The constant battle of Femininity against Masculinity is a battle that has been raging on for years! With no clear cut answer on who the winners are as gaining victory flows and ebb like the waves hitting the shore. Victory is never in one side for too long. Though Feminnity has been gaining strides these […]

I would like to thank Victor and Mike for this post! Your help is always greatly appreciated As I get older I begin to realize that the world is not such a place of wonderment and joyful fun like modern society tends to portray all around us every day. To me I can see through […]

On a snowy Saturday morning I was online reading emails as well as working since I’m on-call this week which sucks! Anyway while I was checking my Gmail I saw that Mike has written a new post which has made me think about how the majority of people never really stop to think “Who Are […]

There she sat at the other side of the bar. Long blond hair, soft white skin and prettiest blue eyes i have ever seen! She noticed me glancing at her and she smiled! At first it caught me by surprise as I would never have thought that a White Woman will be interested in me! […]

We live in country where “Being Healthy” is the hot thing to be into! So hot that now you begin to see Gyms start to pop up on every corner and at times there are just feet away from each other. People everyday go to the Gym and work out, some slack off and other […]

Feeling a bit inspirational today while here at work so to pass the time I decided to write a poem. Now mind you I’m no expert and just thought I would give it a shot just like Mike at Danger and Play said on his recent post. Anyway I do hope you like it as […]