4 Unwritten Rules On Getting An Anxiety Attack!

4 Unwritten Rules On Getting An Anxiety Attack! A few years ago my life was extremely busy as i during that time got married, baby on the way, working a new job etc. I was juggling a lot of things at the same time and i was under a lot of stress with keeping up […]


What The Hell Is A Vomit Artist! Is This Really Considered Art?

What the hell is a Vomit Artist! Is this really considered art? I come from a city where Art is all over the place. Where artists come in hopes to be discovered and become famous over night! Where famous artists like Andy Warhol lived and was held in high regard during his heyday. These artists […]


Why Being Your Own Man Is Important Today!

Why Being Your Own Man Is Important Today! Through out your whole life they have told you to follow a certain path. A path that will guarantee you all of the successes and rewards that you will ever need! They tell you to finish school which is a noble thing to do until you get […]


All Of A Sudden There Was A Bang!

All of a sudden there was a bang! And from fire i was born! Flying through a dark tunnel spinning and rubbing against the walls of the tunnel. Spinning not being able to focus on what is ahead of me! I can see a bright light at the end of the tunnel is approaching really […]


Can You Tell A Man’s Intelligence Just By Looking At Him?

Can you tell a man’s intelligence just by looking at him? I came across an article from Website called “The Register” which i think is a UK site. Anyway the article spoke about how they can tell how smart a man is just by looking at him. I know you must be thinking that how […]


You May Have The World At Your Feet But!

You may  have the world at your feet but! You are a young beautiful woman! Excited by what the world has to offer you. You begin to go out to places and you notice the attention you are getting from the men around you.They come up to you just to speak to you and ask […]


The Manosphere Grenade Aggregator!

The Manosphere Grenade Aggregator! I have noticed that now its a great time to put forth an idea that i have wanted to do for quite a while to promote the Manosphere. This is and idea i had done before since way back in the days when i had went to the “Dark Side”  of […]


Got Low Testosterone Then You need To Read This!

Got low Testosterone than you need to read this! Low Testosterone is becoming a worldwide epidemic as men all over the world are noticing that their Testosterone levels are lower than normal. Doctors worldwide cannot figure out why this is happening. Some say its aging others say its pollution and still others say its disease […]