The Tragedy of Achievers and Producers

The Tragedy Of Achievers and Producers. Achievers and Producers are the people who build and better society as a whole. For many years these people worked and toiled on ideas, ideologies, Technologies so that the rest of us can live a more comfortable and secure life. Achievers and Producers built everything around us that we… Read More »

The One Diabolical Secret Power That White People Use To Get Ahead!

The Secret Power! Ever wonder how White people have gotten so far that they have past all other social groups? Ever wonder how they infiltrated all areas of Government and Private sectors? Ever wonder how they just keep winning all the time while we are left behind? This is what society wants you think that… Read More »

Gorilla Mindset: How 10,000 Disenfranchised, Confused Men Found Themselves With this Powerful Book That Is Not The Bible

Gorilla Mindset: How 10,000 Disenfranchised, Confused Men Found Themselves With this Powerful Book That Is Not The Bible As Modern society continues limping along many Men are feeling lost and disconnected from their lives. The constant fakery that the MSM likes to promote is no longer filling that gaping hole inside of every single man… Read More »

25 Opportunities To Make Money While Collecting An Unemployment Check

As we continue to forge ahead into the future we begin to notice that a lot of the things we have gotten used to are changing around us at an alarming rate. This in turn are making many people especially in this country extremely nervous as it means that their financial part of their lives… Read More »

Hustle 101: Flipping Cars For Profit (Revised)

Hustle 101: Flipping Cars For Profit. A few years back I wrote a similar article like this when I first started blogging. The post was received well and I was happy that people were able to take the information and learn from it. You see learning is what its all about these days the more… Read More »

The Virtues Of Machismo!

The Virtues Of Machismo! Many of you have heard of the term Machismo and if you are a Latin male then you definitely know what I’m talking about. Machismo is used to teach men the virtues of being men. Machismo teaches how a man should behave, act and live his life positively and be productive… Read More »

Warning: You Can Be At Risk For Smartphone Cancer!

The Smartphone! The tenth wonder of the world, this little machine can do just about everything you want it too! But the Smartphone may do all of those things and not just that its also allowing you to speed up your life so that you can die earlier! How? Because I’m sure you have heard… Read More »