A Letter To Donald Trump- Illegal Immigrants

Dear Donald,

I hope that when you find this letter that you are in good health as well as in good spirits!

Now that the formality has been said I would like to congratulate you on the genius of getting the attention of the distracted and bored masses and bringing them to your side by berating and insulting others including those in your party. Its quite entertaining really!

Let me ask you a question?

Are you really thinking to become the next President of the United States? Please don’t as we already have had 8 years misguided Politics from the now President and another 8 years before from the other President. Both shall remain nameless but seriously all that beating of your chest is going to bite you in the ass when and if you become President and someone is staring you down for a fight. What are you going to do? Send your Security to manhandle them like you sent Jorge Ramos?

Come on Donald!

I know you are smarter than that. Tell me what are the issues you are going to talk about other than Illegal Immigrants? Are you going to talk about the Economy? Health Care? Issues affecting the Youth of America? Or are you just going to ignore it like the rest of those Politicians.

Your constant talk about Illegal Immigrants remind me of someone who ran for President as well. You remember him as he was the Mayor of the great city of NY. Where all he spoke about was 911 and about Terrorism. Look where that got him in the end.

Absolutely no where.

It disgusts me when I hear you talk about Illegal Immigrants like you mean everyone who comes here Illegally but in reality I believe the words “Illegal Immigrants” is code words that really mean Hispanic. Not just Mexican but everyone that happens to speak Spanish.

I cannot speak for every Latino when I say that those negative pictures you portray of Latinos being Drug Dealers, Murderers and Rapists really bother me. Yes like every other group we have our Fuck Ups but still you cannot stereotype us like that. I worked very hard to get to where I’am right now. With no Public Assistance I came up the ranks from the inner city to become a respectable man in society.

illegal aliens, donald trump illegal aliens, joselromero.com, immigration, trump

Did you forget that Illegal Aliens are Vampires too?

I even served in the greatest military in the world and would have given my life for America if needed be. Would you do that? If your country needs you to fight a War would pick up a Gun and go? Or would you run up to your Ivory Tower and hide.

You ask any Latino who is in America would they give their lives for this great country I can guarantee you that the majority will be ready to fight. Our culture is full of Heroes who faced great odds and at times given their lives for a cause more greater than them. There was a time that Latinos helped then young America in fighting and supplying the Americans with weapons to fight against England. History will make you believe it was France that did everything in reality we were there as well.

Why build a wall just in Mexico? If you are worried about Illegal Immigrants what about Canada? You think that the only place for Illegal Immigrants to come to the US is through Mexico? Dont you think that Illegal Immigrants are coming into the US through Canada as well?

Which is why I think when you say Illegal Immigrants you do mean all Latinos.

Like I said I served this country, College Educated and now work a White Collar job and since my plan is still not finished maybe even a business? Who knows! So I do not deserve to be treated like a Monster when I’m not.

Did you know that there is a lot of Spanish influence in the US? Just look at the some of the states like Nevada, Colorado, California, Florida etc. Even we celebrate Columbus Day an Italian who discovered the New World with money from the Spanish Crown.

Latinos had their hand in helping the US get their footing in the beginning. Even the first Admiral of the Navy was a Latino as well. You may know him! His name was David Farragut.

What is the fear that Americans have about Latinos? Can you tell me?

Also the berating of Women is not a good thing these days with these Social Justice Warriors just waiting for the next “in” thing. You do not want those SJW’s come in uninvited to your party because they will make it extremely impossible for you. I can understand why you berate Women as sometimes some Women do deserve it.

If you become President what will you work on to make this country great again?

And now you got White Supremacist groups thinking you are their next Messiah they have been waiting for. Not only that you also have ax ex Klansman David Duke supporting you. Really??

The cracks are showing so go ahead and run your mouth so more as eventually the podium will crack under the weight of the poop you are talking about.

I really hope that you find this letter and you understand that not all Latinos are bad and we are here to become someone and to have our piece of the pie.

Well thank you for reading my letter and I hope this clears somethings. Also I wish you much success and tell your Wife I said “Hello”

Your Friend

Jose L Romero

Mindset + Lifestyle= Success


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We live in a world where we are constantly on the run, constantly distracted from living and enjoying our own lives.

We are set forth in a world that is full of questions and very little answers. A world where you are not allowed to see the world as you see it but as others tell you to see it. You are told how to live, what to eat, how to dress, live and buy everyday.

So much so that we all start to run on Auto Pilot rather than thinking for ourselves.

As we go living our lives on Auto Pilot getting in debt and becoming unhealthy we begin to realize and ask yourself this question?

Is this all that life has to offer?

Is my life a constant unhappiness that never gets filled? A dark Abyss of missed opportunities and progress?

You become depressed and head for the refrigerator grab a Beer and plop your Fat Ass on the couch and disappear while the TV invades your mind with constant food commercials and Reality Shows.

Why are you living like that?

Do you know that you can change your life for the better?

How? Well you see I used to be just like you. For many years I just wavered about like a Feather riding the breeze never really knowing where I was going. I never had a plan until recently.

But that all changed when I figured out this one little equation. An Equation that can change your life for the better once you put in the time.

I call it the Life Equation!

Mindset + Lifestyle= Success

That is it!

Simple isn’t it!

That little equation when properly used can change your life for the better! When you practice that mantra of Mindset + Lifestyle=Success slowly your life will become better. You will begin to see opportunities where once you saw none. Your days will be brighter and your mind will be more positive.

I will explain the equation Mindset + Lifestyle=Success by breaking it down by the world and how it all comes together in the end.

Lets begin with “Mindset”

This word alone will give you tremendous power once I explain what it is.

Having the proper Mindset can change the way you see the world. We are told that the world dictates how you live your life and not the other way around! I’m going to have to tell you that that is a lie! The world does not work that way it works on how we perceive the world around us. Our minds is what allows us to see what you want to see and feel.

The world promotes a Scarcity Mindset and not an Abundance Mindset. It is in their best interest to keep distracted and allowing yourself to be distracted by external things like Smart Phones, Gossip, Crime, etc. Try to question this and you will be mocked by SJW’s (Social Justice Warriors) whose main goal is to control everything that you are.

When you take control of your Mindset you will realize the power that you have. You will begin to change the way you see the world. You will begin to see all of the inconsistencies the float around the world today.

Better yet still! You will no longer be on Auto Pilot as your Mindset has made you aware of the world around you.

At first your eyes will burn as the Sun’s rays hit your eyes for the first time. Your days will become brighter and your problems will not be as problematic as they were before. You see you chose to change your world from the inside of you and not the way the world wants you to see it.

Once your grab on to your Mindset your life will take a positive tone for the better as your Mindset becomes and turns into an Abundance Mindset!

What is an Abundance Mindset?

Its the power of allowing positive thoughts in your mind, its the power of allowing Self_Confidence, Motivation and Ambition to take hold. And its the power that will allow Love come into your life.

Having and Abundance Mindset means that you no longer are living in fear that you no longer have other people tell you how to feel and what to do. You yourself can do that for yourself because of the Abundance Mindset your learned to cultivate.

Now mind you having an Abundance Mindset will not make you happy overnight. It is not something that we are used to doing as society has conditioned us to live in a Scarcity Mindset where through out our lives we are always looking for something that we are missing and never find.

Having an Abundance Mindset means that you will need to cultivate it like a seed. Watering it and taking care of it everyday so that it can grow and become strong and unshakable.

If you want purpose then this is the purpose you need to follow and cultivate. See the world for what it is.

Lets move on to the second word in the equation! Lifestyle

What is Lifestyle?

Lifestyle is how you live your life.

When you live an Abundance Mindset your lifestyle will become better and more worth living. Your Lifestyle will begin to change for the better as you realize that you no longer have to be stuck in a rut and that you have the power to lift yourself up from it.

When you live a Scarcity Mindset your lifestyle will tend to be lacking. You will be constantly on the go buying external things to fill the void you feel inside. Allowing yourself to be distracted by things and other people that do not matter rather than concentrating on those people that matter. You hate your job, you allow your emotions to make you a fool as it shows you have no self restraint. You are unreliable to others and will not lift a finger to help a fellow Human in need.

That is why Scarcity Mindset is a bad Lifestyle choice and you need to change it. Having an Abundance Mindset will help you steer clear from living Negative Lifestyles and allow you to live more of a positive lifestyle.

I believe if the whole world practiced Abundance Mindset we would be living in a more perfect world rather than imperfect.

And when you bring Mindset and Lifestyle together your life will be a SUCCESS!

That equation popped up in mind while reading Mike Cernovich’s book Gorilla Mindset.


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A handy little book for any man trying to find himself! Click on picture to buy!

Inside this handy book on how to live life the right way you will learn everything you need to know on how to live like a Human rather than a Robot. In it you will also find exercises that will help you learn more about your Mindset and how to better use it.

I recommend this book to anyone Man or Woman looking to live a better life and if you take the time to read Mike Cernovich’s blog Danger and Play! Then you have two of the best weapons in the world to fight the enemy called Scarcity mindset!

Like I said many times before! I’m not here to bullshit you and push a product but if you are having a hard time finding yourself then why not get Gorilla Mindset and get started down the right path rather than tripping over obstacles while blind folded like I did throughout my life until now.

The sooner you cultivate your mindset the better your life will be in the future and the stronger and more understanding of the world.

In the end the decision is up to you, to change your life for the better!

Have you made the change to change your Mindset? If so how has it gone for you so far? Please comment below


Know What Is The Most Valuable Commodity In The World?

themostvaluablecommodity, self improvement, positive lifestyle, abundance mindset, joselromero.com, the most valuable commodity in the world

Have you ever wondered what is the most valuable commodity in world? When you say that question to yourself what immediately pops in your mind?

Is it Money?
Is it Gold?
Is It Oil?

What if i told you that the most valuable commodity in the world is not these innate objects that we value above all. These are material things and not really the most valuable commodity in the world.

If its not Money, Gold Or Oil then what is it? What could be the most valuable commodity in the world?

Its simple once you think about it!

Look around you! See the buildings, technology, civilizations and everything else that you see everyday!

Still wondering are you?

Well then let me tell you what the most valuable commodity in the world is.

The most valuable commodity in the world is YOU!

That’s right you!

Not the Money or other things we Humans place value on, you my friend are the most valuable commodity in the world!

You can build cities, you can build rockets that can go to space, you can speak, read and write! You are the most intelligent animal this world has created.

And all it took is just one cell. That one cell divided into two then divided again and again until nine months later you were born! A Human who was made to be able to live and even change his environment!

You are special a thinking machine able to think for himself and be able to solve complex problems on their own!

But something happened along the way. I don’t know why but it seems like YOU are falling behind. You no longer are the perfect machine able to make his life better and think for himself now you are just an Average Joe.

Sitting in your couch scratching your balls while watching Reality TV. You wish you had the lives of those people on TV you wish you were them rather than the fat dude laying in the couch watching Television.

It took Earth over 4.5 billion years to get to where we are today and instead of making ourselves better and becoming more enlightened, we instead choose to do nothing. Live life without a clear plan for the future.

Like bees we just follow what the others are doing and never following our own route. The beautiful brain you were given just rots away as you age never really picking up a book or better yet learning to improve yourself.

Why do you do this to yourself? Why do you treat yourself like shit rather than be happy that you have gotten the opportunity to live. Why do you let others tell you how to feel and be.

You are the most valuable commodity in the world! You were given a small amount of time to make something out of your life. You are supposed to find meaning and yet here you are squandering time away not realizing that with every passing minute we are that much closer to the end of our lives.

You have the capacity to do so many things in your life so many beautiful things and you are just fucking it up!

Self Improvement blogs say it all the time! You have to be better than the next man! You have to rise higher than that of the Average Joe! You can do anything if you just get up and do it!

Stop living on your knees and stand up!

Be the man those who put you here want you to be!

The be most valuable commodity in the world!

Let me tell you a secret.

You still have a chance to turn things around and make yourself valuable again!

In every religion there is a God! It does not matter what religion it is as they all have a belief in a supreme being.

What if all religious teachings were leading you to believe that you are not God, but what if I could tell you that you are. You see in the biblical scriptures God does everything and changes everything. Is it because we are a part of God’s life? And because we are a part of his life he can make changes to his life which will affect everything in it. If that is the case couldn’t we be like God as well over our own lives?

What if I could tell you that you can also do everything and change your life.

You are a God of your life! Everything around you that you are seeing you have control of. You can choose that life around you is not real or that water is not wet. You only believe that it is because you have been conditioned to believe it.

You see what I mean?

Just a change of thought and the world out side becomes different. Just like God you have the power to change your world around you seemingly at will.

So if you have that ability then why do you choose to live the life of an Average Joe rather than making your life worth so much more. Remember all you have to do is think it and your world will change and you will change as well! You will have a whole new perspective! Its as if you were sleeping and now are all of a sudden awake!

When I was younger I used to be an Average Joe. I was content to live this way and went on with my life until one day I got up from my bed and something popped in my head. First it was one idea, then another and another and still another.

Those ideas were bouncing all around my head to a point that it was just draining my energy as I felt as if I was carrying a heavy weight all around my whole entire life.

I then discovered a way to get those ideas out of my head and out into the world. Once I began the process the ideas began to flow from my head to my hand. I wrote so much that even though my hand was tired my brain just kept pushing out even more words.

Yes my friend one day I got up and decided that it was time for me to head in a new direction and that direction is what I’m doing now talking to you! Doing my best in showing and telling you how valuable you are!

The days of watching TV and laying up in the couch are over!

I’m the God of my life and being that I have decided that it was time for me to change what i do and with that one choice my life changed for the better.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and realize that you are the most valuable commodity in the world! You are not some Average Joe lazy ass who is mad at the world!

Living life like a Zombie!

(which i think is the reason why there is so much popularity in it!)

Now that you know you are the most valuable commodity in the world, what are you going to do with your life?

Live like a God or a Slave the choice is yours! But remember you still have the ability to change that view because you are a God of your own life!

Are you tired living day by day with no direction? Then its time for you to become the God of your life and begin the change! Please comment below as I’m always looking for inspiration!

Never Give Up! Even When You Made A Mistake!

Never Give Up, Never Giving Up, Mindset, Scarcity Mindset, Abundance Mindset, gorilla mindset, mike cernovich, joselromero.com

There is even hope for this to work again! Just Never Give up!

August for me was a very rough month as my so called Hosting Company decided to block access to my blog due to that I was going over my “Limit” which was explained in their TOS (Terms Of Service). Receiving an email from them to my personal account I was a little upset so I went ahead and contact the Hosting Company as to why they did this and to explain in detail how can I fix this!

I went and signed into my Host Gator account and contacted their Technical Support staff and explained to them what was the issue I was having. They told me that my blog was blocked due to having excessive “Queries” coming from the WordPress Database I have which went against the TOS of Host Gator.

Feeling a bit irritated because the guy I was talking to could not lift the block and had to have an Administrator do it I had to wait until he emailed me a response the trouble ticket. Thinking I was going to be taken care of that day I nicely told the Gentleman Thank you and I waited, and waited, and waited and waited some more!

After a few days passed I finally got an answer and my block was lifted and I went in and try to fix what I thought was the problem.

The next day they blocked me again!

I called Host Gator yet again and asked what was the problem now?

They told me that the problem still exists and that it had to do with my database. Though they referred me to their Knowledge Base which was not very helpful to fixing the problem. They could not help me! Mind you it has been 2 weeks since I got any help.

Frustrated by this time and at my wits end I decided to go into the Database and find out for my self if i can fix this issue. I went in with Google at my side started poking around in there and of course messed the whole thing up! To a point that all of my posts were gone! 360 posts!

I got upset! I got even more upset when I did not back up what I had before I went in. I was so angry and frustrated that I was going to grab the laptop and fling across the room!


In the midst of desperation I decided that it was time to quit this shit! My negative Self Talk was creeping in and my mindset was eating it all up. I would tell myself that I should just quit and forget about it! No nobody cares what I write about anyway and the frustration is just not worth it.

By this time it was 2am and have been working on figuring out how to fix the Database that it was time for bed. Feeling angry and depressed I thought it was time to hit that NyQuil and at least catch some sleep because I had to work tomorrow.

I knew it was over for me! As thoughts of giving up crossed my mind.

I went to bed and slept on it until morning. I still was thinking about quitting in the morning and giving it all up! I bathed, bushed my teeth and got dressed and headed to the TV room to sit quietly and brood.

I went to check some emails on my IPAD and found an email from Mike Cernovich. I clicked on it and read this latest post called “Never Give Up!”

I swear sometimes things happen for a reason as I really needed to get out of the slump I was having. As I read it I began to realize what I was doing.

I was allowing my Negative Self Talk take over my mindset turning my Abundance Mindset into a Scarcity Mindset!

But after reading his post to be honest I did feel better and it has also reminded me about the things he spoke about in his book Gorilla Mindset which I believe EVERYONE should have a copy of Mike’s book. This How To Live Life Instructional Manual is for any Man, young and old looking to become better than he already is! I got it and so far it has worked for me!

Once I realized where my Mindset was I quickly pulled myself out of that Negative Self Talk and questioned myself on why I was dwelling so much on quitting when quitting would not have brought back my posts?

Maybe it was time for me to change to a more newer and knowledgeable me? Like the Phoenix who dies a fiery death only to be born by fire new and improved! That was my cross roads! I also learned a valuable lesson as well from all of this!

Always back up your work!

In the end though I decided to stick to it and Never Give Up! Giving up means that you quit and Quitters in the end get nothing positive in return. So why live like that!

My First You Tube Video!

Have you ever reached a point or points in your lives that you just want to give up? Please comment below and let us know!

Be A Man: Why Cold Showers Suck And Why You Need To Take One!

cold showers, taking a cold shower, cold showers suck, joselromero.com

cold showers are great for you!

I have been on many Manosphere blogs and have read many of their posts regarding on how taking cold showers is what every man should be doing and the many health benefits of taking a cold shower has.

For me I have come across this when I was on a ship in which I would have no other choice but to take a cold shower due to the fact that launching aircraft was more important than me wanting to take a hot shower. In other words it was kind of forced on us while we were out to sea! At first it sucked! Because the water coming out was extremely cold and my body would tense up as well as shrivel up. Breathing became hard to control as it was irregular from the initial shock of the cold water contacting my skin!

But as time passed my body began to get used to taking those dreaded cold showers!

The one thing I did notice though was how much energy I felt when i took one and how my hair and skin felt so much cleaner than when i took hot showers.

Trust me the first time its going to suck but look at it like this! At least you will feel cleaner and more energized! Which is a good thing when you partied all night the night before and have to be at work all day! A cold shower before work will get you out of that party slump and make you chipper!

Matt Forney talks about this on his blog post which he put up today on mattforney.com! I agreed with the benefits he explained on his post about taking cold showers as it was something I went through way before there was a manosphere and the internet has just been born! (Yes I go that far back!)

I know you are reading this and saying “Fuck Jose! Cold Showers Suck!”

And to that my friend i would have to agree that taking cold showers do suck, but only in the beginning as like with everything else we do in life it takes a little getting used to! In the end though the body is very resilient and will get used to you dousing it in cold water from time to time.

I took cold showers for the better part of my twenties and it help me quite a bit since i was usually enjoying the NY nightlife! And if you are from NYC you know what I mean! It could be 3am and there is still some club or bar you can go and have fun. So I needed all the energy I could get as well as getting up with only two hours of sleep and shaking off that brass monkey I had that night.

After a puke, shave and a cold shower I was ready for work! While everyone else was still suffering from a hangover from the night before. Not me i would be ready to work and tear some shit up!

The crew would be like DAMN! why are you so energetic! I would tell them and they would not believe me. They thought I did some line in the bathroom or something.

Once the civilian phase settled in and time began to pass I also slowly stopped taking cold showers and began to take hot showers instead! Big Mistake! Especially in the morning as it usually made me even more tired and groggy than when i took cold showers.

I got lazy as I got older I guess and now thinking about taking a cold shower again just makes my package shrivel up into my body and cannot bring myself to do it!

I know, I know I’m a pussy!

My body has gotten used to the hot water and forgot about how the cold water felt. So everytime i try to switch it to cold my body just starts convulsing when before I would not even jump as the body got used to it now its a whole other story!

I have to re-train the body to get used to taking cold showers so I do plan into getting into that again soon. I will just have to jump in turn that fucker to cold and do a cold water dance for a bit while controlling my breathing and shutting down my brain while it screams for me to turn on the hot water!

I just thought of something! Why not take a cold shower in the morning since it keeps you more alert and knocks out the grogginess and ready for work and at night take a hot shower to relax your muscles and get you nice and relax for bed!

Maybe taking a cold shower in the morning and one hot shower at night maybe even better!

Hmmm! That might be something there to write about!

Ladies a little thing about taking cold showers! Not only is it good for the skin but it is also good for your hair, as the cold water helps it hydrate and get rid of the dreaded split ends that both my wife and my oldest daughter talk about constantly!

In the end though I would have to be totally honest with you that taking a cold shower is going to suck balls! But if you need to be at work the next day there is nothing better than a cold shower to make you energized, cleaner and ready for the day! Forget drowning yourself in coffee all day and take a cold shower

Go all balls in, and watch how in time you will feel a lot better in the morning after a cold shower!

What are you waiting for that COLD SHOWER is waiting for you!!!

Do you take a COLD SHOWER in the morning? Do you feel refreshed when you do? How about a HOT SHOWER? How do you feel in the morning when you take that? Please COMMENT below and let me know!