the Manosphere, at least realize that you could change your life for the better! You have to fight for it! I don’t mean physical confrontation but fight with your mind!

Use your intelligence to form political groups and change the way modern society is governed. Sure it will not be an overnight success but as time passes more and more people will be behind the cause. The world needs to change and it will take men like yourselves to achieve it.

Forget sitting on the bleachers and watching the game, now its time for all of us to jump in and become the game.

Since the early days of humanity men have shaped Humanity and the world into what it is today! Unfortunately we have allowed ourselves to be distracted.

I remember telling Mitch that he should never stop writing! That he should continue to tell others about his life experiences and to bring out the issues that matter to men.

Yeah I know at times its a hard road when it seems that the world is not changing but in reality the world changes in little steps and not drastic steps.

You need to become a stronger man and get in the game! Build something for yourself! Carve out your little empire in this world! Like I said sitting and complaining will get you nowhere.

I’m going to tell you how to get out of that rut you are in now!

First got your computer open up Google and on the search bar type “Manosphere” and visit the blogs that represent the Manosphere. I will guarantee you that once you read a few articles from great Manosphere blogs you will become inspired! You will get that fire of Action back into your gut.

Second find yourself a trade! Or better yet start a business of your own!

Don’t worry about those who want to hate in the end they will be left behind as you progress up ward!

Your goal is to accomplish a great life! A life in which will inspire other to do the same.

If more young men realize this then Manliness will come back in vogue! Women will be lining up to be with a man who has prospects!

But none of this will happen if you want to live a life of leisure and video games. You have to swim to the ship of opportunity because the boat never comes to port!

Bring yourself out of that dark dismal shell you are in and live the life a man is supposed to live.

That is the only way you will ever make a difference

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8 Strategies On How To Get A Job After College!

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The only book you will need to get the most out of your college education

Hello there my friend and congratulations on deciding to go to College. During this time you will spend your time loving life and your freedom. Learning about life and your field of study. But before you pack your bags and go forth into the future and your life there will be a few things that you will need to do before you go forth and wander the Halls of Education.

You see there are a lot of things that you should prepare yourself before you start off on your journey! Things that will sneak up on you if you are not careful and it will cost you much time and money!

You see I too went to college just like you the only difference between me and you is that I knew what to expect before I went ahead and got my degree. Like most people we think that because we have a college degree that the jobs will come flying in! That once you get hired you will be making six figures and all of that nonsense those advisers have been telling you.

So since they are not going to tell you what you need to know I’m going to go ahead and tell you what you need to do and how I was able to find a job quickly.

I’m not going to bullshit you and tell you that the economy is great and all that because its not. You guys are going to hustle really hard to get a job after college these days!

During your school years you will hear many positive things that will happen once you are out in the world earning a living and how all of the doors will open to you and how all you have to do is show up!

It is not how the real world works! Showing up will never ever be enough for you to get a job after college. You will have to compete with many other people out there competing for the same position as you.

How are you going to stand out from the crowd?

Let me show you how!

1. Read The Book “Worthless” Written By Aaron Clarey:

My fellow future College Graduate if you need information on how it really is going to be when you are in college then you need to read “Worthless” written by Aaron Clarey. This book is like a guide book on what you need to be aware of before you decide to go to College. In it you will read about the tactics that college advisers use to make you sign. The tricks and tactics to make you believe in the nonsense and let me tell you these college advisers are really good at selling. You will learn how to figure out financial aid and whether or not it will be worth the time to sign your name on the dotted line.

And of course he also goes on to tell you how if you want to get a job after college that you will need to go in a field of study that is in demand today. Yes too many of you are looking for a easy ride and not do too much work in getting a degree. The problem with that is that there will be a whole lot of people with the same degree trying to get a job in an already not demanding field.

Why spend thousands of dollars needlessly? Why not invest in “Worthless” and learn the truth.

2. Getting A Degree In A Field That Is In Demand:

You may have a degree in hand and are ready to get a job after college you find out months after that you are still jobless and broke. You ask your self why this is happening since they told you that all you needed to do is show up. No the reason why no one is knocking at your door is because you got a degree in a field that is not in demand. If you care for your education and look at it as an investment then you need to do your homework and research what fields are in demand.

Due your research and use Google like you are supposed to use it and research. When your degree is in demand you will get hired more quickly rather than another person with a plain degree in a field that is not in demand.

Also you need to realize that there is a huge college degree saturation that unless your degree is in demand you will lose all of your negotiating power since there thousands of other people with the same degree.

Why spend all of that money in loans only to find out that you cannot even get a job anywhere and even if you do yo will still be making practically nothing! Why do that?

Once you decide what field you decide to go in that is in demand the next step is this!

3. Learn To Write Up A Resume:

I began to learn how to write resumes when I was a junior in high school. They actually taught us how to write one up and what you should add to it as well as writing cover letters. I knew how to write up resumes once I got into college.

One time I was in a class and the professor wanted us students to write up a resume and I noticed something funny? Most of the people in the class did not know how to write up a resume! A RESUME! Something that should be the first thing to be taught to all students who go to college or university. They split us into groups and handed us a piece of paper. I looked at the paper waiting for someone to take charge of the group and get this going instead all I say was some dumb founded faces.

So I went ahead and took charge of the group and with a pen in hand I began to draw up a simple resume template. I made the “OBJECTIVE” box and then the “EDUCATION” box and then the “WORK HISTORY” box. I let the others add to the skills as i did not want them to feel left out. It took us ten minutes to draw up a resume from a rough draft to a nice and polished resume!

The professor called on each group and each group showed what they have done.

They were horrible! They looked like the resume was all over the place! I mean come on! We are in college how do you think this is a good resume? It was our turn I stood up and showed our resume and the professor was impressed! She asked me how did you do that?? How were you able to build that up?

I told her that I learned how to build and write up a resume by reading books on how to write a resume.

You have to read some books on how to write up resumes! If you are not a book reader that is not a problem as you have the internet to help you how to create one.

4. Using The Online Job Boards:

After a few years you get that degree and are ready with resume in hand to find work! But where do you do and find work? Before you had to check the newspaper job classifieds and hope that you could get a job from that. Now a days its extremely easy for anyone to look for a job as all you have to do is look towards your computer and place your resume on the job boards.

There are many Online job Boards out there for anyone to use! The main ones that i use mostly are:

1. Monster.com

2.Career builder.com

3. Dice.com

4. Indeed.com ( this is more like a Google search engine as Indeed collects all available jobs positions and show you whats available by just typing a keyword)

Job Boards should be the first thing you should use once you graduated college and are looking to get a job after college. My advice is that before you even graduate you should already have an account with each of these Job Boards as well as you resume. you never know when some Hiring Manager may come along and see your resume and likes what he see and calls you! You have nothing to lose by doing this.

Also while you are doing the Job Boards you should go ahead and check out the classifieds in Craigslist and Back Page. These classifieds are constantly updated practically everyday! You might get lucky there as well.

 5. Networking:

This is the time when everyone is connect to Social Media! Unfortunately the majority of the people who use Social Media have no clue on how to use it. The enormous advantage that young people have today can put them head by leaps and bounds from others a few years back. Social Media can help you keep in touch with friends and family if that is the case then why not start some networking and begin to meet people who are in your field?

Why not hit up some friends, or college friends and ask them of they can help you get a job. Tell them that you are looking for a new job and if they hear anything to let you know. Cover all of your angles!

6. Use Temp Agencies As A Stepping Stone:

When I first got a job after college I got picked up by a Temp Agency and was quickly put to work in field. This was a great opportunity for me at the time because that was the beginning of my work history. They usually will hire you on the spot if they need some who has a certain skill they are looking for their client.

They will contract you out to other corporations who need a person with a specific skill set. Temp Agency pay is not bad as you will not be making mininum wage which is good for a single person. The only thing the sucks is that most agencies do not provide Medical nor Dental Insurance and that is not a good deal if you are a person with a family.

And while you are in the Temp Agency you will be working in your field gaining the experience you need so that you can move on to bigger and better things and maybe get yourself some Head Hunters

7. Head Hunters Are Not Evil!

Head Hunters have a bad rap in the work world as most people never really have any luck with them or are not happy with their speed of service. But let me tell you they are important which is why its a booming business! These guys have connections with great companies and if you have the right skills it can get you in for a interview. I have used Head Hunters from time to time and I was always called to go and interviewed for a position in your field.

But you will get a ton of calls once you put your resume on the job boards. You will get calls from them wanting to meet with you and you should meet with them as you have nothing else to do at least they might have some client who is looking for a person with your skill set. You see if I’m not mistaken they make a commission each time they get someone a job!

Always keep their number on your cell and become familiar with the Head Hunter that is dealing with you. He or She is your ally and they are their to help you! So use them!

8. Your Updated Resume:

My friend even if you use all of these tactics and strategies you still have to keep you resume up to date and floating around in the internet. Always be ready to jump ship the minute you see another opportunity pop up or the you have grown tired of the position. An update resume will help you from wasting time as you will have no reason to do some last minute updating!

In Conclusion:

These days having a degree is not enough! You have to get out there and hustle hard to get that job as the working world its every man for themselves and you have to be ready at all times for the day you get fired or let go!

Stop laying around hoping for a job you gotta go out there and get it!

Do you have other tactics and strategies to get a job? Why not let us know and help us out by commenting below

Who Are You Really?

On a snowy Saturday morning I was online reading emails as well as working since I’m on-call this week which sucks! Anyway while I was checking my Gmail I saw that Mike has written a new post which has made me think about how the majority of people never really stop to think “Who Are You?”. Why are you in this world? What are the goals you need to fulfill in your life to live the life you always wanted to live!

After I read his post I felt that I needed to comment and so I did and it was a long comment as I felt that that post resonated with me. Why did it resonate with me because I have been trying to figure out the Who Are You? question for a long time! My quest in looking for the answer of the Who Are You? question has taken me and life through numerous failures as well as many successes. Its true that you will not achieve anything meaningful in life if you just sit there and hope that Lady Destiny will give you what you need. But Lady Destiny is easily distracted and there are many other people vying for her attention as they wave and yell.

Waving and yelling above everyone is not how you can change your destiny! You will need to approach Lady Destiny and tug on her dress just like a child who wants their Mothers attention. This means that you have to make the first move if you want your life to be better and full of positivity.
As easy as it sounds there are still many people out there who live their lives unfulfilled whose life is in shambles and do nothing to change it for the better. To be honest although I will probably get hate comments but Money is not the end be all in life. How many people have I not known who are wealthy and still take medications so that they can get through a regular day? I’m sure you know many people like that just like I do.

To find the answer of “Who Are You?” you will need to grab a shovel and dig deep into your inner soul! On the way you recover old scars of events that you chose to forget or never let go. You continue to dig past your failures and your successes and deeper and deeper you go. You will begin to wonder if the question of “Who Are You?” is really worth it. I’m here to tell you that it is worth it and you should keep digging until you find it! It may take a day or years like me!

I know for me since I have first began finding the answer of the “Who Are You?” question I was extremely naïve of the world around me. It was not until one day I woke up to a beautiful day and my inner voice asked me that question “Who Are You?”. To me that question at first made no sense as I did not know where to begin! But as time moved forth that question became clearer and clearer to me. Then at that time I had to begin the momentous work laid out in front of me.

Why am I here?

Can I change my life to the way I want it to be?

How long will it take for me to reach my happiness?

Is there any meaning to this and why we are here today?

What is my life goal?

Those were the questions I have asked myself for a very long time. But since then I have figured out something and that is that you and only you can change your life! Life is malleable and you can bend it and stretch it every which way you feel but first you have to learn to use your mallet and bang out your boundaries! Which is why I mean that life is malleable as it can be stretched and formed to the way you want your life to be. Unfortunately though changing your life for the better requires the person to want to change! You see past conditioning will make you believe that the life you are living right now is the life you deserve.

They will make you believe that sitting around and hoping for something to happen will happen! I’m writing to tell you that is all a bunch of hokey! You do not have to accept the life you have been given! You can take the life you have been given and make it better than it was before! No one has taught you that because they either are ignorant of it or they do not want you to become intelligent enough to figure it out.

Life is like a large tree that has many branches pushing out. Each branch is an opportunity that can change your life for the better or worse but each time you can change the outcome if you only take the time to see it in your mind then do it! For example when you are in school they tell you that you that when you finish secondary school that your next approach is going to college. Most people never questioned the path as if Life is just a long highway with no exits to better opportunities.

I remember thinking about that when I was younger and wondering why do they push college so much? Everyone is different and yet the powers that be all want us to fit into a certain mold they think is better for you!

In reality though not everyone will fit that mold! As I figured out myself that they were just pushing an agenda that will only benefit them and not you. While finding myself I saw through the façade that most of my peers did not see. I even was called out on it when my so-called Guidance Counselor ripped me a new one and reminded me of how going to college and getting a degree is important and why going to the military was as stupid move. From her conditioned point of view my choice went against the grain from what everyone else was doing and irritated her to no end! Why was she so against me doing my own thing? It is because I chose to do my own thing at an early age of 17 years. A time where most of my peers were led around like cattle in the school system.

I’m sure there are a lot of people who think the same way as me. That life is neither black nor white but more of a grey as both the black and the white never really define themselves only mix with one another.

So I’m going to try to answer the question “Who Are You?”

I’m a man who is constantly wondering on how to make my life better as well as to be a better man to myself and to those around me. I’m a free thinker who tends to sit in the dark and ponders ideas and thoughts that came to me or have read somewhere and try to fit them in my life. I’m a family man who will do anything for my kin including even to give my life if need be. Fear is a constant enemy as throughout my whole life we are at War with one another. My love is well hidden from the spears of others who tend to do me harm, only a lucky few have really experienced the real me. I’m a man who will help those who need help. I’m a man who at times feels alone in the world even though I have people who love me at times that loneliness tends to creep in. My emotions run me ragged as one minute I feel wonderful then feel like crap the next!

At times letting my aggression out on people when they themselves had nothing to do with it. I tend to dwell on negative things that has happened in the past though I feel that I have moved on it still creeps back into my mind. I’m a man who believes that there is a higher being that is above us and I speak to him every night! I’m a man who believes that institutions like Religion, Education etc are there to not help you but to divide you from your true life. I’m a man who believes that everyone should get a second chance and a second chance only anymore than that then you are weak.

I can go on and on and these are the things that I have learned over the years just by observing and reading.

Life is a wonderful thing as I continue to learn from others on how to live a good life and at 43 I’m still learning and I assume will continue to learn until the day comes when it is time for me to leave. Always question everything and find out the real answers for yourself. Life is not one sided but has many sides which is why you need to look at yourself and the world around you and ask yourself “Who Are You?”

If you want to read the post that Mike wrote in his blog Danger and Play you can click here!

Who are you really? Do you know? If so please comment below and let me know!

Why It Is Incredibly Fantastic To Create But Suicidal And Boring To Consume.

Today I just finished building a large dresser for my wife whose older dresser was going on its last days. So off the store I went and bought one for her and then began the laborious work of building that dresser.

At first I was a bit overwhelmed being that there were so many screws, bolts and nuts to make anyone run for their lives!

The first thing I did was to grab the instruction manual and started off on page one and went from there. At first there was nothing but parts and screws but as time went on it began to take form.

Once I noticed that it was coming to form the feeling of dread changed to more of a sense of accomplishment.

It brought me back to the days when I helped my Dad (at times forcefully) he taught me how to use tools like a Hammer, Drill, Screwdriver, Sander and many others. Back then I hated helping him when I was younger as I thought the work was boring but little did I know back then that it is not.

Building that Dresser was not hard for me and i assume for others as well still the sense of accomplishment made me proud of what I was able to build.

These days many people do not even know how to use a Hammer or Screwdriver. I know many people who would rather wait for hours until a Tow Truck shows up to change their flat tire. Something they could themselves but never learned or just are too lazy to do it.

Still every time I look at it I get happy as its a piece of furniture with a story and not some plain old furniture.

Accomplishment for me is like a drug and it makes me want to do more because its like a high. Too many of us give up too quickly rather than jumping in getting your hands dirty and accomplishing a goal. They would much rather have some one else do it for them.

A consumer is a person who consumes continually buying the latest gadget and if it breaks down instead of fixing it they just throw it away and buy another. These Corporations know this which is why the majority if not all of the products we use is built so that is could break down in a certain amount of time.

A creator is a person who creates things, build things and the like. Another person would look at the Dresser and not give it a thought on who build it. But when I look at it I can tell what screw went where and why so that plain piece of furniture has story.

In my parents house everything that was done by my Father, me and my brothers. Every nail, every pipe and Electrical lines all built by us. So when the time came for my Parents to sell the house I felt an attachment to it. The memories of growing up there as well as fixing it with my Dad made me extremely sad that they had to sell it.

Now the house belongs to someone else and they have changed the look of it as well as I tend to drive by every now and then.

When you accomplish something your day will seem as if it were not wasted. I built something and accomplished rather than spending the day wasting time watching the TV.

If you are bored why not find something you can do. Build a dresser, fix that leaky pipe in the bathroom or better yet clean that cluttered garage so you can park your car back in there again. Don’t be a Consumer and put off that work for another day or worse yet pay someone to do it. Why waste your money on someone to do it when you can do it yourself!

Building, accomplishing is a part of what being a man is all about!

Start accomplishing and it will make you feel better!

How I Fried My Brain Everyday!

How is your day going so far?

I hope that your day is going well today as for me, my day have been crazy! Preventing users from jumping out of the windows while at the same time fixing their computer issues requires a delicate balance of people skills and Psychology

The type of balance you only learn by going through hours and hours of practice. Although the very first time your brain will be completely overwhelmed.

When people figure out that you provide value they will constantly be looking for you when the shit hits the fan!

When that happens you will all of a sudden find yourself to be the all knowing Guru.

The person with all the knowledge at your finger tips. At least that is what they think but in reality for me its more of a guessing game of what works and what does not work. Then once the solution is found or not the hard part of finding the right layman terms to explain to them why it happened takes a delicate precision of word play and misdirection

When you are a person that thinks fast of their feet like I do then you will quickly realize that Google becomes your best friend in this situation. You know sometimes you have to give the Brain some rest.

Whenever there is a problem I don’t understand Google is always there to give me a hand!

I’m on the phone so much everyday that I would put Obama to shame. Working in my field you will quickly notice that there are a lot of people who are lazy or refuse to adapt to their surroundings.

To that I mean that they want to continue to work the same way they have been working for years, even if you show them a better way a more cost effective way that can cut their work time in half they still would refuse to use it. They would much rather be Robots repeating the same steps over and over again.

No one ever told me that providing value is extremely stressful work.

I hired 3 other Techs to help calm the constant rush of calls, people coming to my desk asking for help. Still they will walk right by new guys and ask me for help!

Even if I tell them to ask the newbies if they need help they turn to me and tell me that I know how to fix the issue and they don’t! You fix it faster than they can!

By 5pm my brain is fried and no longer is working at its full potential. At this time my mind is wrapped in a foggy haze.

Then I go home!

that is a story for another time!

So tell me how’s your day today?

Why Your Dumbass Should Be Reading Books And Not TV!

Why Your Dumbass Should Be Reading Books And Not TV!

Have you noticed something strange going on with people today?

You see it everywhere and it’s not only affecting a certain sex or even certain social groups. No this event has affected much of everyone around us.

This issue is not new but has been around for a very, very long time and with technological advances it seems to be more and more visible now than before. But why! Why is this issue so profound these days?

With Smartphones and Tablets everywhere why do we still have stupid or even worse ignorant people running around these days. It’s like the further we become as a species to becoming more intelligent the more stupid we become.

With so much information out there to access with ease and yet we still go about our lives ignorant and stupid! You have people supporting politicians and political agendas that they themselves have no clue! They just follow because it’s the thing to do.

You have many younger adults willing to give up Freedom for a more mild version of Communism because they believe in equality of the people. Instead of following the latest trend or idea your Dumbass should be reading books and making up your own ideas and opinions.

Throughout my life I have read many different books from Mechanics to Politics and political ideas and opinions. Because of reading many books my view of life tends to be different than anyone else’s view. Because of this I tend to ask many questions and have learned to see ideas and opinions without getting emotional and angry with others.

When your Dumbass reads you will begin to see patterns. Things that you never noticed before start showing up as if you all of a sudden have become aware. You do not have to believe me as many other people who have read many books will say the same thing. The more you read the more profound those patterns become. At first you will try your hardest to convince people about what you have learned from reading a book or books only to find yourself being called a “Hack” or some kind of Conspiracy Theorist.

The other day me and my Wife were in the bedroom chilling watching some National Geographic a program called The Story Of God. Now I’m not much of a religious person and program showed how many different cultures tend to view God. Morgan Freeman travels around the world to see how and why cultures view God so differently. It was an interesting show and since it’s a miniseries the next episode will be on Sunday.

You know after I watched it I remember asking my Wife what she thought about it? She looked at me and told me that she has so many questions about what she saw. I told her that she should question it as its a sign of a thinking mind. She knew that but then she told that she remembers how those religious people would say that we should never question Gods Law. If God never wanted you to think and question things then he might as well left us as Apes and not make us into his image.

You have to question not just religion but everything else we Humans have. Those who do not question anything and just follow orders is no better than a Slave. When you read books you are exposed to many ideas. Ideas that no MSM would dare to talk about as it might so called offend the politically correct.

Life is in constant motion and there is no safe spot to just sit and rot! Your Brain was built to think and not stagnate.

Understand how money works, understand how corporations are formed, learn about the many religious or political ideas, learn about nature and the many things it can do for man. So many things you can learn! In life you should be constantly learning and exposing yourself to new ideas and opinions. You research it and see if you agree with them and if you don’t at least you will be able to defend yourself if the conversation comes up.

The most powerful weapon in the world is not a Gun or a Tank! But a book and a pen. Those two together have brought civilizations through great opportunities as well as destroy them. Still the power is so simple that we ignore it because it’s just a book and pen. My wife said to me once that I’m full of useless information. Yet she always comes and ask me about whatever and usually I’m able to answer them so that she could understand.

Reading to me is my fire! I enjoy it because I feel my mind is becoming more open to everything ore aware of my surroundings.

Why does History continue to repeat itself time and time again? Because the majority of the people are not fully read so they are doomed to constantly repeat the cycle over and over again.

No college degree can prepare you for your life unless you continue to self knowledge. In the end books are important back then and even now. Which is why your Dumbass should be reading books and not watching TV What do you think?

Self Acceptance: How To Make Your Life Much Easier To Live

Many people live their lives full of confusion and depression because their lives no matter what they do does not want to conform to the external cues of the modern civilization. Every day we are bombarded with advertisements on how we should look or be, what we need in our lives in order to be happy.

Everyday you hear it and see in the media as well as the Internet. We all want to be accepted by others so we tend to follow the herd. Many tend to conform but you? You wonder why you cannot fall in line.

A voice in your head tells you it’s wrong but you ignore it! Telling you that you are not supposed to live your life as if in a box! You are more than that! That voice in your head is telling you that you have to be yourself! You need to accept who you are. That’s your mind telling you that you need to accept yourself before your life can become easier to live.

Self acceptance is what you need to make your life easier to live.

When you have self acceptance those stresses you feel to constantly trying to fit in with everyone else will tend to disappear! Why because when you achieve self acceptance you will no longer give a flying fuck about what is the new thing everyone is doing today. When you achieve self acceptance you will start to live your life by your own rules and no one else’s!

This is a power idea for any person to have as it prevents the agents from controlling your mind and deciding for you. With self acceptance you will start asking questions because now you see reality and you notice why the shit is so fucked up that its only fair that you start asking questions that people cannot answer or feel uncomfortable to answer. External things no longer will be needed to fulfill your happiness you only have yourself to do that and you will find that you can only make yourself happy no BMW or whatever is going to make you happy.

So stop running mindlessly with the herd going in one direction and then switching directions as soon as the wind changes never really knowing or resting so that you cant think clearly. When you start thinking clearly you will see again what they pass for modernity these days is Bullshit!

When you get self acceptance you will quickly feel alone as those people who are around you will no longer seem to make sense to you. The problems and the drama they bring is enough for you to stop talking to them. That is how you make your life much easier to live than before. The many powers all individuals have that go unnoticed is sad.

*** The Idea Of Self-Acceptance: How To Make Your Life Much Easier To Live! Came From The Blog Of Oli Anderson.***

Those powers are weak only because you were not taught to use them. We all have those powers inside each and every single one of us. Your mind is the projection to your world. Take it from them! Don’t let those in power take it from you. You are not a child but a Man and as a Man we have to learn to live our lives the way we want to live. No more no less.

So allow yourself to accept yourself for who you are and not what someone else’s telling you how you should be!


The One And Simple Process Of Being Great!

You hear it and read it all the time whether on the Internet, print or media. You will hear people who are famous or important talk about being great and how to be great!

I know for me when I come across these individuals I tend to give them an ear, I listen intently so that hopefully I do not miss how they became great so I too can become great!

For many people greatness is an elusive animal! Much like a rare animal that only a few will see in their lifetimes.

So because of this most of us believe that to be great is something that some of us lucky ones are born with. You see them with their fancy cars and celebrity status they seem as if they are on top of the world! They make it look so damn easy that you could do it!

Well my friend I’m here to tell you that you too can be just like those who promote greatness. Yes you too have it really deep inside of you just dying to come out and show itself. The problem is that you have been conditioned all of your life to live much like everyone else. Just look around you!

Those who are great tend to walk to a different beat while everyone else just stays and follows the herds beat. You see those who are great have seen something you have not seen yet. That thing is that they followed their own path and along the way worked harder, dedicated themselves longer, compromise and sacrificed many things so that they can become great.

Let me tell you a story about how I became great!

Mind you I’m no big shot like some of those people who achieved greatness but I have my own version of greatness. When I was younger and just finished my stint in the armed services I came to the civilian world. The first thing I noticed was that the civilian world was and is a place where every man was for himself and it took time for me to realize this as my mentality was that of being in the military.

After a few months of interviewing I landed a job at a retail chain selling Electronic Equipment. Although the money was good the hours sucked and I hated it so much! I wanted more and I knew that I was not going to last there too long. To make a long story short I was let go over some petty shit.

At this time while I was looking for work I was talking to a family member of mine who told me that I should look into the Technology field. I thought about it and noticed how much change is happening all around me with computers and figured why not. The problem was that I was not very good at computers at all. The last time i worked with one was back in the 80’s when I had a Commodore 64 and i was not very good back then.

Still i went in head first and signed up at the nearest school to learn the trade.

It was hell!

I had no clue what they were talking about! I tried hard to understand what the professor was teaching about but it did not sink in as well as it did with my fellow students in class. I felt like an idiot to be honest and being the oldest in my class I felt like quitting, a lot of the students did quit or changed their major because it was hard. Me on the other hand I decided to learn this no matter how hopeless it may feel.

I worked harder and put in the time to learn. I even got Tutors to teach me and to explain to me how this computer thing worked. I was the verge of giving up and approached my Professor to tell her I was dropping out and she told me something that surprised me!

She told me that I was the hardest working student she ever had. I had failed tests and the like and yet I still showed up to class everyday to learn! You have a high threshold for pain as most students would have quit and moved to something else. You need to stay and finish this because you owe it to yourself! Even the other younger students can’t believe why you keep coming and a few of them are inspired by your commitment!

I was surprised by what she told me! It could have been Bullshit but still it was enough for me to stay and continue to trudge on till the end. And soon I was able to graduate with my Associates Degree and head out into the world to find my GREAT!

I hit that pavement hard and showed up to every interview I could get myself into. I was on my way to being great like those people who have achieved it. As time progressed and I went from one company to the next I began to notice something that I did not notice before. That being great is not something you have but something all of us can have by working as hard as you can.

You gotta want it really bad that you are willing to spend a your time learning it and I did! Every position I had I learned many things in the field. Even what I was reading in the computer books in college began to make sense to me. At that moment I realized I was on the right path where I needed to be.

Time passes to the present time and now my hard work has paid off as of now I went from being a worker to Management. Now I’m in charge of 4 guys and can operate without being watched over by higher ups. I can basically run the whole department as I got involved in everything that went on in the Department. My version of Cross Training!

Most people work their whole lives and never go as far as i did. I have become great!

Great like those people I admire and want to be. And guess what you to can become great just like did! How? By putting In the time and dedication.

Do you think Mike Cernovich or Victor Pride were great when they first started?

No probably not!

They became great because they put in the time, effort as well as hard work to get to where they are now! They did not just pop up out of nowhere. You have to believe that you are destined to do more than the Average Joe!

To become great is a process and that process is this!


That is all it takes to be great!

Now remember greatness does not come in one form but in many forms. There is no one way to view greatness but the process above is the process for you to become great.

The secret ingredient!

I can go around the Corporate office and have my fellow employees come to me to solve their issues even though there are others who could help them but they instead specifically come looking for me! In a way you can say I’m like a celebrity!

Stop being angry and depressed on how not great your life is. The best thing of life is that it’s not unbend-able but bendable. If you choose to become great change your view of your life. This is the very basic thing to do before using the How to become great equation I explained above.

If you need to understand how to change you can read about it online or invest on a book like Gorilla Mindset which can send you down the right path to being great! When you achieve greatness your life will never be the same. Your days that were once dark and dreary now are sunny and warm. Sunny days are always in my life!

Sure you will have your problems pop up from time to time but it will not be as overwhelming as before you were great! All of this is wonderful to have and feel on your life but in the end it will have to come from the one person that can make greatness come into their life and that my friend is you!

Stop messing around, hoping to be great and decide today to be great!

6 Insane And Scientific Ways To Look More Intelligent

If you notice especially on TV on how Journalists on CNN tend to wear glasses. How does it make them look? When they deliver the news do they tend to carry more authority in their delivery? Does it make them look intelligent?

I did not realize that until I came across this article! Once you read it you will learn the 6 insane and scientific way to look more intelligent without wasting years on reading books. I mean who has time to invest in being intelligent, when its easier to just look intelligent.

Remember reality is an illusion!

A Letter To A Donald Trump Hater!

As we all know that the elections are heating up something fierce and the American people are starting to come out in droves! These Donald Trump haters are calling him a Fascist a racist or what have you. Of the course the media cannot help to rev up the haters even more by putting their 2 cents in it.

I’m not much for Politicians as to me they have not helped me when I needed help instead they continue to take from me as well as everyone else who works for a living. So to me Donald Trump is not someone I would not like to be President but the truth to the matter is this even if the Donald Trump haters don’t want to believe it! And that’s that Trump will become President because of one very big reason.

It’s not about race, it’s not about religion but because the people are fed up and desperate for change any change. The American people are tired of the same bullshit sales pitch at every election and as time goes on more and more people are catching on to the illusion. The people are so desperate that they would vote for anyone they saw that spoke to them. The crazy thing is that it does not have to be Donald Trump! It could have been another person who saw what was coming and found the right time to jump in and stir some shit up!

The people are tired of the same bullshit and want answers and Donald Trump is more than willing to give it to them. Why? Because the man is a master promoter! If you hear him speak you would notice that when it comes to him, he is the best at everything he does.

In reality though Donald Trump hater we all know he is not. But the brother can Hustle when he needs to and is killing all of the other Politicians at their own game.

But Jose Donald Trump is a Fascist!

Yes I have heard this phrase time and time again. The Donald Trump is a modern version of Hitler or Mussolini and that he will destroy this country if elected!

First he is not a Fascist but some of his ideas are. Also when you Donald Trump hater compare him to Hitler and Mussolini it just shows that you do not know your History. First the two dictators were working for their cause even before they became dictators. They set up organizations and support groups who supported their cause. They spoke in rallies and exchanged ideas and opinions. They took the time to build supporters from the bottom up.

It was not until years later that both dictators took office and did what they did during their wrath. Donald Trump never worked in setting up groups, never worked his way up the political ladder like both Hitler and Mussolini and he definitely never did any political dirty work like fighting with Democrats out in the streets actually fighting.

His (Trump) followers are just people who are angry with the system and want change. Unfortunately these people are not organized and are all over the place. Trump is just a demigod and a shameless promoter. If you are a salesman then I should suggest you learn about what he is doing.

I would worry more about the person who built his or her support from the bottom up. A person who fought side by side with his supporters much like the two dictators Donald Trump haters like to compare him to. He will and is not going to be the strong man as even he has to answer to those with more power than he has.

Politics is a rich mans game!

Remember they are not going to throw it all way at the expense of their wealth. It would have to take someone who came from nothing and worked his way up that I would be worried about. Because a man or woman like that does not care about wealth but the destruction of the system and put himself as the top man. Donald Trump basically just planted the seeds of Fascism but he is not a Fascist.

I would worry more about the next President who would start the same game as Trump. The American people are not ready for Fascism or any type of authoritarian government. They basically had enough of the system taking advantage of them. Politicians should take note and change their pitch as many Americans are coming back to their senses, especially the young who are so angry and disenfranchised that they are willing to abandon the idea of Capitalism for Socialism!

If I were you Donald Trump hater I would not worry too much about Trump. First he is already a shoe in for President unless some illegal shenanigans happens in the elections that will prevent Trump from becoming President. Once he is in office I can guarantee you that both parties will make his 4 years extremely uneventful and uncomfortable. Believe me the Sharks are circling around him and he to will be eaten.

What you need to concentrate on Donald Trump hater is to solve this country’s current fiscal, economic and labor issues that are plaguing this country for many years. Stop jobs from going to other countries when that should be here. Give the young people access to education so that they can learn a trade and make a living!

Let’s have all social groups come together as one and put away their petty differences. Until these issues as well as others are solved then America will be great and not before. Learn what is going on and don’t jump on the bandwagon if you do not know where it’s going because you decided to follow others.

Find out about the issues look to history and base your decisions on that. Not because someone else heard this and that and it seemed true. Don’t be ignorant Donald Trump hater as he is just another wanna be savior who will just fuck you out of more money.

Such is the game of Politics!