Just Rolling In My Swagger Wagon! What???

Just Rolling In My Swagger Wagon! What???

Yeah, I know! You could poke fun at me all you want! But I have been rolling in my hood with my swagger wagon on blast since 2005 bitches!!

Now looks like Toyota jumping in the band wagon!

I may need to upgrade to a Brand new Toyota Sienna like in the video it looks like a sweet ride with some 22′s and a sound system that my 6 year old will appreciate when watching Lalaloopsy!

Stop Playing!!

WHAT! You know the swagger wagon is going to hit Suburbia with this video! Even Busta Rhymes rapping on it!

Here is the original Swagger Wagon without Busta! I like this one better!!

All you MotherFathers better get your swagger on and get yourself a Swagger Wagon!

I’m hitting the streets with my Swagger Wagon! See you out there!

Swagger Wagon!

Why Internet Porn Is So Popular These Days? And Why Its Bad For You!

Why Is Internet Porn So Popular These Days? And Why Its Bad For You!

This post will talk about how Internet Porn is so popular and why. Also how you can stop living in the fantasy world and learn how to get women like those you see in internet porn! Just read it and towards the bottom of this post you can click on the link and find out more!

Porn has been around for a very long time. They were viewed in very limited places and if you were caught going to those shows or movie theaters you were considered a Perv! No one wanted to get caught out there which is why back then men used to keep their Porn stash hidden from everyone. It was extremely taboo for anyone to even look at the Porn magazines. People avoided those sections that had the Porn mags like the plague! Although we all wanted to go through and look at the rack with the Porn Mags.

1. Why Porn?

Porn from my point of view Continue reading

Blogging Truth: SEO Is Not Dead Yet! But Thriving!

Blogging Truth: SEO Is Not Dead Yet! But Thriving!

This post was inspired by a post written by Mike at Danger and Play!

Everyone at one time or another dream of being an online star! Dreamed of having a blog make money for them while they just sat back throwing back some Coronas at some warm beach watching the topless women sunbathe.

Yeah you know you thought that when you decided to do this blogging thing. I know I did when I started getting into blogging. At first I jumped blindly not doing the proper research from real bloggers instead I wasted my time reading posts from people who promoted that all I had to do was to put a blog and “BOOM” millions of people would read my articles!

There are probably millions if not billions of blogs coming in and out of the scene everyday! Blogs from every niche you can imagine. Billions of people trying their luck in blogging and a few do rise from the huge pack of newbie bloggers. The rest just fester and die off!

The first few weeks they are excited and write everyday a new post. Everyday they look to see if they are getting Continue reading

How To Get Yourself A Well Deserved Blanket Party!

How To Get Yourself A Well Deserve Blanket Party!

It was September 1989 I was in boot camp trying to graduate and become a soldier. The platoon had about 30 people from various parts of the US but most were from NY. We were a tight group as we worked, ate and slept under the same roof. Still there were a few that did not want to be there as they could not deal with the physical and mental training they put us through to make us more able to endure high stress situations.

So instead of trying to make themselves better they would instead take the easy way out and fuck up on purpose. They would use all the usual tactics like peeing on their bed, going AWOL or acting crazy when they really were not.

I could never Continue reading

Why Being A Introvert Is Not A Curse But A Blessing According To Mike.

Why Being An Introvert Is Not A Curse But A Blessing According To Mike.

I was born an Introvert and throughout my childhood I usually remained invisible but the funny thing is that it did not bother me at all and was okay with it. Like most children back then and even now I could go days with out socializing with anyone in my peer group since most of the shit they like to talk about hovered around Gossip and who is popular and such. I was never interested in it and felt that it was just a distraction that never really lead to anything worthwhile.

I used to stay away from people like that because they tended to drain my energy if I hung around them for too long! I would usually spend my time in my room listening to and exposing myself to different types of music, reading books and just thinking and spinning ideas in my head. For me this was where I was the most comfortable! A place where I could go and relax from all the noise and distractions from coming from the out side world.

Now don’t get me wrong when I felt like socializing I socialize until a certain extent when I felt myself become tired and sapped out of Continue reading

This is the letter he received!

Warning To NRA Members Your Neighbors Are Watching You!

Warning To NRA Members Your Neighbors Are Watching You!

On Saturday I just happened to go to my Face Book account just to see what was going on. While checking who is doing what on Face Book my cousin put something up which kind of bothered me because it is exactly what I have been saying as well as many others on the internet.

My cousin put up a photo asking his Face Book friends and family what to do. I think he was being sarcastic because my cousin a hard charging Marine who came back from Afghanistan a few years would have looked at this and would just rip it up and throw it away!

Apparently he received a nicely folded note from a so called “Concerned Neighbor” who noticed that he was a NRA member and kindly told him to get rid of his REGISTERED weapons while at the same time calling him a Red Neck Hill Billy and asking him to move!

Can you believe it? How people can have the audacity to tell you how you should live your life? Always wondering what the other person is doing in their property rather than worry about what is going on in theirs.

The funny thing is Continue reading

Freemasonry: Where Good Men Become Better Men!

Freemasonry: Where Good Men Become Better Men!

We live in a highly feminized society where men cannot or are not allowed to be what God has made them to be and that my fellows is to be a man!

Just take a look around and you too will noticed how men are constantly beaten down, ridiculed, made fun of, an idiot what have you! We look and look and never really find a place where a man can be with like minded men and just do manly shit!

For me I found that very exact place seemingly by mistake.

It was a few years ago when Continue reading

Man Report: 3 Immediate Things To Do The First Day Your Relationship Is Over!

Man Report: 3 Immediate Things To Do The First Day Your Relationship Is Over!

Love can be a beautiful thing when two people love each other immensely. The day is brighter, the birds chirp a beautiful song. Love can be many things to many different people as it brings much happiness into many people’s lives.

But love can also be a sharp knife that can cut into a persons heart! The ending of a relationship is always a bad thing to go through for both parties. As people we will tend to blame the other person for the reason why the relationship ended. Its a sad thing to see when two people who cared for each other once no longer care for each other now.

Marriage is a hard thing to keep afloat! I know as I’m also married and everyday me and wife hold on to each other tightly so that no outside influences come in and try to destroy our relationship.

Marriage is about teamwork and helping your spouse when they need it and vice versa. I help as much as I can to make sure that we are both on the same page when it comes to being together.

I have seen relationships blow up from time to time even the relationships I was in at times have blown up in Continue reading

Get A Condom! 4 Reasons Why Going Raw Will Cost You!

Get A Condom! 4 Reasons Why Going Raw Will Cost You!

Picture this if you will!

You are at a club or bar hanging with your boys drinking and having a good ole time. When all of a sudden from across the crowd of people in the dance floor you see her! She notices you and she stares and smiles back at you.

You lighten up and smile back and tell your boys you heading over to talk to a girl. Your boys look at you and give you a high five and pats on the back. You head out towards her as you go through the crowd you keep smiling back at her and she reciprocates the same back to you.

Finally you reach Continue reading

The Day My Whole World Stopped When The Doctor Told Me:

The Day My Whole World Stopped When The Doctor Told Me:


Sometimes life never prepares you for the next surprising event that lurks around the corner. The best you could do is stand in the face of it and hold on! This is one of my many personal stories, stories that I believe has made me into the man I’ am today. It may or may not have any relevance to the Manosphere whatsoever. Still I just want to put this out there to show other men that when problems seem impossible that is when you will need to stand up and shine!

Below is my story of how I fell off my pedestal of invincibility and found out that I was not at all invincible! I’m no different than any other man who is trying to make progress in this crazy life!

I lead a very busy life with the juggling of family, work and other things that I’m into like writing on this blog. I always try to make time to jot down a few things even if it is not popular with the crowd. Blogging is more for me to jot Continue reading