A Big Hairy Pussy!

  There she goes again! Walking around the house! A big hairy pussy! Sometimes she is on the couch! Sometimes she lays with me in bed and just watch TV. She likes it when a pet her that big hairy pussy! Sometimes that big hairy pussy just stares at me. Sometimes I call her and… Read More »

Anotha Dead Nigga In The Street!Why??

That’s what the homies say in the hood! Its tragic when they say it! It’s like whatever, it’s a part of our lives. Blacks will die either by the hand of the Police or by are killed by their own brothers. It’s a part of the culture these days! Death comes quickly and over bullshit most… Read More »

We Only Have Today To Live

  We live life as if we are going to be here forever. Never once thinking about that one day our life will end. Our souls will go back to where it once came from many years ago. All of those dreams and things you wanted to do that you put aside will no longer… Read More »

The One Absolute Reason Why Racism Is Bullshit!

The One Absolute Reason Why Racism Is Bullshit! As I sit here and write this I’m in the middle of a tropical storm which came up from Florida. I could here the rain come down and the wind howl. During this time when all of that mess is going outside i feel calm and relax!… Read More »

How Success Could Be Like A Plant!

The bell rings when you walk inside this quaint little shop. The smell of freshly cut grass permeates the shop as you begin to look around. Not knowing what to expect you look at all of the things this shop has. The Young Woman Walks In A young woman’s voice asks you if you need… Read More »

Why It’s So Hard Being The Man!

**In this post I will explain why its so hard being the man!** I’m the type of person who has always been fascinated with people’s body language. Since I was young I remember telling myself why people tend to display certain body languages to others around them. I noticed more and more how people instead… Read More »

The Power Of Reading Can Change Your Perspective On Life!

***This post is about how the power of reading can change your whole life! And see the truth underneath!*** Reading, a skill so many people take for granted including myself. A skill that we do not even give it a thought as it has become an automatic thing we do like breathing. Have you ever… Read More »

Why All Saintly Religions Are All The Same!

Why All Saintly Religions Are All The Same! A few days ago while on Twitter I came across a tweet. Someone as usual complaining and comparing on how Islam is bad and what have you. The usual type of tweet you see being used on and on and on. It gets old pretty quick! Mind… Read More »

Why Do Modern Women Always Shit Test Their Men?

Why Do Modern Women Always Shit Test Their Men? At first I used to think that this was a myth as I first started trolling the Manosphere blogs and such. I used to think these dudes were crazy and that shit like that never happens! But as time progressed and read more and as well… Read More »