My CPA’s Unethical Secret To Getting Beautiful Women

My CPA’s Unethical Secret To Getting Beautiful Women

Many years ago back when I was in my early to late teens I worked mostly full time with my Father working Construction and for a 16 year old I was making 16 dollars an hour! I made more money than all of my friends who had jobs!

16 dollars an hour was a lot of money back in those days and I got a check every week! While my friends had to wait for 2 weeks for their checks and when they got it it was a pittance of a salary.

So of course the summer came and went and it was back to school schedule like always. After a few months it was tax time. I got my W2 and headed directly to see my Dad’s CPA so he could do my taxes. I headed down to the office where the CPA had an office and once I got there of course it was packed full of people wanting to do their taxes. I presented myself to the Receptionist to tell her who I was and that I had an appointment to meet with the CPA.

She told me to take a seat and of course I did. I had no where to go at that moment so I decided to wait and get this Tax thing done as quickly as possible and get my money back.

I waited for a while and the Receptionist called out for me and I stood up and headed for the desk. She pointed out where and who I was going to see. I went towards the desk and sat down and the CPA came around from behind the File Cabinet next to his desk. I guess he had to put away some paperwork or something.

I stood up as he extended his hand over to me and I shook it with a firm but not so hard grip. I introduced myself to him and he introduced himself to me and once that was done he got to work on my return. While that was happening he began small talk. Not being a shy person I started talking back to him.

I do not know what happened but the conversation led to Women as he asked me if I had a girlfriend. I have to admit I got a little uncomfortable when he asked me about that because at the time I did not have one. He smiled and I began to clench my fist as i thought he was going to come out and hit on me or something and if he did was going to knock his ass out!

I told him “No, I do not have a Girlfriend at this time.”

He smiled at me and told me not to worry as one will come in no time. Then he asked me if I knew about the secret, the sweet spot when Women will fall over you. I just looked at him as if he was crazy, still I was curious and asked him what is the sweet spot?

He began tell me that Women may seem to have the world at their attention at this moment, they fail to realize that their biological clock is ticking away! Their looks will fade and as they get older they will no longer be the cream of the crop and will begin to be looked over by men. That sweet spot, young man is when a Woman reaches her “30’s”.

I tried to keep my composure as this statement seems foreign to me as I could not believe that there is an expiration date on beautiful women.

Also this guy looked like Nerd with his glasses, weird looking suit and uncombed hair. It was hard to believe what he just said as I did not take him as a Ladies Man

After a few more minutes he was done I got my return and shook hands and headed home.

He had me thinking about what he said believe it or not but since I was not experienced enough with Women I did not know what he said about getting beautiful Women to be true.

A few months pass by and I was walking down the Avenue near where I lived I was about to go around the corner when I heard someone call me. I look around and there was my CPA. Not being rude I said “Hello” when all of a sudden I see this beautiful woman come out of his car. He looked at me and noticed that I was looking at her then he told me.

Remember what I said earlier at the store? I nodded to him in agreement then he walked away holding hands with the lady.

WHOA! I was blown away! This guy a Nerd was able to pull that good looking woman like that? It shattered my view of thinking that beautiful women only date good looking men! I guess I was wrong.

Years went by and as I got older I noticed something else. The women that were over 30 began to get desperate and were not being picky as they were when they were younger. How do I know this? Because a few Women I knew began dating down. Dating men who were not at the same level as they were or higher. Some of these Women even hooked up with some real losers. Losers who did not have a career, were in and out of prison basically have absolutely nothing to offer them.

I was curious and I asked some of those Women why they chose those types of Men. Most said it was because their biological time clock is ticking and they could not find a good Man so they instead settled for the bottom dwellers. In other words they just wanted Sperm Donors and not Husbands. I often wondered before why none of them wanted to hook up with me since I had a lot more to offer than those losers they were hooking up with. I have a College Degree, a good job, Health and Dental Insurance, Car basically have my shit together.

But then I came to conclusion that beautiful women as well as women in general like drama in their lives. They like to go out with those thug types because they like the drama and a guy like me cannot provide the constant entertainment they want.

I guess men like me as well as others are not in style these days. As we do not wear our pants past our asses and wear huge over sized clothing and be like Yo! Wut up!

All I have to say about this is good luck! These Women will never know what a true relationship is and instead raise a child with the Father who is absent. Denying the child the love of both parents rather than just one.

In the end my CPA was right when it comes to beautiful women becoming desperate once they hit the age of 30. And since I have found the Red Pill philosophy that statement that my CPA told me becomes much more true! I wish I knew where that CPA is at now, as I would thank him for helping me become more aware and learning a truth about Women.

So now I’m passing you this little unethical secret that my CPA gave me here for the whole world to see. I think he would have wanted that so that all Men can use the information to better themselves.

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3 Immediate And Personal Things To Do When Your Relationship Is Over!

3 Immediate And Personal Things To Do When Your Relationship Is Over!

Love can be a beautiful thing when two people love each other immensely. The day is brighter, the birds chirp a beautiful song. Love can be many things to many different people as it brings much happiness into many people’s lives. And then something happens to your relationship!

But love can also be a sharp knife that can cut into a persons heart! The ending of a relationship is always a bad thing to go through for both parties. As people we will tend to blame the other person for the reason why the relationship ended. Its a sad thing to see when two people who cared for each other once no longer care for each other now.

Marriage is a hard thing to keep afloat! I know as I’m also married and everyday me and wife hold on to each other tightly so that no outside influences come in and try to destroy our relationship.

Marriage is about teamwork and helping your spouse when they need it and vice versa. I help as much as I can to make sure that we are both on the same page when it comes to being together.

I have seen relationships blow up from time to time even the relationships I was in at times have blown up in my face. There could be numerous reasons as to why this tends to happen from time to time.

Trying to keep the dying relationship together will only lead you to even more pain. Why put yourself through that?

Below are the 3 immediate things to do the first day your relationship ends! These 3 things will help anyone man or woman to make the stress of this transition a little more easier to get through.

1. Accept That Once It’s Over It’s Over:

This first rule is the most hardest to accept especially when you have invested a lot of time into the relationship. You will become angry as you notice that the person you spend most of your time with is no longer as open as they were. It will feel like she or he just slammed the door in your face.

For many people when a relationship ends its like the whole world stop and you can actually feel the loneliness come back into your life. The realization that the person you spent so many years with, the person who knows everything about all the way down to the mole on your butt can be life changing.

Still though while your world is beginning to fall all around you you will still have to make a choice. Do you accept that its over? Will you accept that from now on your life will never be the same?

In your heart you will immediately choose to not accept the end and will begin to fight, make your spouse’s life difficult as you try to make him or her realize that they are making a big mistake! You will even contemplate death! In the end though deep down inside you will have to come to reality and make the right decision which is to accept that its over and move on!

Life will continue and so will you albeit without your spouse! Sure your heart will ache as you are only human! So it will take you some time to heal and get back up on your feet. But accepting that is over will help you make this transition a lot less hectic than it would be if you just chose to not accept it and then have the Police involved.

Not good if you are a man!

2.The Use Or Threat Of Violence Against Your Spouse Will Make Matters Worse For You:

This rule are for the men out there who become angry and lash out on their partner to a point that there may be violence used! Let me make myself perfectly clear here! YOU WILL NOT USE VIOLENCE to keep your Spouse from leaving.

Remember that modern society is strictly Feminist and the minute you use violence! She will most likely call the Authorities and it will not matter who or why you used violence you and only you will be the one in cuffs being and  hauled away to prison.

I understand the gravity of the problem when the relationship ends but as a man you must learn to keep your anger in check!

I know how you feel! As every man has gone through it in some level or another. We are men and as men letting your emotions take control of you is a sign of a man with no self control. Do not make matters worse Gentlemen in the end she will come back with the Police in tow and then what?

Trying to make your point to the Police will be useless as they will not pay you any mind as you are the enemy right now.

If you are angry or upset do some push-ups or sit-ups but never, ever, ever raise your hand at her as you will see the inside of a cell and you do not want that!

Its better to just take it easy and relax! And if that is not enough for you to do then you need to vent your anger somewhere else. Maybe buy yourself a punching bag or take yourself to the gym and lift heavy releasing the anger in a productive way!

Sometimes a man needs to learn how to pick their battles and fighting with your spouse is not one of them.

3. Although At That Moment It May Feel Like The End Of The World But In Reality Its Not:

Yes when your heart has been ripped out of your chest you may feel as if the world has ended! In reality thought the world is still moving as it always does. It may take a few weeks or maybe a few months before the dust settles and you are able to come out of the darkness and into the light.

Once all of that shit happens you will need to think positive as the wold is full of opportunities! Hell you may even have a better than you did when you were younger! You may want to do the things you always wanted like Travel or start a business or even better to talk to that girl at the office you have been wanting to bang but could not!

The whole world is your oyster again! Keep your mind busy so that you do not have to think about you spouse! It will take tremendous mental fortitude to get your ass back out there! Don’t get me wrong you are allowed to grieve but if you have been grieving for more than a month then you need to get a life!

If she moved on with her life and began hanging out with her girls again then you need to start living your life the way you want to live it. Be happy! Become a producer rather than a consumer! Work on your body etc. There are so many things you can do to make your self better and in time your heart will heal and you will look back and think to yourself and laugh at how much of a pussy you were!

Remember when one relationship ends another will open soon enough! So hold on and let the dust settle and once that happens you will be able to be happy again!

And that’s it!

Remember these 3 things i spoke about above and you will come out of this event unscathed and actually happy! Happy because you refused to allow the stress take over your mind and instead you stood tall in the face of adversity and you conquered!

Don’t be a bitch instead be a man!

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How To Be A “Baja Panty” Blogger Like Victor Pride!

***Before you begin to read this post click here to find out the definition of Baja Panty! ***

Its 10:41pm in the evening and I just finished reading Victor Pride’s free EBook called “The Spartan Entrepreneur” and let me tell you Victor Pride let out some of the biggest secrets on how he became a Baja Panty Blogger and showed us how you too can become one. The Spartan Entrepreneur book from beginning to end is full of excellent tips on how to properly run your blog and make it popular.

The Internet is full of so much information on how to run a blog and make it popular that the majority of Bloggers will begin to get what we call on the “Net” information overload! Too many things to read and then the stuff that you do read to better your blog does not work, will force you to buy something which does not work or worse yet get you De-listed “Sand boxed” by Google. Believe me guys I have tried many of those tactics that other questionable bloggers like to promote only to get many of my blogs De-listed and hours of work down the drain! It is not worth it!

blog-artist-book, spartan entrepreneur, victor pride, bold and determined, baja panty blogger

The best Blogging Handbook you can own! FOR FREE! Picture borrowed from Bold And Determined a Website For Winners! Click on the image to get your copy today!


The eBook is for those men and even women who are looking to become Baja Panty Bloggers and not regular Bloggers. Baja Panty Bloggers take great care in providing their readers a wonderful experience that will have them come back to their blogs again and again. His EBook is 63 pages full of secrets! Secrets that can turn a regular Blogger into a Baja Panty Blogger. He goes into detail from choosing the right hosting plan all the way to learning how to write posts that will keep readers coming back. There is stuff here that I did not know about and I’m a Computer Guy by trade! Information like that you cannot get anywhere and also Victor Pride is a man that will not lead you astray. He has been doing this for years and his high rate of traffic to his Master Piece (Blog) shows it


The Spartan Entrepreneur can turn you into a Baja Panty Blogger! An actual Blogger who cares about his work who takes the time to develop his art (Blog) to a point that it will become popular and even have your blog earn you some cash as well as “Baja Panty” status! What he lays out in this book is so easy to follow that anyone with basic computing skills can become a Baja Panty Blogger.

Not computer savvy you say?

Then even if you are not computer savvy Victor Pride and his crew will help you set up your blog for free! That is right for free! No one else is even doing this! To have your blog set up for free so that all you will have to do is take the time and read his free “Spartan Entrepreneur” EBook and start on your journey to becoming a Baja Panty Blogger!

How easy is that? Very easy!

Some places will have you buy some program or buy into some convention that will cost you thousands of dollars and still have not learned anything worthwhile for you to use.

Why do that to yourselves when your man Victor Pride can help you get that for FREE!

If you do not believe that he can help you set up a Blog for free then you need to check BAD.NET out and see for yourself!

Be the next celebrity Baja Panty Blogger!


Let us be frank here! I can tell that you are already thinking of getting this “Spartan Entrepreneur” thing a try and become a Baja Panty Blogger yourself. I’m sure you already have some ideas in your head for posts and where you want you’re Art (Blog) to go!

The Spartan Entrepreneur is a great eBook for any aspiring Baja Panty Blogger to have in their book shelf but unlike other Marketing Affiliates that give you a ton of promises and word spin Victor Pride will tell you that this is not a “Get Rich” scheme! It will take a while for you to become a Baja Panty Blogger but it is still not a bad deal because with practice you will become the next Baja Panty Blogger!

Great painters did not become great painters overnight! They practiced their craft until they have “Mastered” their art! You will have to the same!


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3 Incredibly Safe Ways For A Wild Turkey To Survive Thanksgiving!

3 Ways For A Wild Turkey To Survive Thanksgiving! We turkeys tend to live a very good life! We wander around with our friends and family and at times bang around some females once it gets warmer and stuff like that!

Man its great to be a Turkey during this time except it starts to suck when November comes around and the Humans are running around in the bush trying to make us their dinner!

When the times comes everyone becomes nervous although we tend not to show it because a Turkey gots to have some dignity. So we tread lightly and go deep into the areas where there are a lot of trees and hang out there.

Keeping a watchful eye out for Hunters who will quickly decimate us!

While on one of these outings I was in a plain open field where I sat and enjoyed the warm sunshine I came up with this post! I call it:

Thanksgiving, happy thanksgiving, turkey alert! 3 ways for a wild turkey to survive thanksgiving,

A picture of Uncle Tom! Ah! the good ole days! Picture from mikejhCA@photobucket

The 3 Ways For A Wild Turkey To Survive Thanksgiving!

1. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings:

I can’t tell you how may times my fellow Turkey brethren disregard this rule! They wander off thinking that there is more food over yonder and head off there without an escort to at least watch their back! Only to end up getting shot for not noticing the Hunter hiding in the bush!

My Uncle Tom Turkey was one of those victims who wandered off and got his feathers ruffled (Know What I Mean?)! He wandered off that old coot only to get shot by a waiting Hunter. We miss him a lot and at times when we are just hanging we tend to talk about him and the things we did together. The thought of knowing that he was laid out on a platter brings a tear to my eye.

2. Stay In The Pack:

Staying together is better than being alone as a Hunter tends to single out one Turkey rather than the group. There is safety in numbers and Hunters will tend to concentrate and wait for that one Turkey crazy enough to wander off from the pack.

As having more eyes keeping watch all around does help immensely as it makes it difficult for anyone or anything to sneak up on us. This is a good rule for every Turkey to follow as the chances for survival tend to be better by doing this!

Remember my fellow Turkeys! You watch my feathery behind and I will watch yours as well!

3. Beware Of The Mating Call:

Ah yes! The beautiful sound of a female Turkey ready to get mounted can make any Male Turkey including myself stand straight up and make ready for the mount!

The problem is that we tend to think with the other head rather than the one on top of our necks! Its just that sound is so irresistible and can make any Turkey become flustered with desire.

Unfortunately, the Humans have also learned about the mating call and how we can’t help ourselves from not going to it! Many a Turkey has fallen for the deadly siren call of a horny female Turkey only to find himself staring down the barrel of a Shot Gun!

My thing is if you hear a call and its not any other female within your immediate sight then leave it alone.

Don’t fall for the “Turkey Foolery” as we say in these parts and become some display at some Humans dinner table! All because you could not keep your balls in check!

Well my fellow Turkeys this should be the end of the list. If you have any more please feel free to comment below and Jose will let me know what to be aware of. Yes Jose is my friend although I think he may be just messing with me so he can kill me for dinner! I could be wrong though!

Anyways while I’m here because after this I will be hiding out I would like to wish everyone a very “Happy Thanksgiving!” and …


What was that??

Okay I gotta go!


Make Her Get A Fantastic Orgasm And Still Get To Work On Time!

It’s early Monday morning your woman starts rubbing up on you and when that happens you know what she wants.

Time to handle some business but you just do not have the time for a long sexual session and she told you she wants to get an orgasm.

What to do?

Come in late to work knowing you have a presentation that morning. You could say no and she will get mad.

So I know you are probably wondering how you can make your woman reach orgasm in 5 minutes?

It’s pretty simple really as it all has to do with a certain position. Some of you already probably know about this and that’s great! But I’m about to blow this secret out in the open.

I’m going to tell you that you can make any woman achieve a orgasm in 5 minutes and still shower, dress and head for work.

make your woman get a fantastic orgasm and still get to work on time, fantastic orgasm, 5 minute orgasm, orgasm,

Picture from Jabys @ Photobucket

Unfortunately to make your woman achieve orgasm in 5 minutes is going to take some major control on your part. If you have no type of control then this post is not for you. If you have control then continue reading.

The first thing you will need to do is to get her in Missionary position or have laying on her belly.

Make sure her legs are open and enter your piece inside her and start having sex and when she is wet then proceed to have her do this.

Have her close her legs while you are still inside her. Mind you you will be on top of her pumping nice long slow strokes. When you do this she will raise her hips up towards you and she will tense up as she will enjoy the feeling.

This position will stimulate her Clitoris directly which is why she will raise her hips slightly towards you. At this point it will feel fantastic to you as well. This is where your control comes in. Do not cum as this will mess up her mood. Think about other things while you are doing it.

After a few minutes she will begin to moan and grab you tight.

By this time she will climax. Allow her to while you continue with the long, slow strokes.

Once she achieved hers you go ahead and make a deposit.

And there you have it. You have made your woman reach a fantastic orgasm in 5 minutes.

Take a cold shower, get dressed and out the door to work and with a new confidence that you just made your woman achieve a fantastic orgasm in 5 minutes there is nothing you cannot do! Go ahead and knock them out at your presentation.

Not only that your woman will pay more attention to you and even respect your sex game.

It’s all in the stimulation of her Clitoris. That is her control learn to manipulate that and everything else will come.

Still skeptical?

That is fine I used to be that way to until I found out and tried it. Now when we do get a chance from our busy schedules we go ahead and make her achieve a fantastic orgasm in 5 minutes and we can get back to whatever we were doing at that moment.

And that is it! Feel free to comment below and tell us what other ways you can make your woman achieve orgasm in 5 minutes

The Most Titillating Way To Defeat ISIS Without Firing A Shot!

It seems that there are many Terrorists running around the world causing havoc and mayhem. There are many of these groups but none are more popular these days than the group called ISIS.

Yes they are the new AlQueda and it seems that they are extremely aggressive! Nations around the world are scratching their heads trying to figure out how to defeat ISIS and so far the only way they can respond is by bombing them. The bombs are dropped and yet they are still around mocking us.

Apparently getting physical is not something that is working so far so then we need to find another way. Bombing and sending troops are a waste of time, lives and money.

But how do you defeat an enemy who is so angry at the West? My observation and experience has let me to believe that those ISIS fighters are jealous of Western Men. Why? Because we have something that these young ISIS fighters want more than anything!

They will kill for this! And believe me its not about Religion or about Money but its something that once I say it you will agree!

What does Man enjoy more than anything and has the power to defeat ISIS in one swoop?

You know!

You want to defeat ISIS then you need to defeat them with some P***y!

The power of that thing can make the hardest man fall to their knees just for chance.

Think about it. Why would young men strap bombs on themselves or kill innocent people. Its because they are not getting laid. No man in the Western World would even fathom to blow themselves up just because.

When a man does not get laid frequently the man will start becoming depressed and at times chaotic! Think about it Gentlemen if you ever hit a dry spell where you have not got laid in awhile, doesn’t feel like you become more aggressive against other people? You feel you mind twisting and turning into the dark abyss! Believe me I’m sure you were there at one time or another just like I have.

You do not have to look far than to look at the recent mass murderers. Young men who are angry because they could not or know how to get laid. hell I even have a cousin who tried to commit suicide by trying to shoot himself but missed. He did that over a girl!

I think if we could figure out a way to get these ISIS fighters get laid the whole group will loose its aggressiveness over night. That is right! Once they bust that nut they will relax and even maybe tell those in charge to “Eff Off!”. I do not think its about rights, religion or even Money, its just the most powerful thing that every woman has that can tame any Man, no matter how hardcore he may say he is.

Like I said ISIS fighters are young men and being a young man if they have a chance to get laid believe me they will drop that AK and go for it. Hell its hard for me to pass up sex and I’m older I could only imagine these guys how frustrated they are.

I think if we were able to get them women I think those fools would not have killed so many people.

Maybe I’m crazy for saying that but at this time we need to entertain all ideas and opinions. Maybe instead of dropping Bombs we drop Hoes so that we can get them tired and relax then we can roll right in and kick ass and defeat ISIS!

In the end its just a thought that bounced around in my mind for a bit. It was fun to think that this might work!

So how would you defeat ISIS? Comment below and let me know!

6 Overlooked Reasons Why Your Career Is Tanking Like The Titanic!

6 Reasons Why Your Career Is Tanking! Everyone likes to say that they have a great career and most do but there are far more people out there whose careers are tanking because they do not get out of their comfort zone. They become comfortable doing the same thing day in and day out without any change or progress.

Those people are not happy with their boring careers and yet here they are coming in each day and doing it for the money. The money? They are selling themselves short! If you have to be there 8 hours a day 5 days a week why not learn something new while you are at work? Why not spend your time there learning the Accounting system or maybe even cross training?

Nope they would much rather sit there depressed in their cubicles doing work that they hate. I remember the times when i would try to show them how to do a certain task faster something that would save them time they just look at me with a look of fear! They start to complain saying “I’m not going to do that?” or “Why are they changing the process the old way was fine!” These people are just there taking up space and not really progressing in their careers. They would much rather continue staying stuck doing the same thing day in and day out!

Those type of people do not realize that their career is tanking! Some have been there so long that their way past their career tanking!

They rather complain on how unfair they are being treated and why they feel they are being left behind. I tried to explain to them that they could do more if they just find and learn other stuff to do! Still nothing!

After careful observation I came up with 6 reasons why your career is tanking!

Career Is Tanking: You Do The Same Thing Day In And Day Out:

I said this earlier in the post they come in the morning at the same time with a look of anger and disgust. They know that what they are doing really suck! They are angry because they are not getting any credit for their work. But how can you get credit for your work when you are not growing? You want to stop your career from tanking then take the time and learn new processes and procedures.

When you learn how to do different tasks your value goes up! The more you know about your field and how to do different tasks other than the same paper shuffling most people do.The truth is that the more you learn the more you will be noticed by the higher ups.

The only thing is that people become comfortable when they know how their whole day will go. They become safe rather than taking the bull by the horns for the whole world to see they would much rather be a face in the crowd. I know for me I try to make time and learn new things. In my field it helps that you know a little of everything which helps in solving problems when they come up.

When you are out there learning and doing things people will notice! You will begin to feel a lot happier because your mind is now active and learning rather than running on Auto Pilot.

So if you notice that you are doing the same thing day in and day out then my friend your career is tanking big time!

Career Is Tanking: You Offer No Value:

Another reason why your career is tanking is because you offer no value to your employer. You just take up space, another paper pusher with no real ambition in trying to rise to the top. Value is very important when you are working for someone else. Your employers are always trying to cut some fat from their payrolls and usually the first to go are the paper pushers who are not achieving their goals.

You do not want to be valueless now do you? You want your employer to be impressed by your work! But by doing the same thing day in and day out is like watching paint dry! If you do not take the time and learn new things in your field you will become invisible and when this happens you will not be happy.

How do you offer value? By finding something your employer does not have and taking it upon yourself and doing it. You can find value in trade publications or even online!

I cannot tell you how many times I have been given a project that no one could solve and at times within a few minutes (with Google’s help) I was able to find a solution to the problem. When your boss notices that you are solving issues that they are not familiar with they will tend to trust you more and come to you more often when certain problems arise. You cannot get to this level by just sitting on your ass shuffling papers around.

If you offer no value then your career is tanking big time!

Career Is Tanking: You Hide In Your Cubicle

Many people tend to stay in their cubicles as if hiding from someone. Why do that? Show your face and smile! Politic with those in the know and always offer to lend a hand when needed. When you do this people will know who you are and what you can do and when people notice you then you become powerful!

Hiding like a Ground Hog and only sticking your head up every once in a while is not good! You should take the time to network with people and show them what you can do or even better show them what you took the time to learn on your own. When people see that you know how to do many different tasks in your field you will become the famous “Go To” guy

Stop hiding and come out of your cave Bin Laden!

Career Is Tanking: You Do It For The Money

“I hate my job I’m only here for the money!” I hear this phrase all the time! People going through their miserable 8 hour day and the only reason why they do not leave the Hell they are in is because of the money! Come on folks! If making good money is the only reason why you are staying at your miserable job then you deserve to stay where you are!

Money although its good to have as it buys the things we need. Still its not enough to suffer so many years doing the same thing that you hate! In the end it will catch up with you in a the from of an emotional breakdown. When the body goes through to much emotional strain it will react whether you are ready or not.

Doing it for the money is not how you should base your career on. Money is but one aspect of a very large picture! Since that is the case then we need to reevaluate our goals and ambitions.

No money is worth the stress your body and mind are going through!

Just imagine when you notice that your career is tanking and you will know what I mean!

Career Is Tanking: You Are Scared To Learn New Things

There are some people these days who would rather do the same thing and not learn anything else that could help them finish their work faster and more accurately. I deal with people like this all the time and its sad because to me they seem to be going the way of the Dinosaur and becoming extinct!

They probably fear learning or maybe something even more! Maybe they are afraid to learn because learning will make others realize that you are just a Human and will show the world your real persona. Learning tends to bring out the real you as there is no way to hide your brain and how you learn. People will feel uncomfortable because they do not want others to think that they are dumb.

Learning does not make you look dumb and if you feel that way then get over it! Your ego does not pay the bills but you do! Learning new things will give you a shot on a salary range! Can give you Power since you most likely to know more than the rest of your dept.

Stop sitting there browsing the internet and learn something new in your field! Stop your career from tanking!

Career is Tanking: You Are Replaced By A Machine

The most dreaded and in your face blow to every man and woman today is being replaced by a machine. A machine who can do your job faster and better and never needs to go home or take breaks it just works and works. How can a person really compete with that? It is the truth these days that machines will and are taking over certain industries due to the fact that its cheaper to buy a machine rather than hiring you.

When this happens then you know your career is tanking as a matter of fact it has already tanked!

You should have learned something new it could have had helped you to move to another dept or better yet start your own business as a Contract. But no you did nothing and chose for your career to tank. So know while you are at home Unemployed and desperate you are going to remember this post you read and tell yourself “Damn! I should have listened!”

Folks I understand you feel comfortable doing the same thing over and over again. I also understand that maybe its the only thing in the world that may make you feel that you are in control! In reality though there is no security in life at all! No matter what you do anything can happen so it pays that you have a plan B in the works and ready to launch when you need it.

Don’t be left behind like the rest of them! Change your attitude and the way you look at your position and learn how to do new things and build some value. Or is your industry is going the way of the Dinosaur then find yourself another field and start there!

Time is a luxury you cannot be wasting!

Do you feel that your career is tanking? Let us know by commenting below! we want to read your comments!

Tell Me What Is The Life Philosophy You Live By?

Life? Some people say its complicated and others say its easy. Both views are correct if you think about it for a moment.

What makes you life different from every other person around you? It can be many things like the way you were raised as a child, the people who were or are still in your life, the experiences you have gone through up to this point can make a person view their life as either good or bad.

I began to gain interest in reading about Philosophy as well as Social Psychology. I read Philosophy so I can appreciate life while at the same time to understand my life living as a Man in Modern Civilization. My reason for reading about Social Psychology is because it has shown me that although as people we have a choice in what we do or accept in our lives we choose not to embrace it among other things.

We as Humans like to complicate ourselves a bit too much. Rather than sticking to the basics of doing the things that are beneficial to us, we instead run around chasing our tails after things that do not matter.

Which brings me to ask you a question!

What Is The Life Philosophy You Live By?

Interesting question! What is your Life Philosophy that helps you keep focus and get through the day everyday productively. As Men we need an anchor that can keep us centered in our lives as it is important. Think about how the military always use motto’s to represent their Life Philosophy! For example the Marines have a Life Philosophy that every Marine lives by and that motto is “Semper Fidelis”

Many who join never had a Life Philosophy that they follow in their lives until they become a Marine. That “Semper Fidelis” is constantly drilled into their heads until the Marine adopts it as his or her own Life Philosophy. Once a person has their own Life Philosophy their lives become a lot more contained and focused. The problems, distractions will no longer make a man confused once he got his own Life Philosophy.

Don’t believe me? You can ask any Marine or even just look at what they drive you will see either a Marine bumper sticker, flag whatever. These guys are hardcore and chargers! Why because they have their life philosophy that the Marines gave them.

My life philosophy is to read and learn as much as I can so I can use these things I have learned to better me as well as my family’s life!

That is as simple as I can make it. No need to make extravagant goals just to follow something that you believe in and go from there. Remember that your Philosophy can change over time as your life does change as you get older and that is okay.

The post is rather short and I apologize for that but it was written for you! I want to know about you and who you are or where you are in life.

Tell me your life philosophy by commenting below!


The Powerful And Interesting Idea I Learned From Dylan Madden

Today was a somber day as I was watching CNN on the latest Terrorism attack that happened in France it was sad but that is for another post!
While I was watching the news I grabbed my Black Berry Q10 (Yes! I still use a Blackberry) I decided to visit my blog and see if there were any new links that came up on my “Menlightenment” section on my blog where I keep an up to date lists of all of the links of the blogs I visit.

(by the way if you would like to be added to the Menligtenment please email me and let me know!)

Anyway while searching I came across a great blog post from fellow blogger Dylan Madden over at his blog “Way Of The Olympian” which I recommend everyone that reads this post.

Anyway Dylan goes on to explain why people never make money on their blogs or get any real traffic and that is because of this powerful idea that most bloggers have forgotten to use. That thing is not about making money from your blog but the powerful idea I got from my friend Dylan Madden was that in order to be noticed you have to be YOURSELF!

That is right be yourself!

Write about the stuff that you know about and not what others have written about. it is crazy how I tend to visit blogs and notice how posts from others bloggers in the Manosphere tends to talk about the same thing and never really hearing the bloggers real side of the story.

I know its easier to imitate the Lions of this part of the web like Victor, Mike, Matt and the like. I know you see how popular they are and how much money they probably make and want to follow the same path as they did. The problem that most people who blog is that there is really no straight path to success instead the path to success is numerous and constantly changing. Your goal is to stay the path and you will get there one day.

I have at times wrote posts that were similar to those of written by the more popular bloggers and when I did the words written on paper once I read it back to myself seem empty and uninspiring. I remember my self talk telling me that those words are not you! Write your own words and let others know who you are and where you come from and not pretend to be someone you are not.

Like most people I have made that mistake. Why? Because I was afraid for others to know the truth about me for fear of being ridiculed or laughed at. Which is why I think Karma decided to destroy my blog on a August day of this year. I lost all of my posts! Every single one of them!

At that time I decided that I will no longer write for traffic or whatever but I will write for myself! Thanks to my friend Dylan Madden at Way of the Olympian I decided to write about myself and about the things I have learned along the way during my 40 something years of my life. I have many stories of events that have happened to me both good and bad.

Many bloggers like to brag about how many bitches they bagging and how much money they got. In reality its like listening to rap music! You hear them talking about the same shit in every song they make. How many times do i need to hear how many Niggers you killed and hoes you bagged? It is utter rubbish!

Which is why I think the Manosphere is on the decline except for a few bloggers who write about real shit. I want to read about what makes you who you are and the only way to do that is to forge your own road! To plow through the trees and dirt and make your own road.

After all isn’t that what blogging is all about? Telling your story and things you know about or have lived through?

So when you get the chance take some time to read Dylan’s post here and after you are done drop a comment on Dylan’s post and lets help get my man some visits!

What do you think? Do you think that being yourself and writing about the things you know about important like Dylan Madden said? Comment me below and lets have a conversation!

One Really Stupid Question, What is Your 5 Year Plan?

What is your 5 year plan?

You hear this a lot int he corporate world. Especially when you are being interviewed by some Human Resources Recruiter for a position.

When they ever asked me that question I would usually get extremely nervous. I would start to sweat and stutter really bad. Why? Because personally I would think to myself how can I say what I will be doing in 5 years or more since life tends to always throw unexpected things at you that will force you to change directions. Let alone to accomplish a 5, 10 or 20 year plan.

Instead of telling them  I don’t know I just go ahead and lie!

Last I checked I cannot foretell the future so how would I know what I would be doing 5 to 10 years from now? The best anyone can do is guess approximately what you will be doing 5 years from now.

Still it does not mean that you should not set any goals. Setting goals is what life is all about, the problem is that we do not have control of what happens in our lives. We can become sick, unemployed, or whatever else life will throw at you.

I do not believe that having a 5 year plan will help you reach your goals any faster only because after a while most people will either give up or forget due to a short attention span or unreachable goals. But setting goals tend to be less stressful and more productive as goals can be easily attained in the here and now.

Here at wor they are still planning to become paperless as this was their 5 year plan we are on our 7th year. I have been here about 4 years and the copymachines are still spitting paper by the droves.

So much for their 5 year plan!As always when things do not work out it gets pushed back and forgotten about. I remember everyone stressing out and looking for a solution but in the end like I said before it got pushed back.

If your goal is bag sometimes having a 5 year plan or any plan for that matter may not come to fruition die to whatever you are in your life today. you just need to concentrate on your goals as it usually takes most of your time in accomplishing them.

Making a timeline will be a waste of time as we do not know when a specific goal will be accomplished. I think most people just like to say that because it gives them a way to motivate themselves or to be perceived by others as a accomplished person.

In reality though setting 5 year plans does give a person a high a feeling of worth at that moment as it makes them feel that they have control of their lives. But soon that fire will die down and go out.

Then what?

Still if you still like to plan you 5 year plan then you go right on ahead and do that. As I can only advise you and not tell you what you need to do as we are all grown men here!

So tell us what is your 5 year plan? Why not comment below and tell us!