What Was The Lowest Point Of Your Life? What was the lowest point of your life? We at times tend to forget that life at times takes a turn for the worse. Just when things seem to be going good all of a sudden someone, something or some event comes out of nowhere and hits […]

 Does Your Vote Really Count? Being an American who is Latino (notice that I did not call myself Latino American) to me voting is just another event that is just a waste of time! I mean why bother going out of your way to choose another Slave Master who is just going to treat you […]

How To Become A Lion Among Sheep! In modern society the majority of the people like to think that they are in full control of their lives. That no one can tell us what to do since we think we are individuals! But are we really individuals in full control of our lives? Do you […]

The Immense Power Of A Smile God has give us the power to change a negative into a positive. He has provided us with the ability to bring happiness to a depressive day. What is that power that I’m talking about? That power my friends is a SMILE! The power of a smile can change […]

8 Strategies On How To Get A Job After College! Hello there my friend and congratulations on deciding to go to College. During this time you will spend your time loving life and your freedom. Learning about life and your field of study. But before you pack your bags and go forth into the future […]