Warning: You Can Be At Risk For Smartphone Cancer!

The Smartphone! The tenth wonder of the world, this little machine can do just about everything you want it too! But the Smartphone may do all of those things and not just that its also allowing you to speed up your life so that you can die earlier! How? Because I’m sure you have heard… Read More »

What Are The 6 Precursors That A Woman Is Cheating On You!

Cheating seems like the norm these days as we tend to see it a lot in the media, in the shows we watch and in the music we hear. Everything we see at least seems to promote it now and as time passes it’s seems to be promoted even more.It seems that people are so… Read More »

Why People Want To Be So Ignorant.

Earlier today while I was on Twitter Chris from Good Looking Loser got into a tirade with another Twitter user about Bernie Sanders. Of course after a few minutes the conversation became heated as predictable. Not wanting to be on the sidelines I waited for the user to say something and I jumped in and… Read More »

8 Strategies On How To Get A Job After College!

Hello there my friend and congratulations on deciding to go to College. During this time you will spend your time loving life and your freedom. Learning about life and your field of study. But before you pack your bags and go forth into the future and your life there will be a few things that… Read More »