Why You Definitely Should Be Using Pink Himalayan Salt.

Why You Should Be Using Pink Himalayan Salt.

Apparently there is a salt called Pink Himalayan Salt that comes from of course the Himalayas a mountain range that runs across through many countries in Asia. This salt is better according for the article than Sea Salt because the salt is the most pure since it has remained covered for millions of years and until a few years back the Pink Himalayan Salt has been used the world over!

To be honest I have not even heard of this salt until now.

Still I think it’s something that you guys should know about since many of you are taking care of your bodies and trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I figured I pass this along so that you can read it and store it in your Brains until the day you come across it again.

Pink Salt unlike Sea Salt and regular Table Salt has 12 health benefits to it. One of those 12 is that unlike the other two salts it promotes Vascular Health as well as many other health related benefits. Which makes the Pink Himalayan Salt a good product to use in food and many other things.

But like everything else Salt should be used in moderation even with the Pink Salt.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Pink Himalayan Salt click on the picture below:

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12 Health Benefits Of Himalayan Salt

5 Hardcore Strategies For Receiving Abundance In Your Life.

5 Hardcore Strategies For Receiving Abundance In Your Life.

Many of us tend to view our lives as not really going the way we want to. We tend to get embarrassed at how little we have achieved in our lives. In reality though we have achieved a lot in our lives we just do not tend to look at the things you have done that have gotten you where you are today.

We tend to measure other people who tend to look more accomplished than you are and think that you are way below their thresh hold to even think that you are at the same level.

Still what if I told you that the very person who you look up to goes through the same problems as you do if you took the time to live their lives you would see that their at the core past the fame and fortune they are not much different than you. The thing is we tend to look at the wrong things that we think will bring us abundance in our lives like money, fame and fortune. In reality though to have abundance in our lives we will need to look past external things and more into our internal.

Life is not perfect as we all know and we try hard to put ourselves in a mold that other successful people live in. Life no matter what you hear or read is unique to everyone. Although as a whole we may all look the same do the same things but if we look deeply at the details we will find that we are all unique.

That we have to follow our own path and not one someone else has made. We aide to suffer, learn and rejoice in our imperfect lives in order to receive the abundance in our lives. Abundance is everywhere for those who see it and nowhere for those who do not.

On that note here is a great article talking about the 5 hardcore benefits of getting real in your life! Read it, understand it, live it!

Click on the picture below to learn about those 5 benefits!

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Get Real With Your Life

Dr. Michio Kaku On Why Americas Dumb Factor Has Not Collapsed America

Many of us who watch documentaries or listen to public radio have come across this man from time to time. A well known Professor, Futurist and Theoretical Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku knows his stuff about a lot of things. But in this video he goes on to explain why America still leads in the Technology fields.

Michio Kaku, dr michio kaku, stem,

What shocked me was how Dr. Michio Kaku explained as well as expressed on why he believes that the Technology field is lead by America because the majority for the high Tech fields are full of foreign born individuals and not Americans.

Being in the Technology field myself I have to agree with Dr. Kaku that the majority of the workers are foreign born. Not many Americans involved in the field due to the fact that most Americans are not intellectually incapable in holding those types of jobs.

The educational system here in the states is dismal as most students are not learning and broadening their minds and have to consistently compete with third world nations.

Personally I believe Dr. Michio Kaku has a point! If we do not introduce more intellectual and critical thinking starting in primary school then we will most likely lose our footing on the global scale as we are already seeing as our best and smartest are leaving the US and starting their own thing in their countries.

We need to make an effort and learn! Sitting in front of the TV and slowly become more and more dumb will hurt us.

You don’t have to take my word for it listen and watch the video below

Insane Study links Aspartame In Causing Health Problems

We live in a modern world and yet we still suffer from all types of health problems. Sometimes these health problems seemingly pop up out of nowhere. We trust our Doctors to know everything about our Health and yet even them are stumped at finding the cause or causes of some of their patients health problems.

Doctors will surely go ahead and blame stress for your ailments as we live in a world that runs at light speed, never slowing down! You take your Doctors advice because why not? He did go to college as well as med school for this and should at least know what is going on with you.

What if I told you that there is another place, something you take because you heard its healthy and good for you? You see people drinking it all the time and you see the commercials of happy people going about their great lives with a glass of “DIET SODA”!

Yes many of you drink that shit as if its water I know because I used to drink that myself until I found out about the ingredient it carries which can cause you some very serious health problems if not careful.

That ingredient or shall I say chemical is called Aspartame.

Aspartame is used as a sweetner a sugar alternative. Aspartame is seemingly in just about everything we eat and drink and not just in Diet Soda.

I found a video you can watch which talks about Aspartame, what it does, who profits from it and what other foods they tend to use it on even on Dairy if they get their way. Also if you are a Diabetic then Diet Soda will wreak havoc on your body! SO stay away from it!

You can watch it below and be informed!

Why Equality Is Not Going To Work For Women

These days we see society going more and more to becoming feminized. We see Women becoming more and more like Men as they try to achieve an equality that personally i think can never be reached.

They fail to realize that to achieve equality and be respected by Men they need to do EVERYTHING that we do and not pick and choose like Feminists tend to do.

When you hear the world equality! To me it means to be at the same level as the other person. Have the same responsibilities as Men. By that I mean the propensity of doing at times Hard Labor as well as fighting Wars if need be.

Which brings me to the reason why I’m posting this. I found yet another article coming from the Washington Post (no less) which states that if Women want equality then they need to do everything that Men do and that means being added to the Selective Service in case there is a need to muster up some willing bodies to fight Wars.

I can see a trickle of sweat running down the SJW’s and Feminist faces at the thought of being Drafted and fighting a War.

There is also a a few court cases that are coming up according to the article that the Supreme Court will need to look at and decide whether or not the Selective Service where a young man has to register is a form of Sexual Discrimination on the Feds part.

I’m glad that this is coming out into the light as Feminists need to rethink their strategy of Equality and come up with something else. I guess they never really gave it much thought that one day they too will have to step up or shall I say “Man Up!” and handle the problem at hand.

You can read the article by clicking Uncle Sam below:

Draft, womens equality, women wanting to equal men, feminism

Uncle Sam want you ladies to sign up. Its your turn now!

How to Dramatically Decrease Your Risk Of Heart Attacks and Strokes

How to Dramatically Decrease Your Risk Of Heart Attacks and Strokes

Today I came across an interesting article which explains how you can dramatically decrease your risk of heart attacks and strokes.

In this article the Specialist explains how taking a supplement called Nattokinase can decrease your risk or heart attacks and strokes. He goes on telling how it works. Apparently when people have a Heart Attack or Stroke is because of clotting in the blood. As we age the enzyme that prevents the blood from clotting is produced less in the body which tends to lead to Heart Attacks and Strokes

It is an all natural product that has been used for hundreds of years by the Japanese. I think its worth to take a look even if you have an active lifestyle.

You can learn more about how to dramatically decrease your risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes by clicking the picture!

how to dramatically decrease your risk of heart attacks and strokes

picture from Wikipedia

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I’m looking for new blogs or posts to read!

If you got a new blog or just written a new post?

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Or even if you just read a great post or found a great Blog and want others to read it?

Why not drop the link in my comment section so I can read it as well as others and check out your newly found blogs or post!

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See you around!

Let Me Ask A Personal Question? Are You The Master Of Your Destiny?

Are you the master of your destiny?

I’m sure you have heard this statement time and time again.

How people are “master of their destinies” when in reality although empowering those words Are, they do not really carry much weight as most of the people that say that are not doing anything to make their destiny a better one. Sure their might be some people who do become Master Of their Destiny and are able to build something better for themselves and at times for the world! But these people tend to be few and far between.

The statement of being a master of your destiny to me is like the statement of living life to fullest. It’s just words that most people turn away from because deep down inside they do not want to put in the time because the road is long, bumpy and hard to travel on.

How can you be the master of your destiny if you are sitting on your ass watching TV and getting fat?

How are you a master of your destiny if you are not progressing in your life?

True some people have been given or had lived a very hard life, still if you really wanted to you can change it. Yes I know it will be hard and uncomfortable but like Victor and Mike have said many times that fear is something we all have to go through and once you overcome it you will will be that much stronger than you were before. And if you read posts from Victor Pride and Mike Cernovich you would understand what I’m talking about.

Because these guys as well as others are living the life!

And all they did was to overcome that fear of the unknown. I used to think that I could never be the master of my own destiny but these guys I just mentioned have showed me something that very few people have. The problem is not taking the time to build something for yourself but is overcoming your fear of the unknown. Once you overcome the fear the rest is easy!

Before I said that being master of your own destiny is bullshit. But after thinking about it for some time I think anyone can be a master of their life just as long as they can manage their fear of failure and that of the unknown.

christopher columbus photo, are you master of your destiny, joselromero.com

Christopher Columbus photo by spyboy1 @ photobucket

Think about those famous men in History. For example Christopher Columbus who set sail into the wide Atlantic Ocean to find another trade route for his country. He set sail into the unknown! Imagine the fear that man had as he slowly saw the shores of his country drift away. What craziness was going through Christopher’s mind at that time as well as his crew.

What was his Self-Talk saying to him was it telling him to turn back? Probably but he was able to overcome his fear of the unknown and hence became master of his destiny. Because of his overcoming of fear his name has and always will be in the History books. Yes I know he was a tyrant to many people but he did the one thing most of us would have never done. So in the end can you be master of your destiny? I would say Yes! Only if you overcome your fear.

Everything we do in life includes fear although we can never eradicate fear at least we can some what manage it at best as we can. And that I think can help any man reach his potential in life. Reach and become master of your destiny!

Are you Master of your destiny? If so why not tell us why you think so?

Why Overweight Barbie Will Never Make You Feel Happy Being Overweight

Why Overweight Barbie Will Never Make You Feel Happy Being Overweight

It never seems to surprise me these days how society is turning into one overweight, Prozac driven pussy! This morning while getting ready for work I usually watch the local news just to see what is going on and here it goes!

Apparently due to slow sales Mattel decided that they revamp one of their most famous and popular toys called Barbie. The change in order to make people feel better about being themselves decided to change Barbies body shape to that of an overweight one.

Yes Gentlemen society has gone down the shit hole even further and has put out a overweight Barbie!

I just moved my head from side to side in disgust! Since when does Society all of a sudden turned itself into such pussies! To go and change a cultural icon to all little girls everywhere into a fucking joke so that some people can be happy.

I’m a overweight guy but you do not see me feeling sorry for myself and I don’t need society’s help to make me feel better as I already feel great! Why would any one be angry at an object so much that just because she looks healthy and has a nice figure that it makes people feel inadequate.

A doll will never make you feel better about yourself that has to come from you! You have to put in the time and the effort to lose the weight. Just like I did! it was bad enough that I went and got surgery! I lost the pounds and I completely changed my diet and I feel great! Its a discipline that you have to learn! You will go through some shit, you r body will go through withdrawal but you have to keep pushing and not give up!

Why try to force everyone else around you to change because you feel unhappy? Why not make yourself happy and stop forcing others to change their views because you are sensitive about being overweight or whatever damn thing is bothering today.

overweight barbie, joselromero.com

Overweight Barbie!

If you got yourself into this problem then only you need to get yourself out of it. Stop asking the world to change for you and you change for yourself. Leave everyone alone, no one wants to hear about your problems as they have their own issues to take care of.

Next thing there will be a Latina Overweight Barbie! PLEASE!! I do not need anyone’s approval to be who I am and neither do you or anyone else. I believe you should be free to think what you want to think, to say what you want to say and if you get offended by someone’s opinion you can debate it and if you see its not going anywhere then leave it alone and move on. Stop forcing me to change! To become more sensitive for others feelings.


Unless you are totally disabled then I would be more sensitive to your needs. Now if you get up very morning and not do what you are supposed to be doing to progress in your life each day don’t ask me to feel sorry for you!

In the end they can make every fucking product overweight but it still does not change the truth! The truth will still be there glaring at you and no matter what you do it will still be there. So you either learn to deal with it or solve it but you are never going to get away from it.

Not even with an overweight Barbie!

That is my rant for today! Also check out the 33 inaction Barbie figures.

How One Curious Man Found Donald Trump Achilles Heel!

Last night I was on the internet and before I went to bed I usually go and check my blog and see if there are any updates. And of course I had a blogger who left his link on my comment section where I ask new bloggers to leave a link so we can check out your blog and maybe add it to my RSS feed.

selfadoration.com, donald trump, donald trump achilles heel, joselromero.com

Face of a serious man!

Anyway the blogger’s site is called selfadoration.com. So I went ahead and clicked the link he left and proceeded to this mans blog. While I noticed that his posts were very interesting one of them caught my attention.

The post I’m talking about is called “Want To Dump Trump?” in this post as well as a video he talks about how he found a chink in Donald Trumps seemingly unbeatable persona.

You have to check the video as well as it seems interesting what he talks about and the totally different way he goes explaining the weakness that Donald Trump has.

Like I said I’m no expert but it seems interesting to check out. I often wonder why the other guys do not respond in kind and do the same thing that Donald Trump does.

Tell me what you think if this could be possible? Does Donald Trump really have a chink in his armor? Or is he just blowing hot air? Comment below: